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  1. This is the relevant rules from the Rules Reference. Seems pretty clear that when you "re-deploy" you take a new deployment turn with the Corvus. So you place the ship in a new spot. And whenever you place a ship, you get to set its speed dial. So I think it is both: change position and (potentially) reset its speed dial.
  2. I like Gunnery Teams a little too much, I guess.
  3. I agree. I like Station Assault as my red objective. It draws them in to a position that the SSD can deploy against and gives the SSD two stations to land on. It means they give up 80 MOV if they decide not to play.
  4. All good observations, I think. I brought 5 squads with Rapid Launch Bays. My plan was to use them as point defense when opposing ships got around my flank. 5 squads add quite a punch to the rear and auxiliary arcs. My squad group was Mareek, Ciena, and 3 TIE Bombers. Pain was inflicted on flankers!
  5. I’ve been interested in a “casual/competitive” system to play with my 17-year-old son who isn’t tremendously into the game but who is a competitive sort. So what is stupid about allowing no limit on fleet sizes, but saying that any points in excess of 400 counts in favor of your opponent’s score? So my son’s 500 point fleet against my 390 point fleet would give me 100 points at the end plus whatever I scored from objectives and ships of his I destroyed. His score would be determined normally. Clearly the super-sized fleet has to get a lot done with its extra points, but running a big fleet is fun! On the other hand, my boy is old enough that he doesn’t want to get a win on a silver platter, thus the MOV adjustment. Thoughts?
  6. My first match with the SSD went well. SSD (assault)+Gozanti+Squads beat a 4 Hammerhead+2 Cr90+Rogues list. Never got to use my front arc against a ship, but the side and rear arcs can also get work done. 150 MOV to the SSD. Piett w/ the Executor title is VERY flexible. Round 1: Con Fire dial. Gain the token and spend the dial for a second con fire token. Comms net a squad token from the Gozanti. Round 2: Navigate dial. Gain the token and spend the dial for a second nav token. Comms net a second squad token from the Gozanti. Rounds 3-6: Engineer.
  7. You haven't heard of the Centurion Eagle? It's the ship that made the Malacca Run in less than 500 miles. She's fast enough for you, old man.
  8. Some boats are faster than others.
  9. Armada's catalog entry isn't for us. It's for potential players of Armada. If that's your target audience, then it seems FFG should give a basic blurb about what the game is about and give people some information about the "entry point" to the game (ie the Core Set). Do you really think it is a good idea to say, "Look how awesome the SSD is! By the way, its not a complete game. You'll spend $200 to get that and then need to drop another $100 on the Core Set."?
  10. He means that the Interdictor really benefits from a lot of the upgrades in the Chimaera expansion (the "re-skin" of the ISD). However, since you said that you are comfortable using proxies for upgrades, what matters most to you is the actual physical ships and their variety. So I'd say get whichever of the two ISD expansions you like; you want that big beautiful Star Destroyer.
  11. Both of those things were exactly the point, I believe.
  12. I know it's been suggested elsewhere *cough @Green Knight coughcough*, but what are people's reaction to a new rule that says a ship that is activated last can not be the first ship activated in the following round?
  13. Energy and mass are equivalent. Displacement always involves a velocity. So energy displacement carries momentum. That is why RL Ion Engines actually have value in producing propulsion. And FYI, radiation most certainly has momentum. Conservation of momentum is what accounts for recoil.
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