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  1. Release - Version 1.0.3 - August 1st 2020 - Aug 5th Update - Corrected LTT interaction. It is add 2 dice of a single color, not any colors. (no mixing) Found and added interaction between Rift Ambush Special Rule and Admiral Ozzel (Officer). (Or rather, they don’t) Found interaction with “Blinded Gunners”, that accuracy icons (or its die) cannot be spent to fuel card effects like Leading shots or Admiral Screed. RRG on Salvo, further clarified that it is a declared and committed attack with no option of “not attacking” Corrected Salvo and Solar Corona interaction. Salvo is affected by this objective's special rule. “Rasproteus” asked an interesting question regarding XX-9 Turbolasers and Structural Damage. These entries have been updated to reflect what is ultimately a very complicated interaction that cannot be answered without direct developer input. RRG Effect use and timing updated regarding the word “Then” by Judge Ian Cross. RRG Step 5 of an attack updated with clarification by Judge Ian Cross. RRG Damage card Structural Damage entry updated regarding interaction with XX-9 Turbolasers. XX-9 Turbolasers entry updated. Minor editing corrections / spell check.
  2. Decimator, so good its listed twice!
  3. Sir! We've been jammed! *shakes fist* Lonestar!!!!
  4. Currently in Armada, there are 4 "ranges". "Close", "Medium", "Long", and "Extreme". As stated, Depowered armament means you "Cannot" attack at "Long" range. What this means, is that when you measure from ship to ship (or squadron), when conducting an attack, if that attack would be conducted at "long" range. The attack cannot happen. If the range is at "close", "medium", or "extreme", the attack can be conducted.
  5. How-to use Squadron "VT-49 Decimator" (and Unique) - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)
  6. July 11th update Ian and I are still working on getting everything we’ve submitted approved with our LVO Contact and one of the head head organizers, Pablo. Be assured we are working hard to update this as quickly as possible. I expect to announce full details by no later than by the end of July. We will be sure to shout loud and clear across the Armada community here, on discord communities, and facebook when it is ready. We are just as excited as all of you about Armada! Players are required to bring a tournament-legal, 400-point fleet and all the components needed for their game. Each player must submit a fleet list detailing all ships, squadrons, upgrades, objectives, commander, and total fleet points to the Event Lead before the start of the tournament. Players must use that fleet for the duration of the tournament. Updated Star Wars™: Armada Rules Reference and Tournament Regulations can be found on the Star Wars™: Armada support page. Day 1 will consist of 4 Swiss rounds. Each Swiss round will be 135 minutes long. The top 16 players will advance to Day 2 for a new set of 3 Swiss rounds. Plans are in the works for a community side event during Finals Day 2 and another community event for Sunday. More details to come about those!
  7. How-to use Squadron "E-wing" (and Unique) - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)
  8. How-to use Squadron "TIE Defender" (and Unique) - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)
  9. Hello everybody! Very excited to announce that Las Vegas Open 2021 held at Bally’s Casino over January 29th through the 31st, 2021, will be hosting a Star Wars: Armada Grand Championship!* (*Pandemic Permitting) Consider this the main topic regarding event information. Please feel free to ask questions, just know that I may not have answers for them (yet). This topic will be updated with new information leading up to the event. Ian Cross and I will be co-organizing the event together, and we are both working really hard to get information finalized as quickly as possible. So please be patient with us! We are hoping to have this information finalized with-in two weeks as we both only found out last weekend that we would be organizing the event. Currently our plan is to have at 4 swiss rounds on Day 1, then a cut of top 16 that will advance to Day 2 for a fresh 3 rounds of swiss. You are capable of buying a ticket to the event right now, and we encourage it if you absolutely know you plan to attend! Ticket count numbers early on really help with being able to advocate for the game to the head LVO organizers. If your unsure attending, its totally fine to hold off. Here is the link to the event page https://www.lasvegasopen.net/shop/lvo-2020-star-wars-armada-grand-championship-zzw88 If you click on the Bolded "Player Pack, here" letters, it will link you to the official player packet. Not much in there right now, but thats were more information about the event will be found once it is finalized. But don't fear, we'll be posting here, across facebook and discord when it is finalized.
  10. Lemmi, you got them all correct. A cookie for you good sir! 🍪 Only one point of order, is that the Rift Ambush special rule maneuver is exempt from the reduced speed. So even if you are speed 0 on the rift, the special rule maneuver would force you to make a speed 1 maneuver. Flatpack, feel free to ask questions. Its why this forum is here.
  11. Ion Tech is one of the more overpowered abilities in RitR. As it can be used for every single attack you ever make. Missed doing damage on a squadron? Try again. Ah darn, missed out on that acc you need to lock a brace? Try again. That and Fighter Group Leader make for a really powerful combo.
  12. when you spend a token as part of the cost of a card Effect it does not also Grant the resolution of a command or other card effects. Also the timing isn't the same as you must spend tokens at the start of the ship phase before any ships have activated to generate its effect while resolving a command is later in that ships activation
  13. Correct, it is possible for an enemy ship to have firing arc on your hull zone, and not have the reverse be true, hence why it is ignored for the purpose of generating the salvo attack. The firing arc still "exists" and is still subject to other effects like the Objective Solar Corona's effect, just that step is "skipped" when conducting all the other checks to conduct an attack.
  14. Card effects, range, and obstruction still work. Salvo is treated the same as any other attack except you can never add dice (Replace is fine).
  15. Yes, with this objective, the obstacles still have their normal effects when overlapped.
  16. Check out the livestream starting within the next half hour. Shmitty and I will be playing two games. Www.youtube.com/Swaestarwarsarmadaexplained
  17. Yup you guys got it fiqured out. I made the same mistake when I first played with it as well.
  18. As stated in the rules booklet. The firing arc is ignored when drawing line of sight. Its not ignored totally for the purposes of something like Solar Corona objective.
  19. No. Not quite correct. The ship MUST be deployed first before any cards can be unequipped from the old ship and then equipped to the new ship. In short, no, you are not able to resolve Agates ability twice.
  20. You ignore firing arcs when salvoing due to that a lot of ships can sometimes have clear line of sight and attacking firing arc, but the defender does not. As for Ackbar If your ship has not activated, no worries. Salvo away. IF the ship has activated, and you declared the use of Ackbars effect, that ship is now restricted to only salvoing from its left and right hull zones. If attacked in those zones. Attacks to the front and rear zones cannot be salvoed. Yes just like how counter with QLT currently works. Because a Salvo attack originates from the defending hull zone using the "printed armament" of the rear hull zone.
  21. Yes, and the Starhawk Concord title does allows the "spending" of "1" defense token.
  22. Thank you! I'm glad they are helping you to enjoy the game more. 🙂
  23. Updated my Linked Turbolaser Towers video to include the explanation of the FAQ update since this is something I've been getting a lot of questions about. Also! I will be playing 2019 Gencon champion Shmitty on Saturday June 20th! Livestream expected to be going by 11am PST. Can my explaining of Armada stand up to the might of strategy that is made of Steel? Tune in! How-to use Turbolasers "Linked Turbolaser Towers" Updated - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)
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