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  1. Stan Fresh

    Group Implosion and Video Games

    PC on PC conflict definitely belongs into SW. Betrayals, physical violence between friends and lovers, and even attempted murder are all part of the SW story. But it needs to be clear to everyone involved whether that stuff is on the table or not . The players don't get to trick or annoy each other, only the PCs do. That said, there are games that explicitly incorporate PC vs PC conflicts, and Edge of the Empire, etc isn't among them. Better use another game if you want support for that sort of cooperative storytelling. And for Zeus' sake don't blur the line between PC and player when you play those games. There's a reason the good ones all stress that conflicts happen between PCs, not players.
  2. Stan Fresh

    Stay Classy, FFG!

    I wonder if consistently good editing across a long-running line is just not financially achievable with the type of money you make selling RPGs. Which game lines even achieve that, outside of maybe D&D?
  3. Stan Fresh

    Comedy has Consequences (Spoilers TLJ)

    I dunno, we don't even know that there were substantial changes in the first place. It all seems a tad too speculative to me to then go and say Disney told him how many jokes per minute to put in the movie, etc. Many writers & directors make surprising choices that may *seem* out of tune with their previous material, but that's only because of our limited knowledge of what goes on during the making of these movies.
  4. Stan Fresh

    Issues with Cannon

    Twin laser cannons reads like 4 guns to me.
  5. Stan Fresh

    Comedy has Consequences (Spoilers TLJ)

    Do you have anything to back that up besides your impression? Quotes from Johnson, behind the scenes footage, early script drafts? I'm not saying he CAN make funny movies, I'm saying he has made funny movies. So why assume he didn't intend that here?
  6. Stan Fresh

    Comedy has Consequences (Spoilers TLJ)

    Did you see The Brothers Bloom? Brick? The guy makes very funny movies all by himself.
  7. Stan Fresh

    What Were They Thinking?

    Star Wars is an universe in which I wouldn't be surprised by creatures spitting venom or launching spikes at me.
  8. Stan Fresh

    Wars End (Clone Wars returns)

    The lighting is much more cinematic in CW, too. Most episodes on CW were as gorgeously lit as the absolute peak of what Rebels managed occasionally.
  9. Stan Fresh

    Wars End (Clone Wars returns)

    Disney's Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Post-Wars Period
  10. Stan Fresh

    Wars End (Clone Wars returns)

    I don't think those fall under the category of Clone Wars, though.
  11. Stan Fresh

    Wars End (Clone Wars returns)

    There is still good in this world.
  12. Stan Fresh

    Why did Obi Wan say this?

    It's a joke about robots gaining sapience and turning on their oppressors. It shows that Obi-Wan thinks droids aren't people (which is consistent with how he treats them), and that there is enough talk in the galactic culture about robots rising up to make jokes about it.
  13. Stan Fresh

    Bothawui(R14) from a GM's perspective

    Are you giving out reliable info or spreading misinformation, though? And can those listening take a chance in either case? Maybe chatting in public is a polite way of telling each other interesting misinformation. Less gossip, more storytelling. The challenge is in getting your point across without revealing anything actually useful in the process.
  14. exactly it's a couple people with superpowers telling a story might be true, might not be
  15. Stan Fresh

    Air in Space?

    Nah, Midichlorians aren't about making sense, they're part of the sledgehammer-subtle symbiosis theme that runs through Phantom Menace.