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  1. Rimsen

    Advice on Cybernetics

    Edge Corebook page 173. Cybrnetic arm, brawn +1
  2. Rimsen

    A Crew In Need of a Ship

    Isn't there a ship attachment in Special Modification which let's you convert Cargo Capacity to Passanger Capacity? Just trade the encumbarance to seat. The FFG version is clearly an armed cargo hauler, while the older version (or wiki version Tramp mentioned) is another version for paramilitary transport vessel
  3. Rimsen

    Keeping the People Down

    So basicly Chinese
  4. Rimsen

    SSD article up!

    I am pretty sure it's below 1%.
  5. Rimsen

    SSD article up!

    Unless Boarding Engineers and Precision Strike. Which are both EXTREMELY common as we all know
  6. Rimsen

    Autofire: Quick Question

    I agree with you in both point. We don't really get Imperial controlled civilized worlds on the screen, only mentioned here and there, especially in the EU. Still, In My Star Wars©, the Outer Rim is the Wild West, while the MidRim and inner regions are the peaceful (from civilian point of view) planets living a higher quality life, provided by the security of law. (Similar to the modern North America and Europe) Also this is not in sync at all with the (R) system (nothing syncs well with that actually) so I too manually decide these things too. Though the CRB says it itself that it could change planet by planet. But still, the (R) system doesn't make sense
  7. Rimsen

    Autofire: Quick Question

    That's only true for the OT, which is played in the Outer Rim. It's supposed to be lawless, and western-y feel. The law still works in the "civilized" regions
  8. Wild speculation: with the announcement of the announcement of new expansion, could this mean that this is a Rebel one parallel to the SSD? Could be the reason to delay the SSD so they can release it together. In this case it COULD BE sooner than we might expect it.
  9. Rimsen

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Well, not everyone feels the same. Personally I think it's interesting to take a glimpse at a much more invested, experienced and accomplished player's thoughts.
  10. We need new predictions! I believe if I save 200 HUF each day (around 1 USD) I can easily buy the SSD on release! So no rush FFG, started saving today.
  11. Rimsen

    Keeping the People Down

    A dislocated Gotal settlement? That gives the administration some debatable moral basis on limiting technology in the first place. Being backwater makes sense for the species who is sensitive to technology
  12. Rimsen

    Old School Star Wars

    Holonet is a working infrastructure, only it is strictly controlled by the Imperial Navy. Imperials can have it, Rebels can't without proper setup, or slicing a relay, getting equipment etc.
  13. The order 66 podcast recently had an episode about setting the difficulty properly. While I don't agree with them in every point, they are making a good argument, I'd definitely recommend it.
  14. I liked the Chimaera pack, but TBH i only had 1 ISD before that.