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  1. Those questions are about as relevant to the movies as a discussion about galactic currency standards.
  2. But it's perfectly in line with the movies for the good guys to survive with minimal losses. I wouldn't blame this on being a kids show. It's how Star Wars has always rolled.
  3. Yep. The rules are weird and inconsistent.
  4. It's all about how it's presented. The camera never lingers on the nastiness. Torture mostly happens off-screen.
  5. Loved both episodes. The entire wolf ride, with the gorgeous animation and direction, Mononoke-esque music, and the sudden dive into the grass had me giggling like a little girl. It was simply perfect .
  6. Remember what Kanan said to Hera shortly before he lost his sight? "We'll see each other again. I promise." He kept his promise.
  7. I never listened to the d20 stuff, and I don't feel I missed anything. Context tells you all you need to know about what happened. And it makes it feel just that bit more like Star Wars to have this off-screen bit of ambiguous action. It's basically the events that would get described in the intro scroll of a movie.
  8. Have you tried listening to them while doing chores at home? Dusting, doing laundry, etc? And I sympathize with the public transport thing. I used to be wary of letting out seemingly random laughs, but from the perspective of the other people there it's no different from talking on the phone with someone. So what do I care.
  9. Some of the situations and lines they come up with have left me gasping for air from laughing so hard.
  10. FAQ and Errata got updated!

    That's the proximate reason, of course. I'm wondering why someone would set up a Star Wars system with so much fiddliness that then doesn't even serve to make actual play work out like the movies. It's completely misguided at a high level. This particular bit of errata brought this issue into stark relief once again. Star Wars needs something in the vein of Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse, Cortex Plus, etc. Not this kind of fiddly nonsense that works counter to the Star Wars experience.
  11. FAQ and Errata got updated!

    Of course. But I'm wondering at the thought process behind this design decision.
  12. FAQ and Errata got updated!

    It's not about whether I want to use it, it's about how bad a design it is to have it set up that way. It's a rule that encourages players to have their characters act unlike the character in the movies. Luke and Han don't wade out into the open to shoot at fools once they put on trooper armor, they still take cover.
  13. FAQ and Errata got updated!

    Armor and Cover don't stack? That doesn't align with how characters in the movies behave.
  14. A joke. Members of that species have four mouths.
  15. No you don't understand, a movie that was both a creative and financial success is clearly a sign of a dead franchise.