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  1. There are many variations but generally Sinker, a generic ARC and 4 generic torrents. It leaves a few points to play with
  2. Honestly I just wanted to make things go boom. I was under no illusion that I would do so well. I was just shooting for dice and got fortunate in a couple of matchups and they went my way. My MOV was trash.
  3. I was the only non Sinker Swarm list in the top 4
  4. I flew Jonus and 4 Scimitars all with Barrage Rockets. Didn’t have much faith going in so wanted to fly something that should blow stuff up and have fun. Round 1- Duel fire sprays. Boba and Emon. Soooo many bombs. Emon survived on one hull. Just could put him away but solid victory for me. 151-125 Round 2: My only loss in swiss was to a cowboy hat wearing guy from ATL, Sir Charles. Temmin Wexley, Jess Pava, Lt. Bastian and Talli. I rolled five evades all game and he rolled 7 in one round of combat with Talli. So frustrating. He ended Swiss as the only undefeated person. He did a great job preventing me from shooting rockets. Only shot three all game. 50-200 Round 3: I beat Todd from Central Florida. Super nice guy and I won 51-45 lol. We just had good green dice. I unfortunately don’t recall much from this game. I know it was very methodical. Round 4: Republic list. Super nice guy named Jason. He had two Resistance transports with ion cannons and a decked out Poe. It was a good game overall and very close. I one shot Lulo at range 3 with rockets. His dice let him down. We circled each other and no huge swings but he slowly started pulling away. Time ended and I got a range one unmodded shot on a 4 health Poe needing to kill him. I rolled hit, crit & crit and got lucky and got a direct. He was pissed but it happens. I was very gracious but sucked out there. 160-137. He had worlds dice very good player. Round 5: I played a guy named Christian. He finished 6th overall in Swiss one spot behind me. He flew 4 t-70s, one was Jess. Very close game. I won 127-107. Came down to me partially evading a range three and range 1 shots to not give up half on two different ships. I rolled just enough evades. Dice clinched!!! Round 6: I played Andrew. Nice guy and got my sportsmanship vote. Luke, Wedge, Jake and Arvel. I caught him off guard first round of combat by not chasing Jake and got both Luke and Wedge in arc and range of all my ships. Wedge clipped a rock so no mods and Luke burned both force offensively. I killed both Luke and Wedge in that round of combat. Luke took a direct, it was brutal. He was slowly creeping back in because it was really tough to pin down the a-wings and they rolled their greens well but I eventually got enough shots off to win and get my only game to kill all ships. 200-101 Top 8: I played Curtis. He flew QD, Scorch, Revasand Tavson. Initial engagement I got all of my barrage rockets off. Killed both Rivas and Scorch, should have killed QD. Phasma sucks! I couldn’t get away from Tavson. Eventually comes down to Tavson and QD vs a very hurt Jonus and healthy Scimitar. I swing around to get two arcs on QD and Tavson is away from the fight after chasing down a bomber and killing it. QD comes in and shoots Jonus and leaves one hull. Jonus returns and gets the second shield off of QD because I have to be aggressive. QD returns fire killing Jonus. Final Scimitar shoots a rocket at QD landing hit, crit and crit and he blanks out. Crit was a direct so I shockingly kill QD. Caught everyone off guard because that game was all but over. After calming down around he table and looking at the clock there is 21 minutes left. I have a fully healthy Scimitar against a 4 hull Tavson. I should have been aggressive because Tavson had a damaged engine and all hard maneuvers were red and he had his back to me but I played it cagey, for once. I ultimately ran away and dodged him for the rest of the game. He got one shot on me with a lock but only rolled two and I evaded them. I won 164-162. Crazy game Top 4: My first experience against a Sinker Swarm and I can officially say it sucks. I played Carlos. I should have burned down Sinker but went after low hanging fruit. Not being able to fully kill a ship hurt. Left two different ships on one hull two different times which really hurt. I lost big time 63-181. Overall I overachieved but had a blast! 5-1 and 5th overall in Swiss and finished 4th after the cut. My first time getting dice and FFG didn’t put them in the kit. They will be mailing them so I will get them eventually!
  5. Thank you and you are correct, I should have put it on the other forum my bad.
  6. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the 2.0 version. If I put Krennic on a shuttle and put optimized on another ship does that condition grant that ship the ability to take Target Locks?
  7. If you are taking an ace, how much do you like to leave for a bid? Is a one point bid pointless?
  8. Trudem


    I have flown Scum Han in one tournament and hated him. Its really hard for a large base ship to only have 2 natural attack dice. At least for me.
  9. Trudem


    I was able to consistently get use out of predator when I wasnt bumping myself in late game situations. If not Predator woudl you just skip the talent?
  10. Trudem


    Ive been running him with the title and Predator for a tidy 68 points. I happen to have 7 points left in my build and trying to decide if its worth adding a mech or not
  11. Trudem


    He isnt nearly as dangerous as he was in 1.0 but he is still solid. How would you kit him out in 2.0?
  12. I have been reading/hearing about this list holding its own against Spectre but strong overall. However I am yet to see the full list. Can someone share the full list?
  13. Marksmanship is nice and trick shot is also useful. Am I overlooking something else?
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