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  1. I picked my copy of Essex County Express up this morning in Adelaide, Australia. Tonight Roland and Ashcan Pete will continue their campaign.
  2. Encounter sets required: The Miskatonic Museum Bad luck Sorcery The Beyond Chilling cold Locked doors
  3. As it is after 9am ,16 Feb in Adelaide, Australia I picked up my copy just now at Gamesworld. Can't wait to play it. Cheers from down under.
  4. Good write up. Sounds like a close hard fought win.
  5. Great work! Shes fun to play with and Zoey's Cross is an excellent card.
  6. Are they dead or have they received trauma? Ie Roland Banks with 9 wounds in a game is not dead. He needs 9 traumas.
  7. Really well done. You obviously didn't have issues with finding clues with Zoe! Captured the feel perfectly. The Dumwich scenarios are so well designed. Can't wait until the next 6 mythos packs after playing the core, PODs and Dunwich
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