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    Well, I took the bull by the horns and sent a note and a link of the Star Wars Show "Shout out" to FFG Public Relations/Press via the website here. Ya know...just as an FYI. A mention of an upcoming release for a FF Game by a channel with 2 million subscribers is worth them noticing, I would think.
  2. RobertK


    This should be at the top of forum page! Great job Crabbock, and all who participated! Fantasy Flight should be thankful as well (or at least recognize) that the Armada community is vibrant enough to catch the notice of the larger Star Wars community.
  3. RobertK

    Terrain for Armada?

    Whether people like 3d terrain is a matter of taste, of course. But the more substantive opportunity this might represent is adding new types of obstacles for Armada, and including new objectives to go with them. I'd pay $20 for 3 new obstacle types and 6 new objectives that use them. I think there are some missed opportunities here by Fantasy Flight to support Armada without the huge outlay of producing new ship models. One opportunity would be something like I outlined above with new objectives. Others would be to offer alternate ship placards/prototypes of existing ship models, new squadron ace packs (squad dials and cards, no plastic), or even just reprinting cards with errata (mainly aesthetic since the FAQ applies even to the old versions).
  4. My gaming group often has 3-4 people playing every Friday night. We play all sort of things; Armada isn't played super often when the whole group is together. We usually play Armada outside of our regular game night (ie "No football game Sunday, wanna play Armada at the shop?") Otherwise, Armada gets played when its a 2-player Friday or if we can't decide what 4-player game to play and split into two 2-player games. But 3 of us have 400-point fleets rattling around in our phones and our online fleet builders. The chances of a 2 vs 1 game of Armada (2x400 against 2x400) just jumped. And if we have 4 people show up, the chances of getting the 4th player to join in is high. Everyone in our group has played the game, but only 3 of us have jumped into collecting fleets. None of us are thinking, "Gosh! How will we ever finish in an evening!" or "That's too tedious to be fun!" 800 vs 800 looks completely doable.
  5. Really nice format. With the refinements suggested for "post production", it would be even better. Thanks to both of you for an important commentary on a major fleet archetype.
  6. My friends and I joke all the time about how valuable that cardboard range/distance ruler is. The only way to buy an official one is to buy a core set! Maneuver tool? Check. More dice? No problem. Range/distance ruler? Core set or go home.
  7. RobertK

    This is Our Year

    I've played a couple of games of Armada in the last few weeks after a bit of a hiatus. The first was the Friday before FFG Regionals, and it was really encouraging to see 3 other Armada games going on at the FF Game Center, plus folks in from out of town watching. Clearly people were getting geared up for the next day (I couldn't go, myself). It was also nice to see Ian (from OP) getting a game in that night, too. Tonight I'm hoping to get a 2 vs. 2 800-pt Sector Fleet action on the board at the Game Center. Team "Angry Triangle" vs. Team "Fishy Blob"! Go Blobs!
  8. RobertK

    Let's Break 1,200 Point Games

    An 8 player Sector Fleet games requires each player to field a 300-pt fleet. Anyone can do it! The time, though...? 😀
  9. RobertK

    Interdictor on Sale!

    Amazon knew that Sector Fleet rules were coming. Now we all need more ships, and Amazon obliges with a sale. The profits roll in!
  10. Oh! I misread that. Totally clear now. It is the Grand Admiral’s objectives that get used.
  11. The fleet building rules for a multiplayer Sector fleet battle indicate that each player chooses a set of 3 objectives for their fleet as usual; one red, one yellow, and one blue. But this would mean that, in a 2 vs 2 game for instance, that there are 2 sets of objectives potentially in play for each team. Then in the rules for objective choice in the Sector fleet rules, it says that the Grand Admiral for the first team picks from the 3 objectives of the second team. Have I missed a rule where it says how the second team determines which 3 objectives are being used for their team?
  12. Nice rundown, Karneck, and it was a fun game to watch unfold! I'm pretty excited about the expanded format. A lot of the excitement on the forums seems to be about building big Imperial lists, and that was also in evidence in your Imp vs. Imp fratricidal game with @Ardaedhel. What are your thoughts on Rebel fleets with big ships? Are MC80's MC80L's, and MC75's going to be able to compete at 800+ points? Those angry space triangles look pretty imposing!
  13. RobertK

    1200 points and Objectives

    I don't think there would really be a meaningful split in forces anyway. 1200 pts is three full-sized fleets. Even if you TRIED to concentrate that many ships, they would have to be spread out enough to allow space for maneuver. You would probably have guns on both stations just by maintaining a reasonable spacing. How many people have played the standard objectives with a 1200-pt fleet on a 6x3 table? I haven't, but if a Triple Cymoon list has trouble putting all three front arcs on the same target area without going bumpety-bump, how much more trouble would six ISD's have when you add in some support ships. I think the notion of what it means to "concentrate" and "split" may need adjustment.
  14. RobertK

    Let's Break 1,200 Point Games

    Yep, so you only need 4 Chimaera expansions. Not for the ship placards, but for the 7 copies of Seventh Fleet (you only get two of those cards in each). If you're willing to use other titles, you could get away with 2 Chimaera expansion as long as you had 3 ISD expansions (and who doesn't? ;))
  15. RobertK

    SSD best guess of release date?

    I get ya! But I think my point still stands. It's not really a release date. Its just saying it will be released in Q1. To support my idea, FFG release dates are almost always on a Thursday. March 29th is a Friday. It doesn't really add up to anything other than saying that that's the last business day of Q1. So...I think it will be released before that. If you see that date move to 6/30, that means it's slipped to a Q2 release.