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  1. You are right, i'm playing Edge with my players, so the Force is rarely shows itself in play other than DPs. I can totally understand if F&D games are a bit more farstretched. The Force IS working in mysterious ways
  2. I somehow don't feel the need to brake / bend (depends on perspective) the rules to make climactic Finales. It's like making a movie for only the looks. Easier than writing an interesting plot with twists and interesting characters. P.S. Not saying it's wrong. If it works for you, it's sure amusing, and eventually that's the point of playing.
  3. Rimsen

    Lightsaber Colours

    You say you use it, but it's the legends version.
  4. It's not necessery a bad thing. Just retire the character, if you can't bring out more from the concept. The game is - afterall - about RPing. Of course this is up to the player, but you should at least consider it.
  5. Rimsen

    Suggestions for dps?

    Also, why does he have those stats? You might be too generous with gear and credits
  6. Just browsing, but why do the Brass Knuckles has Burn 3, Blast 8? Guess it's some mistake.
  7. Rimsen


    Orc - Gamorrean Elf - Twi'lek Dwarf - imo well they are the wookiees, but if you want to go with similar sizes - Jawa
  8. Even though I understand the seasoned GMs that it might not be satisfactoy realease, I - as a relative newcomer - welcome this book, since I don't have too much of a collection, but a dedicated NPC book (similar to the CSG) is an easy to use addition to our games.
  9. Because plot, that's why. You don't roll for that. You just say it happens.
  10. Rimsen

    A question (or two) of minions in combat

    Not entirely. Separate them, so 1 big shot doesn't eliminate all of them. Use 2 groups of 2 minions instead 1 group of 4. That's also applies soak more times
  11. My FLGS has an ETA on the website, january 31. It seems a reasonable date.
  12. Rimsen

    Resilience Checks

    Why not recover half the brawn value (rounded up) / day? This way the average sentient recovers 1 wound RAW, but bigger brawn results in quicker recovery
  13. Or you say no, because it's completely out of place in a Star Wars setting. If it's impossible, there's no need to roll.
  14. By new I refered to specificly the Ep7 changes, which is bull by the hyperspace rules so far. But it's off topic, so let's not go down the rabbit hole. On topic: I think I haven't seen yet said, but you could introduce thr Maw installation. It's near the Kessel, which also has plenty of story opportunities.
  15. I absolutely agree with you, and you are right that my post was more about on the "canon-hate". However the main reason I don't use new era material is that is mostly contlicts with EU. EU is sure as **** a lot or time conflicts with other parts of the EU. I simply ignore those parts. Why? /Personal opinion initiated/ I think a set (rigid) universe is a more stable base for roleplaying. For me, it's easier to prepare. I know how the planet works, what's the NPC's motivations I insert, and I only need to make up a conflict for a story. Sometimes the PC themselves game themselves trouble, so I can work with that easily. If players can bend the rules to get out of trouble, to resolve problems (Han and the atmospheric jump-in to Starkiller Base) it undermines my work. It works for us, might not work for you, but I strongly believe that you need to set boundaries for your world. It can be EU, it can be canon, anything else, whatever, but you can't just mix up everything. Players and GM has to have similar expectations about the world. It's hard to play when for you getting in a secret military base is a lot of preparation and danger, and the players says, "nah, I just leave the hyperspace at the back door of the base"