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  1. Trudem


    I have flown Scum Han in one tournament and hated him. Its really hard for a large base ship to only have 2 natural attack dice. At least for me.
  2. Trudem


    I was able to consistently get use out of predator when I wasnt bumping myself in late game situations. If not Predator woudl you just skip the talent?
  3. Trudem


    Ive been running him with the title and Predator for a tidy 68 points. I happen to have 7 points left in my build and trying to decide if its worth adding a mech or not
  4. Trudem


    He isnt nearly as dangerous as he was in 1.0 but he is still solid. How would you kit him out in 2.0?
  5. I have been reading/hearing about this list holding its own against Spectre but strong overall. However I am yet to see the full list. Can someone share the full list?
  6. Marksmanship is nice and trick shot is also useful. Am I overlooking something else?
  7. Thank you Just trying to decided if I need spend more money on IA before NOVA.
  8. How early would it have to arrive in stores to be eligible for NOVA?
  9. Trudem


    Yeah...he did that like he knew what he was doing! It was really impressive.
  10. Trudem


    My issue is that I generally like to fly lists that joust and thats where it gets me into trouble. Also big base ships that automatically lose half of their value right after the initial volley. I was more asking about tips to control range better.
  11. Trudem


    Its usually the initial volley that troubles me
  12. Aside from staying out of arc, which isnt always the easiest thing to do, how do you guys counter harpoons from lists with multiple harpoons? I considered loading up on expert handling but I think that would hurt my list more than help it, similar with counter measures
  13. For those interested, I went with a PS1 Defender. That thing was a nuisance all night. It never died, although it was very close once (one hull). It basically killed an entire TLT Y-Wing and half of another Y-Wing before my opponent unfortunately flew off the board. In my second match, it chased down a HLC Dash. However I did get lucky with some rolls late in that game. It was 29 points. Delta Squadron Pilot - 30 TIE/x7 - -2 Twin Ion Engine mk.11 - 1
  14. Sorry QD - Expertise, FCS, Optics, Title and LWF PS - Expertise, Title and LWF
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