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  1. "You've missed the point entirely and I really have no desire to educate you" isn't not engaging.
  2. Closing your eyes doesn't make other people's destruction of your arguments go away.
  3. Not to put words in LordBritish's mouth - Ultima Underworld 2 was pretty great, by the way! - but it reads to me that the rules of the universe turn out to be vastly more complex than the players and characters assumed, not that they were.broken.
  4. Which makes her the first hero in an adventure movie to survive an explosion and being thrown around, of course. If only Kung Fu movies had been an influence on Star Wars previously, then this wouldn't be so totally out of the blue! I mean, if there had been a duel between aging samurais with mystic zen powers in these movies, we clearly wouldn't be having this conversation at all.
  5. Stan Fresh

    Lightsaber Colours

    Interesting method. What do you think about calculating the numerological value of the player's maiden name and translating that into hexadecimal color codes?
  6. That sounds like proper Star Wars name, by the way.
  7. Stan Fresh

    Lightsaber Colours

    Bring a color wheel to the session and let everyone pick what they want.
  8. https://www.polygon.com/2018/11/13/18089574/vampire-the-masquerade-white-wolf-lgbtq-chechnya-apology They used an on-going real world pogrom against LGBT people as fodder for their game without the least bit of tact.
  9. Weren't they? They developed and published it. This wasn't the doing of some lone rando lost in a vast company bureaucracy.
  10. Sure. I'm saying it can't be WW because they don't make RPGs anymore.
  11. WW were never cinematic or storytelling-oriented, for all their talk about it. The rules were clunky and full of unnecessary fiddly bits that got in the way of telling a story together. In a lot of ways it was closer to DnD than to something like FFG SW or Powered by the Apocalypse.
  12. "This sourcebook collects the profiles for heroic Rebels, evil Imperials, and galactic scum and villainy drawn from all three Star Wars Roleplaying game lines, along with a host of brand-new individuals who have never before been profiled."
  13. You know White Wolf basically edgelorded itself out of existence? It got so bad that its parent company dismantled it rather than deal with the constant headaches created by WW leadership. https://www.white-wolf.com/newsblog/a-message-from-white-wolf
  14. The general trend for RPG sales is that every additional release after the core book sells a little less than its predecessors. That's the main reason why so many games get version after version of their core books. New core books reset the sales curve.