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  1. "There is no escape!" Comes a menacing voice from outside of the turbolift which runs chill through Evon's spine! ,,I'm so dead now!" Then hot plasma heats the elevators corner at the outer panel to the point of white glow. ,,Oh, the Inquisitor." But the relief fades away fast and fear emerges from deep. ,,Oh, the Inquisitor!"
  2. It's well within your power to let your players mix skills or you can rule that other skills can work. Fix something? Average mechanics Force the same thing together? Hard athletics.with setback. Using brawn with mechanics average upgraded once. If you feel it is reasonable, give him another skill or let him use another characteristic with that skill, giving the appropriate penalties.
  3. Beyond the Rim campaign offers the players 10000 creds each for following up on a clue to the Unknown Regions and recover a lost treasure ship.
  4. Quickly recalling the blueprints of the resort, Evon tries to cut off his target. ,,He probably heads to the main turbolift, that's the quickest way out of here." He goes through a maintenance corridor, but he still arrives at the elevator a tad bit late, seeing the figure entering the turbolift. ,,Stop, where you are!" - he yells to him, while sprinting to the elevator. ,,Should have said "In the name of Emperor!" - that would surely work!" The doors are already closing - ,,Blast it!, I'm not gonna make it!" - and he jumps forward, sliding into the turbolift, catching the guy off-guard while he's busy with the control panels. He slides right through the place where the guy's feet were and they are both knocked prone. The doors slam shut, barely missing Evon's head and now they are entangled with each other. ,,I probably didn't think this through..."
  5. Dashing into the elevator: 2eP+2eD 3 successes, 2 threat, 1 Triumph Ououoh! Can I knockdown him? I imagine, I slide into the elevator, barely missing the closing doors (or scratching me - 2 threats), kicking him down or something along this line.
  6. Thanks, I'm taking my chances and flip that DP. Reaching the elevator: 1eP+2eA+2eC+1eD 1 failure, 1 advantage The ISB armor adds another advantage to Vigilance checks. Maybe Evon hears that he arrived late and can dive into cover instead of running into laser bolts? I don't know the exact nature of me being late. I can recover strain too, if he just jumped into the elevator without fight.
  7. For a Destiny Point, is it possible that Evon researched the facilities map prior the arrival? So maybe I might know which exit he is heading to and cut him off? Perhaps Knowledge or Discipline check to guess his exit and recall a shortcut?
  8. I let my smuggler player get a hold on a lightsaber. He managed to crit himself the first check It was memorable!
  9. I think I'd go with high soak, low WT. So you need good shot or heavy weaponry to damage it. Maybe armor 1?
  10. He became the Emperor, ruled over the Republic and the Separatist movement and so many other shadow organizations and of course the Empire. Also he is vastly powerful. He became the end of Bane's legacy, destroyed his master becaming a sole Sith. I can see that Dooku, Maul and Vader are sith lords, though none of them follows the legacy of Bane, they just all pawns in Palpatine's scheming. Sidious said himself after killing Windu and the other council members that the Sith finally have return (raised from the dead figuratively) and noone can argue that the Empire became stronger than the Sith ever before.
  11. I'll take this, and shoot the guy. Pew - pew: 2eP+2eC 0 successes This is gonna show him! i edit the IC post accordingly.
  12. Exactly. Treat the NPCs as if they were PCs in regard of the outcome.
  13. (Closed topic - no approval for the players posts - moved to discord @hamreka @Kazu02 @hzsofi91
  14. And... well... R2D2 is a walking swiss knife, so you know.... Why not?
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