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  1. Weird, the audio is coming through for me. Unless you meant you're in a place where you can't turn your audio on. I'll summarize. The big hits: The single print run each of SoR and Set 3 are going to be much, much bigger than the Awakenings initial run. More starters will be on shelves March 30, 2017. The detail: FFG walks through the timeline of SWD from last fall with the low pre-order numbers and then the moderately successful launch event and then the popularity explosion. Also acknowledges and discusses the production issues and talks about how they have worked with the manufacturing companies and expanded production capabilities and lowered the misprinted die rate. Definitely looking positive for the future.
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1393280000737226&id=107657929299446 So this is great news!!
  3. DarthBlade calling someone negative? Oh hello kettle. It's pot.
  4. I'm with WAAAGH on this one. For the Saga Sets, you don't need three perfectly aligned boxes for each set. If you buy 300 boxes intending to create 100 Saga Sets, the law of large numbers says that you're very likely to get just about what you need.
  5. Heh, fair enough. In any case, everybody in this thread but OP would consider the proposed actions to be cheating, though ultimately it's up to the judge's discretion.
  6. Ahhhhh, I see, you're using this as another example of how FFG needs to tighten up their rules. I really do admire the passion with which you're crusading for that. (Zero sarcasm here, I'm really glad someone appreciates a tight ruleset as much as I do.) Say no more!
  7. C'mon, WAAAGH, I know we're both sticklers for rules precision (I say that in a good way), but don't you think it's implied that dice rolls need to be random? That's a fundamental part of dice gaming. In other words, by your argument, since the term "roll" is not defined in the RRG, I could activate my eVader and "roll" his dice by merely placing them into my dice pool with both {3 Melee} sides showing.
  8. So let me get this straight, DarthBlade. Are you claiming that your little pre-roll ritual of orienting the die to a particular side isn't cheating because it doesn't affect the outcome? Or are you claiming that it can help "avoid blanks?" Because if it's the latter, it's DEFINITELY CHEATING and I don't see how anyone could possibly think otherwise. If I'm mistaken, and what you are proposing really is essentially the same as blowing on the dice, such that the stochastic process of the die roll remains unchanged, why even bother making the post? Are you asking the community "what little pre-roll quirks do you have?" If so, I would recommend that you describe it as such and avoid calling it "strategy."
  9. Okay. It sounds like you do not understand that Destiny (along with literally every other dice game that I can think of) is intended to be played with completely random dice results (i.e. no "dice rolling strategy"). You are literally the first person I have ever heard of who considers "dice rolling strategy" to be anything other than cheating. This isn't a rules debate and there aren't "two sides." You will be disqualified for this behavior in a tournament and if I were a store owner I would ban you from my shop.
  10. Stop using the term "strategy" when talking about producing a random result. It shows that you either: - don't understand the definition of "strategy" / have a different definition than the rest of us, or - are actually discussing different ways to cheat.
  11. No, if he brings that garbage to a tournament he'll get DQ'ed, which he should.
  12. On the contrary, sleight of hand does actually have the potential to fix a die roll. There are people who can make a desired face occur far more frequently than it should just by the method that they "roll" the die. Show me someone who can blow on dice and replicate this and then you can talk about how they're the same.
  13. DarthBlade, what you're advocating is straight-up cheating. It has nothing to do with being a casual or a competitive player. If anything you do actually influences the outcome of the roll such that any side has anything other than a 1/6 chance of occurring, it's cheating. Get that **** outta here.
  14. I hear you. We do all learn in different ways. My point is that my concerns are less about teaching the game and more about the minutiae and corner cases that NEED to be addressed in a clear and consistent manner, because that's what matters in a competitive environment. Nobody is going to read the rules and think that you get 3 resources at the end of each round instead of 2. The core mechanics of the game, however, are confusing as written, and if this game is ever going to be competitive, that's a PROBLEM.
  15. But we're not talking about learning how to play the game. We're talking about when this game gets big, really big, Magic-level big (and it should since it's super fun and popular), and it's the finals of a tournament where the winner gets thousands of dollars, and some "corner case" happens. At this point, "I saw this one video tutuorial" isn't gonna cut it. We need precise, well-defined, and comprehensive rules, in text, to address that situation. Heck, we'll need a comprehensive, easy-to-understand rulebook to even get to that point. Edit: oh and also, btw, people learn differently. Giving me a rulebook to read is by far the most effective way for me to learn the rules of a new game. I've actually had people try to talk at me and I've just stopped them and asked for the rulebook.
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