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  1. While I was watching it, I wasn't sure if I was loving it. But I never thought that it was dragging, and when I was part way through I thought how glad I was that there was so much of the movie left. When they were celebrating the victory, I was hoping there was more. After the last scene, I was reluctantly willing to say it was finished. The great surprise (for me): All the Jedi voices giving encouragement to Rey. A great touch. Bottom line: It's a good thing when you exit a 2.5-hr movie and didn't think it was too long, and just before the end you didn't want it to be finished.
  2. Oh! In that case, I meant costs 0 points.
  3. Very well, I concede. I concede that you may remove your zero-cost commander upgrade and re-fill it using half the total points of other upgrades that you removed. It still doesn't mean one could remove an upgrade that isn't actually in your fleet.
  4. I had a feeling something like that would happen. Ha!
  5. I will concede the point the moment you show me an upgrade that is worth 0 points.
  6. It also says you choose a type of upgrade to remove. If you're not removing the upgrade (because it doesn't exist), how are you getting to the point of deciding how many points of that upgrade type to remove?
  7. You interpret it the same way I do. If you roll 1 red crit and 2 blue crits, your opponent takes 1 damage, 3 times. Then they suffer the damage from the attack pool, which can be braced, redirected, etc...
  8. This whole trilogy of trilogies is poorly thought out. I mean in the first Star Wars, we don't even know how the Imperial Senate works or why it was significant that the last remnants of the old republic had been swept away. Why did Princess Leia think she had some sort of immunity? Heck, we don't even know for sure whether she is a rebel sympathizer until the end of the movie! What was the old republic anyway? It's not explained in any useful detail. What is the alliance? Who are they allied with? It's all completely opaque, and it could just be spelled out, but it isn't. That's lazy storytelling, right? This would all have been solved if they would have shot the movies in chronological order. Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith together give us the background necessary to understand what happens in all the subsequent films. Or maybe the sort of embedded storytelling that emphasizes the characters and only hints at the setting is intended. Maybe what matters is the relationships among the characters because those relationships supercede the grand schemes of the political setting. Luke's triumph at the end of Return of the Jedi isn't a geopolitical victory, it is a personal one. He is trying to redeem his father. When Darth Vader dies, he doesn't ask Luke to proclaim his sorrow to the galaxy, he asks him to tell his sister. Perhaps one of the reasons that Episodes 1-3 aren't quite as good is because the grand schemes began to upstage the relationships which were intended to drive the stories. Anakin falling to the dark side to save his wife seems small when you consider the final result: thousands of Jedi slaughtered, the complete corruption of the government, and the subsequent enslavement of a galaxy. Maybe leaving the setting as background is better for these movies.
  9. Tarkin with Cataclysm means a Turn 1 ignition attack is possible!
  10. It happens at the end of your activation. So you might be able to set it up for another ship to shoot them, but the enemy ship's speed doesn't change until the Starhawk's attacks are over.
  11. "You" refers to the ship the upgrade is on. So it happens right after her ship is dropped on the table.
  12. I agree for the most part, @Darth Lupine, but when you are defending, you don't get to choose what world you'll be receiving rewards from. And while it's true that you may be able to use the rewards from one of your bases instead, it might be that one of your teammates wants to use that mechanic (only one player per team gets to do that). So there's the possibility that your fleet will get rewards that are sub-optimal. In that case, this mechanic lets you make slight adjustments. I agree, though, that this is not the best way to optimize your fleet.
  13. I agree with @Lemmiwinks86's assessment.
  14. Yes, that works from my point of view. A little bit of flexibility, but not complete flexibility. Cheers!
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