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  1. Movies from 2016: Jungle Book, Huntsman Winter War, and Kubo and the Two Strings. For books I'ld like to recommend "Darkthunder's Way" by Tom Deitz. In this one a group of teenage boys from Georgia take on Uktena the horned serpent ftom Cherokee Myth and Legend. I've just come to the forums from End of the World: Wrath of the Gods. How about the players playing themselves, but forced back into their nine year old bodies by whatever manipulator sends them to the world of Grimm? Darkthunder's Way even provides a manipulator in the form of Tsistu the rabbit, you can have him change into Bugs Bunny if you like. If your old enough to remember the cartoon with Bugs Bunny and Witch Hazel you can have Bugs mess up the transformation a few times before getting it right. If you don't mind new age stuff I recommend "Power Within the Land" by R. J. Stewart, especially the technique on page 28 for entering into Fairy Tales.
  2. I read in an issue of "The Futurist" an article by Ray Kuzweil of the "Singularity" in which he says "The Singularity is a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so fast and far-reaching that human existance on this planet will be irreversibly altered. ...This merger of man and machine, coupled with the sudden explosion in machine intelligence and rapid innovation in gene research and nanotechnology, will result in a world where there is no distiction between the biological and the mechanical, or between physical and virtual reality." This has always seemed like an RPG video game turned inside out. Is the Singularity one of the scenarios in End of the World: Rise of the Machine or is Virtual becomes Real a potential subject for another End of the World book?