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  1. I'd love it, but I'm waiting for anything official before I get excited.
  2. I get that you want to start an argument, but you're just being ridiculous.
  3. SW already has mutilation, burning alive, child slavery, mass child murder, genocide in its DNA. It's easy to warp it into an opportunity for harassment through excessively detailed descriptions of these acts, for example. So yeah, x-card good.
  4. That's what my character would do isn't an excuse because you're the one who came up with that character.
  5. We're on a rapid approach to copypasta territory, folks.
  6. Yeah, no. You're getting your personal take on what free will is mixed up with what we see in the movies. And the fake outrage is pretty transparent, too.
  7. For something like this, I'd use a game that's designed for conflict between PCs, not FFG SW. There are almost no guidelines or rules to properly handle PC vs PC drama without it spilling over into player vs player drama. Games like Smallville and Monsterhearts do that sort of thing really well.
  8. This obsession with free will is deeply weird. As a society, we deny people its exercise all the time - anything from laws to imprisonment. Never mind how we're all subject to the ebb and flow of body chemistry. As if no one here was ever being unreasonably grumpy at someone during intense hunger or pain, or couldn't let go of an old grudge. How much free will does someone have who has to work an awful job or see their kids go hungry? The Jedi mind trick isn't inherently different from any other influence on our behavior. And it's just that - an influence, per Obi-Wan's words. Not control. Also: who cares about Watto, of all people? He's a child-beating slave-owner.
  9. The Dice for Brains podcast does something like that on occasion. It's also something that Powered by the Apocalypse games tend to do - they call it end-of-session questions. Some of them are directed at the whole group (did you overcome a significant enemy?), some of them at individual characters. Answer yes, and you get XP.
  10. Obi-Wan vs Maul in Rebels. The dialogue, the lighting, the camera work, the footwork, the build-up, and the swiftness of the actual fight, and how much it tells you about where these characters are in their heads. Perfection. ****, I'mma rewatch that right now.
  11. Maybe the GM should think about how they failed to engage the seemingly distracted player, instead of making them feel even more left out like this.
  12. No, because the conversation is about Jedi forcing political negotiations, not getting a boat from a dude.
  13. Web install: just hit the appropriate link here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/profile/212555-oggdude/?tab=field_core_pfield_28 Don't know whether you should uninstall the non-web version beforehand or the USB part. A backup of your user files can't hurt, at least.
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