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  1. I'am also new to PBP, but interested in case of a place gets free.
  2. Edge here. I think the only essential is a CRB. Everything else gives only flavour. The Lords of Nal Hutta has great settings, encounters and plenty of fluff for classic edge campaigns, struggling with the powerful hutts.
  3. That sounds great! Have a fun campaign!
  4. They even butchered Korriban and Bane in TCW....
  5. Swapping 2 weapons is 2 maneuvers, (1 if you drop the first, not holster it). So you practically gain a free maneuver and it has to have some setbacks to it.
  6. 1. Take the 2 weapons you want to mimic, (e.g. blaster carbine and truncheon) lower the damage by 1 on each, and increase the crit rating. Take away the special qualities, (i'd keep Disorient 1 for the Hammer part )and give it cumbersome 3 and Unwieldy 3. Increase the sum of encumberance of the weapons by 2. 2. You may swap between the 2 modes by spending a maneuver. 3. Enjoy.
  7. The way you play it, it's not an obligation, it's a motivation.
  8. I think componentization is in Cyphers and Masks
  9. You are looking for the Squad rules, which let's the leader form a squad (or squadron in case of starfighters) and it gives bonuses for the whole group as well as meatshield for the leader. I think it's in the AoR GM kit.
  10. I would recommend try out minion groups on the party before doing anything. A party of 5 stormtroopers can be very lethal to 3 starting PCs. Sure they die from 3 shots (if the pcs have heavy weapons) but they hit like a truck. Minions are not that useless, especially not at the start. And don't forget, this system works best when you narrate it. Number crunching is not really effective here
  11. Well, you can always start in a FaD career, and buybinto Padawan. Narratively doesn't matter and you can use that ability
  12. According to the Traviss Republic commando novels, most of the specops clones were trained by mandalorians, including the mandalorian culture
  13. The Ysalamiri might be useful they produce an aura which negates the Force. The effect is multiplicative. See also az planet Myrkr. I have no idea whether or not it has official stata, but Vornskrs have so probably this too. Edit: it's in the FnD corebook, adversary section
  14. Revenge of the Sith, when the masters try to arrest Palpatine: He jumps forward, aims then stabs Agen Kolar through or Mace Windu raising his saber to finish off Palpatine. Both are perfect examples, how to "aim" your melee attack. It doesn't matter that you raise your pistol or sword. E-CRB p201. There is nothing in the books that would not allow melee aiming. The rules say that it grants bonus on the next combat check. Nothing else. Brawl/Melee/Lightsaber checks are combat checks.
  15. The first just arrived, but the second is dated to sept. 17th in my FLGS
  16. No need, it happens.
  17. You literally just had to scroll down 2 topics. Don't get me wrong, I see you are newand it's not a problem, but you ask questions, that indicates you didn't even tried to search for it in the first place.
  18. And here I am, still waitimg for the Republic and Separatist adversary decks... (Central Europe)
  19. Why would you buy an ugly space T, when you could have a mighty space triangle?
  20. May Clawdite Infiltrator player just returned from the Shadowlands on the Kashyyyk As 1 of the Trandoshan whose party She killed with the assistance of the wookiees. She scouted Rwookwoorro for Infos pretending to drink. She had to get into the garrison and the wookiees would distract by a raid on the slave cages. She had the side mission to sabotage the ATPT helpi g the wookiees, so as a drunk she wandered to the walker, climbed on it to give the lasertube a kiss, while secretly planting a thermal detonator. So much triumph, so much threat! Great scene
  21. Okay, so Rawbacck has the turbines, Gork and Borg brings the cockpit and who the frick has the flux capacitor?! Where is Selan?!
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