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  1. Maybe that's the whole point, like the mystery object in a J.J. Abrams movie/show. Or it's to give you a purpose.
  2. But how else am I gonna lord it over my players for not thinking like I do!
  3. Sure, but this is about the Adversary talent, not environmental factors.
  4. If the GM doesn't have to spend one, why should the players have to?
  5. I mean, I wouldn't apply Adversary to a Medicine Check, but it's kind of the flipside of getting to expand its range so that it applies against non-combat checks. If the GM can do it, why can't the players, yeah?
  6. wouldn't. That's why there's a smiley in that comment.
  7. See, I wouldn't call that stacked. One setback is almost standard.
  8. That's why you give them reasons not to. A pilot-focused character has talents that remove setbacks from piloting checks, a gunslinger doesn't. Give them both the same amount of setbacks, and the gunslinger won't be doing so well anymore.
  9. Like, rolling a Despair on a Medicine check?
  10. Yep. Take away all the challenges the heroes of a good story aren't made to match, and you're left with almost no story at all.
  11. Canonically, the PCs and most of the NPCs don't exist. So what?
  12. Oooh, how about some Flesh Raiders.
  13. Give them something to engage with. Ask them for suggestions how NPC advantages and threats, etc play out. Let them use light side points even if their characters aren't present in the scene. Have them play an enemy or allied NPC or group of minions. Give them an xp bonus or light side point for it. During structured time shift between locations every round. Rapid fire combat action. Faster, more intense. Spend dark side points during one group's turn that will affect the other group when they act again. Like revealing that this half-built battlestation is fully operational and about to shoot on your friends. Have them be in radio communication when they're split. Especially during an impromptu stealth mission. Have them able to see each other but not immediately cooperate. Maybe they're spread out on s large battlefield. Maybe one of them is being lowered into a death trap and the other is forced to watch from the villain's throne room.
  14. Hm. Hexcrawling and the reality-shaping nature of advantages, triumphs, and light side points seems inherently contradictory. I'm curious where you go with this.