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  1. Medpacs are canon now! Finn yells for one at the final battle! That cracked me up after that thread on them here.
  2. Wasn't that Lucas during The Clone Wars?
  3. The way that one Ewok just collapses in on himself when s/he sees their comrade has been killed makes me sniff every time. Suddenly those teddy bears become real characters. The fall of the Order. That entire extended montage had me in tears and still chokes me up. The opening of Episode 3 with the starfighters doing crazy maneuvers. Just the sheer awesome of it and seeing Anakin at the height of heroism, even if it's already tainted by his dark deeds. Yoda just not having it in him to answer Luke's questions about his father at first. That little muppet looks so tired and beaten when he rolls away from Luke and pretends to sleep.
  4. IIRC the whole Vader sequence at the end was added during reshoots.
  5. They could have reduced the number of supporting characters and side plots and focused more on a core ensemble. It wasn't that they were lacking time, they didn't use the time they had particularly well.
  6. Have you watched The Clone Wars or Rebels? This portrayal of Dathomir is based on material from the shows that superseded the "crashed mining ship" setting.
  7. Nothing wrong with asking for advice online, except for how easy it is for the conversation to turn hostile.
  8. Looking cool IS an actual advantage. Consider capes. I rest my case.
  9. Like, it's all laser? Or does the laser go around a solid blade?
  10. This whole distinction between fake magic and fake science, in Star Wars of all places, cracks me the **** up.
  11. You're obsessed with slug sexuality. You keep bringing this up again and again and again. Like someone telling everyone all the time they're totally not gay at all.
  12. This sounds like a letter to the editor written by a Victorian gentleman.
  13. Yeah but that's all history by the time the adventure starts.