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  1. Have you tried Campaign or One Shot? Or Dice for Brains? They're all heavily edited, and very engaging.
  2. It all depends on the circumstances, but if the players have a cool idea, sure, why not.
  3. Vader is so image conscious. I bet he practices his menacing walk, too.
  4. The value of seeing/hearing unedited RPG sessions is that you can see how other people play, or how a game is played at all, when you don't have other players yourself. That said, edited sessions are much more entertaining, in general. Trimming away some of the false starts, pointless mechanical discussion, and table chatter greatly increases viewer/listener engagement. The same goes for hearing why you subscribed to this thread. People can talk about what they want.
  5. Yeah, he's chasing the big RPG bucks.
  6. I've yet to see evidence that the guy doesn't plan at all.
  7. A GM who builds a story around the actions of the players? Preposterous!
  8. You mean starting ten years earlier? I don't.think "play something else first" is the best answer to making a Clone Wars campaign work.
  9. If you want your play experience to replicate what's seen on screen in the show, yes.
  10. Using the Force seems to be a mix of natural predisposition, skill, and attitude in the movies and the shows. Force Dice can come.from any of those sources.
  11. Oh you two. Kiss already.
  12. You could put the moral conflict somewhere else. Congrats, you stunned the slavers, but what now, do you just let them lie there defenseless in the middle of the street? That sort of thing.
  13. Who's making the choice, though - the player, or the character?