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  1. Are you saying that state-sanctioned use of force is the same as a doctrine of fear?
  2. It seems a bit weak for an Obligation, unless you really lean into it - withdrawal shakes, nervous breakdowns when going a day without, coughing up a storm all the time , always stinking of cigarette smoke, etc.
  3. While that is a common sense attitude, I gotta ask if you have a rules quote for that? In the interest of warding off hardcore RAW arguments.
  4. Everyone who thinks uber Jedi, clones, droids, and senators wouldn't work in the same party should check out the Smallville and the Marvel Heroic RPGs - though they're out-of-print. They turn differing power levels from a problem into a virtue.
  5. Guys, I want to convert Thor from the Marvel Heroic RPG into this game. He has d10 Superhuman Durability and should therefore get 10 soak. That's legit, right? Also, he has d12 Godlike Strength. That's a 12 in Brawn for sure, isn't it?
  6. Deceptive Taunt seems less like a combat ability and more like a social one. I don't have the book in front of me, but unless there are restrictions about when you can use it, it would seem to be most effective as a way to discredit an opponent during negotiations, peace talks, or in settings where violence is forbidden. You're not doing the MMO tank thing, you're riling up an opponent into committing a faux pas.
  7. Taunting is mostly a matter of setbacks and boosts, and advantages spent on having the NPC act in a particular way.
  8. They're sci-fi peasant/monk robes. Think Friar Tuck for a pop culture example. The Jedi wear the same thing that the Star Wars equivalent of a simple peasant or farmer wears.
  9. Villains are often twisted mirror images of the heroes.
  10. There's your mistake. This would be short range, not engaged. Distance doesn't necessarily play a role in the difference between the two. Engaging can be just changing your footing, turning around, etc. Short range is when Anakin leaps onto the platform and then nearly falls off backwards. He becomes engaged with Obi-Wan once he gains his balance and can actually fight him, by spending another maneuver.
  11. Taking Exile or Emergent grants you FR 1 (unless you already have FR 1 or higher, then it does nothing). Starting with a career from Force & Destiny grants you FR 1. Taking a F&D spec later on doesn't change your FR in itself. You get FR 1 from the careers, not the specs. Since you can only ever have one career you can't use this to increase your FR. You increase your FR in play by buying the Force Rating talent which most Force-using specs have near the bottom of their tree.
  12. I've never encountered this. I've seen lots of preference for other colors, but no particular animosity towards blue. What a bizarre concept. Also, blue lightsabers are the prettiest lightsabers.
  13. He's a Falleen who grew up in isolation and never learned about his species' pheromone ability. He thinks he's mind-tricking people when he roofies them.
  14. Are you going to answer my question from earlier`? To quote myself: