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  1. So this topic tangentially came up in the "it's not that bad" topic, but the question bugs me now: Would you consider upgrading or adding setback dice to skill checks from talents? If you do, how so? For example: "It's not that bad", Hard Headed, Field Commander, Inspiring Rhetoric or any other similar talents. It's interesting, that I haven't even thought about it until now, but interested in other GMs' opinion Maybe it gets answered in the next Order 66 podcast! (Pretty please! @GM Chris )
  2. That's epic! How did I not know this before?
  3. A good amount of information is in the corebooks. You can also use the imperial adversaries in the corebooks. There is a sourcebook, about the Imperial Military, but it's not made for the RPGs, but you can come up with a lot of things.
  4. Again, apologies for my lack of knowledge on the F&D, but where can I find ebb/flow?
  5. What about building her as a prototype droid, so she thinks of herself as human.
  6. As FP maybe foresee and seek for the passive elements, other than I want to stay clear of the "magic" Steel hand is the starting spec, hermit ascetic looks nice and i haven't checked the magus yet. The pathfinder just doesn't gives me what I want. I also found the Archeologist in the explorer book, which gives me the Knowledge skills, and has some nice added benefits for close quarter combat
  7. Rimsen


    I charge my group 50-200 credit in each spaceport, depending on location. Sometimes I insert a scene with some greasy administrator, otherwise it's done. Don't have to go into every detail, just enough to not lose immersion.
  8. Where can i find this force power? It seems I eould need thr Dawn of Rebellion and/or the Disciples of Harmony Looks nice, could be useful!
  9. That seems good for the Lore. also some passive defense and more Dodge
  10. Mainly the Force Rating. Enhance seemed an easy way to buff up Brawl, without getting unreasonable amount Brawn with starting characteristics, and having the problems of "i have the Brawn of a rancor" and also staying out of the Force Wizard ways Also I don't really want to go for Coordination, which is more central to the Martial Artist
  11. Ascetic is a talent, or a spec?
  12. Fellow players, GMs. Hopefully you can help me with my character concept. I'd like to make Monk style PC (like Chinese Xiaolins). However I've so far played/ran Edge games, so not familiar with the F&D line. I found the Steel Hand adept so far, that fits best (Martial Artist wasn't really good fit imo). Also the added benefit of Force Powers. I don't want anything spectacular, he is not a jedi , but a "spiritual" being. Enhance from RotS is a great thematically, maybe Foresee for Initiatives (as better reflexes). Is there any Power I could check out, that fits this concept, discreet, passive buffs, not the magic type. Also, as a Monk I want to cross-spec for some kind of Knowledge-spec (mainly Lore, maybe Outer Rim or Xenology). So far Scholar seemed the best, but I wonder the other 2 lines has something better? Am I better off buying Lore simply out of career? Thanks in advance!
  13. I used General Grievous in my 1 shot, Clone Wars game, when 2 squads of clones, and a knight has to board a Separatist ship to rescue an important engineer, taken from Kuat by a bold ambush. (Plot twist, it was a defection). It was clearly implied in an intro scene, that Grievous took him (no sight of him, but a group of Magnaguards) and by the time they discovered the betrayal, Grievous appeared to make things worse. At the end, the jedi sacrificed herself, to gain time for her squad to recover the object and flee from the ship. It was well recieved. However, I can second @DurosSpacer as I am very careful not to alter things in the main timeline, especially in the OT. (I have yet to introduce a canon NPC in my long term campaign)
  14. You are right, the problem that you asked for a mechanical limitation, not a narrative.
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