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  1. For the purposes of a talent such as Crack Shot, do missiles count as primary attacks?
  2. So I'm confused by this. The cards come in the rebel and scum conversion kits bit not the token? How can someone flying rebels use rhus with no token?
  3. If playing a ship with linked actions, such as Darth Vader, does the decision to use the upgrade "Advanced Sensors" prevent you from doing any linked actions? The upgrade says that you can do 1 action?
  4. 3rd YT-1300 variant??? We already have 3.
  5. Ignore this. I just realized the TL doesn't need to be spent to launch the torpedo in the first place. So it just means that Luke can fire it without having the TL if he wants.
  6. So Luke now has the option to use Instinctive Aim in order to ignore the TL cost of launching a proton Torpedo. Does this mean that he can then use his TL to modify the dice roll of the torpedo launch?
  7. More than 3 months since an announced release of 2.0 and FFG can't even release a functional app? There's no excuse for it. Apologies are ******* bull ****. FFG just lost my future business over this offense.
  8. I heard through online videos that the upcoming conversion kits for X-Wing 2.0 will contain pilot tools in order to convert all existing 1.0 ships into 2.0 play. That part sounds fine. I also heard though that none of the conversion kits will contain any upgrade cards??? So how exactly are you supposed to play your existing ships without upgrades??? I thought that the idea was to NOT force existing players to have to further invest in ships that they already own???
  9. Don't get me wrong. I have a LOT of hope for X-Wing 2.0 as far as fixing all of the main issues that currently plague X-Wing 1.0. The design approach at this point seems to have been approached as a way to move forward with the flexibility of tailoring and changing things such as point values of pilots, upgrade bars, etc. The only ONE point of concern that I have now as a player who spends money on future X-Wing 2.0 expansions is as follows. The day that FFG ceases to provide support for the X-Wing 2.0 game VIA their new app is the day that everyone who has invested money into their models effectively LOSES their entire investment since point values will no longer be printed on the cards themselves. This means that the game no longer works on it's own outside of the new APP meaning that we are now entirely reliant on FFG's direct support. An example of this was in the video game of Age of Empires, where players were entirely reliant upon the developers hosting servers in order for players to play with each other online. The day that Microsoft announced that it was abandoning support for AOE servers, left everyone who owned copies of Age of Empires with no way to play with one another without alternate means of online support. As an X-Wing lover and as an excited individual looking forward to the new 2.0 system, I do have a concern about investing thousands of dollars into a new future of X-Wing and then one day several years from now, being left with an entirely useless collection of cards that wont work independently from FFG's direct app support. If FFG decides at some point in the future to stop support for X-Wing, will a new conversion set be created to give players the option of at least having point values printed on the cards again so that they can continue game play without the support of an app??? This would at least solve my immediate concern about the LONG TERM future of my upcoming X-Wing investment.
  10. With an outstanding new model t=65 X Wing model on it's way, I can't help to wonder if the servo motors upgrade card that comes with the expansion will eventually be FAQ'd to only be allowed on the model with moving wings in order to prevent game play confusion??? Anyone care to speculate whether the moving wings on the new model will be mandatory for using the card or not?
  11. I doubt that this is going to be allowed. The card specifically says when your REVEAL, not when you execute a 3 speed turn. Using SoT is not revealing a 3 hard turn, it is simply changing a different 3 speed turn to something else. This will most definitely be clarified in a future FAQ.
  12. iamzoner

    new factions?

    Are the first order and resistance NEW factions which need to be played exclusively from rebels and imperials?
  13. I have actually emailed FFG about this same issue as I am tired of relying on paper printed FAQ's. I made the suggestion to FFG that instead of simply releasing cards for sale that people interested in upgraded cards actually trade/return their original cards in order to preserve the value of the expansions in the market. Still waiting to see this happen as I really WANT to always have the latest printed cards myself.
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