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  1. It fits the whole young adult protagonist thing SW usually has going on. Luke & Leia are only 19 (one of them is a senator!), Anakin is a pre-teen race car driver, teenagers lead ambiguously-aged soldiers in TCW, etc.
  2. Did the national education budget increase or decrease under the Trump administration?
  3. So what inside scoops by this clickbaiter turned out right? You never answered that question.
  4. The ones who have been bleeding education dry are Republicans. Starving government and public works to the point of collapse is Republican strategy 101. Can't teach if you don't have money, and the Republicans make sure schools don't get money.
  5. I wonder how that aspect of social media would have played out if the Republicans hadn't basically gutted the American education system over the last couple of decades. Critical thinking, healthy skepticism, some grounding in history and social sciences - all these are skills that combine to let you quickly and accurately distinguish between news and entertainment. And with so much of the world's media being at least influenced, if not outright owned by US concerns, that insidious dismantling of the barrier between information and fun is felt everywhere.
  6. Dice For Brains - Force & Destiny set after the fall of the Empire Heroes of the Hydian Way - they play official adventures Tales of the Hydian Way - advice 'cast about the game Campaign - focuses on the comedy, with only the slightest use of the rules Force Majeure - F&D, British, hilarious Fandible SoloShot - one player (ex-Imperial Inquisitor) , one GM
  7. What's stopping the character from doing it without that talent? Unarmed Parry does not require having a free hand. With how long combat rounds last in this game, it's perfectly alright to describe quickly twirling your weapon in one hand while parrying with your free hand, too.
  8. That's exactly what I'm referencing. And the mutilation Vader inflicts on the Inquisitors is mentioned in the game, too.
  9. I understand what you're saying. In my opinion Vader holds Inqies in such disdain that killing one isn't something he finds impressive enough to warrant his attention. He was there because of the holocron, not Trilla, Cere, or Cal.
  10. Considering how Vader views Inquisitors, I don't think killing them is something he cares about one way or another, or that it draws his interest.
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