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  1. FFG Created Heroes

    What is the full roster if house created heroes within the current card pool? I know Beravor, Argalad, Mirlonde, etc.
  2. Lore Faramir, Help with a deck Idea

    Threat reduction has been a problem. Keeping enemies in staging for long wasn't the aim. More to get some direct damage in and then let Faramir get the kill. Occasionally pushing them back into staging so he can snipe out with Great Yew Bow while getting his damage boost. Will power generation is a little low too. Eowyn+Damrod+ and just a couple of Allies gives me 10+. I would have used Fastred, but I don't own the card. He does threat reduction and moves enemies. Thats very close to a Dunhere deck, with more setup.
  3. Im working on a way to get mileage out of Lore Faramir. What my deck has come down to Faramir/Damrod/TacEowyn in a general kind of trap deck. With Eowyn you even get a nice starting threat of 26. I had debated on her vs Mirlonde, but then Id have to include Song of Battle for Great Yew Bow. I dont actually own Secret Vigil, but its the only reasonable threat management in the decks spheres. Faramir's ability to gain attack from enemies staying in staging is neat, but counter productive in most instances. Even using Ranger Spikes to mitigate threat contribution enemies staying there too long isnt a good thing. So I thought to use Ithillen Archer to push enemies back into staging after engaging, then you can attack them with a Great Yew Bow equipped Faramir. This would make use of his passive attack boost while letting you pick off enemies too. Ithillen Archer really needs a spear or two to be most effective. 2 attack isnt enough in a lot of later quest. I included Ranger Bow and Spear for more damage. On weaker enemies, a shot or two from Ranger bow and a Gondorian Spearman can eliminate them leaving the heavier attacks to beefier Orcs and the like. Ive beaten Journey Down the Anduin as of right now. Ill be teasting more with a small amount of free time I have coming up. Id like any and all advice on this. I don't see a lot LoFaramir decks because he needs to be built around but I found the idea and deck fun. Even knda thematic. Except for Master of the Forge. The deck is posted here:
  4. Gamling VS Guthwine

    I'm just wondering opinions on these. I had thought Guthwine a strictly better card for Rohan, but I made a deck recently that makes good use of Gamling still. I think its ally space vs restricted space. My deck uses TaEomer, Firefoot, and the warhorse so it was logical I use Gamling for recursion.
  5. Unseen Strike - The hidden gem?

    I used it in a Bard the Bowman deck with low threat, Snipe out Balrogs, Trolls, Dragons. etc
  6. Scout Archetype

    Is the developed yet? Playable? There's lots of new cards making use of Hero/allies traits, but so do not see much posted about this one.
  7. RND Deck Building

    Wow, thank you for that. I had not had time to get into the idea completely, it was only a few hours old when I posted here. When I would roll non functioning line ups I would just reroll all three. Dropping one and rerolling is better, rolling six for a pool is better than that. Ranged/Sentinel heroes I just glossed over the keyword because I play alone, single handed nowadays. I don't any players nearby that I know and I play in OCTGN primarily. I didn't think every combination, even if they passed the line up step would result in a working deck. I still have a limited card pool. The idea of drawing the heroes like that it to change the way I would approach deck building. Thanks @Rouxxor. The Fatty deck I did not have high hopes for, but it accomplished the initial aim of using a line up I don't think anyone would consider. With your advice and changes it may be a more playable deck now. I really appreciate all the ideas.
  8. RND Deck Building

    I picked Sam because he would trigger his ability after you used Fatty's. It's not something that happened every turn, but it did come in handy when you needed just that little bit of extra will power. I had not considered using Treebeard. All the Hobbit cards lacked consistency because it becomes this large multi card combo for, at best , ,maybe 5-6 threat reduction. Ethir swordsman addition doesn't surprise me, I wanted to put him in there. As soon as I had that card it went into every deck it would fit. I could try another roll if you're interested in making decks like this.
  9. RND Deck Building

    I don't have the set that has Lindir, I'm not familiar with his ability. I wasn't very impressed with the Hobbits + Pipes after testing. I wanted to use dusty cards too. Is Raise the Shite from the coming Mountain of Fire? What are testing against? Can you post your version so I can try?
  10. RND Deck Building

    Some of the rolls are just absolute trash, I couldn't figure out a gimmick. One that seemed feasible was a Elfhelm/Idraen/Theodred deck.
  11. RND Deck Building

    I saw an idea floating around about randomly selecting heroes to kick off deck ideas. The point was that you would generally come out with unexpected lineups and combinations. I put together a RNG table that rolled for sphere (1-4) and then for heroes (1-15/16). My first roll was Tactics Eowyn, Lanwyn, and Fatty Bolger. Sweet. Here's what I put together. It's not optimal or One Deck to Rule Them All, but it was fun and less conventional than the tried archetypes and power decks.
  12. Optimizing Leadership Eomer

    I think its a tie betweem Fastred and Arwen. Fastred has super consistent threat reduction, perhaps a Dunedain Warning along with Ally Arwen to compensate for the low, base health. I like Arwen because if you don't draw/mulligan into Nenya you still have early game questing. She also has resource/draw acceleration. With the extra uniques in the deck, if you didn't use her ability with Elven-Light that turn, you could pitch an extra Herugrim, Silver Harp it back to your hand. Basically just a repeatable, free resource.
  13. Elrond's Son

    Wow, eleven mail shouldn't be there. Whoops. You're right about the Mark. I need my restricted slots for Celebrian Stone and Armored Destrider.
  14. Elrond's Son

    Are you saying you don't think k the Ally versions will see play? I am a little confused. Steed of the North is perfect for them, I had not thought of that. I don't own that set of cards yet. This is my take on a Brothers deck.
  15. Elrond's Son

    Do you think the Brothers will get more table time as allies? Their readying ability is cheaper, orc is probably the most common enemy trait. I don't see very many decks with the hero versions, do you have one?