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  1. I think whatever we get going forward is going to look more like Legends of the Dark, JiME, and Arkham games than IA. That is to say, it'll be app based. With Descent, Lord of the Rings, and Arkham all having games with pretty robust apps, Star Wars is looking like the odd man out, and FFG seems more willing to make new editions of things than we thought. Here's my prediction: By the end of 2021, we get an announcement about either a new app-driven edition of Imperial Assault, or we get an app-driven Clone Wars box, or one product that does both. It'll likely incorporate elements from the original IA and expansions in some capacity. The drought is gonna be a long while, but something is coming eventually.
  2. Hey guys, Not sure if there's still anyone left here, but I remember how about a year ago, the IA Community made a courageous last stand and comment bombed the AMA with Andrew Navaro. We were rewarded for our valiant efforts with the confirmation that IA is in fact "completed", but then also had confirmation in March that "the story of IA is not finished." Any plans to do the same this year for the FFG In-Flight report on July 29th? I know that if we all rally and show up in force in the comments prior to the Report, we may be able to force some kind of clarification on what's next for IA. I don't see any forum thread to do so though. Any ideas?
  3. Here's my opinion on the highs and lows of each boxed expansion. TLDR: Get Jabba's Realm first, then either Return to Hoth or Heart of the Empire, depending on how much you want to get into either the app or Skirmish, respectively. Any of the small box expansions are good, but have different downsides. You definitely want Hired Guns, Alliance Rangers, and some of the later blister pack units if you want to get into Skirmish. Twin Shadows - generally regarded as one of the weaker expansions. The mini-campaign is solid, but the heroes are just not as fun to play as the Core Box. FFG was still getting the balance fine-tuned with this one. You really don't see many of the units used much in skirmish either, save for R2-D2 and C3P0, which you can buy separately. Return to Hoth - The setting never did much to excite me, and the bane/boon system actually decreases replay value on the campaign, but the missions themselves are well structured, and the heroes are a blast to play. This box doesn't have much for Skirmish either, especially for the Imperials. Leia is good for Rebels in skirmish, but you can buy her separately as well. The app also has a campaign on it that uses this box, so there's some extra value there if you want to play that. Bespin Gambit - Setting is cool. Mini-campaign is great, but challenging for the Rebels. Murne is a great Rebel hero, but Davith is not. Once again, the Imperials and get very little to diversify your Skirmish lists. Scum gets a little more thanks to Bossk. Jabba's Realm - if you want expansions, this is the first one I'd get. The game really hit its stride here. Lots of great heroes with different playstyles, multiple units for Imperials, Rebels, and especially Scum to add to their Skirmish lists, some good rule changes that people started incorporating into all their campaigns are added here, and it's supported by the app. Great buy Heart of the Empire - another great campaign with great heroes and Imperial units. Some other interesting mechanics and rule changes introduced. As far as Skirmish, this box did for the Imperials what Jabba's Realm did for Scum. It's not supported by the app, but recent communication from FFG means that may change in the future. Tyrants of Lothal - A good campaign, and very strong (perhaps too strong??) heroes, but it may not be your cup of tea if you don't like or watch the Rebels TV show. Some people feel this box tilted the balance of Skirmish battles towards the Rebels with all the Spectre cell units. Others disagree. Other blister pack units I'd pick up: Hired Guns (very fun unit to put in campaign, and kind of a must buy for Skirmish), Wookie Warriors, Stomtroopers, Bantha Rider, Bossk, and pretty much any of the blister units released from Wave 7 onwards (Obi-Wan, Greedo, and the Inquisitor)
  4. I think a new app update may be coming, but I think that if it was just an app update, he would have just said "Well, we do have a new app update." That's news, but it's not big enough news to warrant the hush-hush he's giving it here. But we also know that Imperial Assault is for all intents and purposes a "finished product line." To me, there's only two ways to reconcile these two statements in a way that fits with FFG's "new" direction of "doing less, but making it count for more." 1. The app update is truly gargantuan and is set behind a paywall. Like, a campaign with 20 - 30 missions that also perhaps includes support for players to make their own fixes or edits to units, and to publish those edits - essentially a mod kit for the IACP community. 2. A new Gloomhaven sized game under a different product name that features a conversation kit for certain IA figures? I would absolutely buy a Gloomhaven sized "Republic Assault" box set in the Clone Wars with 60 - 80+ mission, had new heroes, attributes, conditions, tiles, Seperatists and had a compatibility kit to incorporate the old heroes. Or a similarly sized box set in the Original Trilogy that incorporated rules for heroes, allies, and Imperial figures too. That could be the send-off that IA truly deserves.
  5. I'd give them the classic line up of Aftermath + a Character mission or ally mission + Under Siege. That gives you a tutorial, plus two other missions that can give you a wide range of variety to let them find their preferred playstyle, and gives you enough freedom to sculpt a bit of a story. Or if you think you can get through 3 missions, you might as well just pick a mini-campaign. You could probably convince them to do a 4th at a later date, even if they hate it. I'd strongly recommend going in hard and making sure they lose at least one mission, perhaps even the first one. If you want them to play a campaign, especially the newbie, they need to understand that losing happens, and it's not something that is impossible to recover from.
  6. You should check out the Imperial Assault boards.
  7. Back to the topic at hand, I know that there are some height issues with the Legion scuplts, but can anyone tell me how well the base fits on to IA tiles? I'd hate to go out and order a set of Battle Droids only to find out they take up more than a single square on a tile. Haven't really been able to see any pics of Legion units on IA tiles to confirm this.
  8. I wish to explain the error of your position further. But in a friendly and collaborative way. That way it's like a really annoying party your roommate threw, but also invited you to so that you can't get mad. Perhaps I shall start by building two tables - one for how strongly to disagree with you, and the other for my reasoning why. I'll roll a D20, and if I get an 11 or higher, I'll roll 2D10 to decide what options on the table I should go with. I get bonus points if I can engage you enough to debate whether the method would be better if I used 2D12. Or, to make things more crunchy, I could do a regression analysis and scatter plot of the wrongness of all your posts over the last 4 years. Then I can create a predictive modeling app that tells me when I should disagree with you with a 3% margin of error. This will be ever so much fun.
  9. Custom built YZ-900 called the Valkyrie Corsair.
  10. Expansion seems priced about right when you compare it to certain things. This thing has 5 new heroes, 8 new enemy models, and 13 scenarios for $80. A big box and a small box expansion for IA together would have gotten you 5 new heroes, 7 new enemy types, some deployment cards for other figures you could buy separately, and a total of 22 scenarios (16 in the Big Box, 6 in the small) for $100 - $120. JIME is getting slightly more enemies, but fewer missions and paying less money overall. You could argue this is actually a better buy. If they put out a Clone Wars themed box with this much content and this pricing model, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. (No I will NOT stop asking FFG for more!)
  11. At this point it's looking less and less like "maximizing profit" and more and more like "maximizing shareholder value." To me, the former implies at least a token amount of attention given to sustainability.
  12. I've always just said "Screw it" and made everything take an extremely long time. I found a lot more story possibilities when I just decided that each region of the galaxy (Core Worlds, Colonies, Mid-Rim, etc.) was the equivalent to an entire continent on Earth, and that hyperspace was like sailing on a ship during the age of sail. A trip from the Core to even the Inner Rim would be like going from London to Cape Town. It could take weeks, perhaps months.
  13. Wow. I guess this lays bare some of the "business reasons" they had for shutting down IA. There are bigger things happening here than just the sales numbers for this one game. Between FFI and the layoffs for the RPG staff it seems like they are getting out of the "campaign/story in a box" model completely and going almost all in on wargaming, skirmish games, and card games. Guess this means we can forget about seeing a Gloomhaven style board game in the Star Wars universe anytime soon. Does this mean that Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition is also kaput? And that Journeys in Middle Earth is not getting any app updates or major expansions? I was just thinking of getting into those.
  14. Not really. Except for the "Finale" type missions that give the Rebels 9-12 rounds to complete their objectives, I don't usually see the need for more than 6 rounds. If they can't win it in six rounds, they weren't gonna win. If they need eight rounds to win a six round mission, odds are they spent too much time killing figures and not enough time focused on objectives. Best case scenario, they've blown a huge hole in the IP players line and will spend most of that extra time just running to checkpoints while the IP has no chance of catching them. This sounds really boring for both sides, and I see no benefit to making all the players sit through that and rewarding the Rebels for poor planning. More likely outcome is they can't achieve the objective, but the IP would also have a brutal time wounding them, which turns the game into a +12 round slough that is also no fun for anyone. Better to call the game at 6 rounds and move on to the next mission. Better luck next time, Rebel scum.
  15. I've always found that it's easier to take someone else's very detailed work and cut out/adapt what doesn't work for my game, than it is to take a loose premise and have to fill in the middle bits myself. So add as much detail as you want.
  16. I have a three question test that I use to flesh out their feelings on the Rebellion and the Empire. 1. Has your character ever KNOWINGLY offered aid to the Rebellion or the Empire? What happened 2. Did the recipient of the aid KNOW that it was you offering it? 3. If given the opportunity, would you offer aid again? If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, then the character is for all intents and purposes a member of the Rebellion or Empire. Also a big fan of the 3 questions Jerry Holkins asked his players at the start of The C Team. 1. What is your secret reason for joining The Party? 2. Who is someone you have wronged? 3. What is something you would kill to know/possess?
  17. The biggest change I make in my headcanon is that the duration of the conflicts takes place over a much longer period than in the films. My understanding is that the Galactic Civil War has been going on for about one year prior to the Battle of Yavin. While the coming together of the Rebel fleet as seen in S3 of Rebels is canon, in my timeline multiple systems have been in varying degrees of open revolt for at least a year before Rebels even begins, with places like Mon Cal even succeeding in driving the Empire out, which puts the entire conflict from the first open revolts to the Battle of Jakku taking place over about 10 - 12 years. The Clone Wars more closely resemble the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars in my headcanon as well. It's just not plausible to me that either side is able to mobilize on the scale we see over the course of just three years, as seen in the films and Clone Wars. There's lots of shifting alliances as groups like the Techno Union and the Commerce Guild switch back and forth depending on convenience. Each "war" is really more of a campaign in the larger conflict, which takes place over about 12 - 15 years. This also pushes back the events of Phantom Menace to about 45 years BBY, makes Anakin and Padme about a decade older by the time Luke and Leia are born, and makes Obi-Wan closer to his late 60's or early 70's by the time of his death in ANH.
  18. I found a great way to have my cake and eat it too, at least during the reign of the Empire. The galaxy is such an unknowable, ungovernable, and vast mess, with the great masses varying wildly in education and ways to communicate. The Empire is extremely slick in how it uses galactic media to send out disinformation and lies, and the Rebellion keeps its cells so isolated for their own protection that it is nearly impossible for all but a few on both sides of the conflict to truly know what the state of the galaxy is. This is the way it was even in the time of the Republic, and the Republic relied on the indifference of the masses to stay in power. The people of the Core Worlds live under an authoritarian regime, but also experience relative peace, unaware of the atrocities that the Empire commits on the fringes of the galaxy. The events of the films, the Clone Wars, and Rebels did happen more or less as depicted, but so many people think they are just stories told by one side or the other. They believe that the Death Star was never real and is just Rebel propaganda, or that it was never destroyed, or that it was destroyed but not by the Rebels, or that the Rebels are far more powerful than the Empire lets on, or far less powerful, or that any of these things could be true. A real struggle of the Rebellion is to actually get people to believe what's happening and that the suffering many experience does in fact affect how others conduct their day-to-day life.
  19. A one-player mission sounds like a huge challenge for the Rebel player, and a bit of a bore for the IP. If you are short on players, better to have the Rebel player(s) just control two heroes for that mission. Rather than do the one-person mission to introduce each hero and give them an origin story, I'd recommend introducing them as allies that will become "unlocked" as full heroes after finishing that mission. Just use the skirmish deployment card and add the threat cost to the IP player. Best example I can think of is to have Mak or Verena Talos be the Rebel who is actually in the cell in Imperial Entanglements, rather than just the generic Rebel trooper. Not every hero needs to have their first appearance be with their own mission. Some heroes make their debut like Black Panther or Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War. They're a supporting character in that story that goes on to do other things.
  20. My exact thought. What's the ROI on this? Seriously. I don't CARE that it's a game that is two years younger and yet has 6,000 more players and almost double the all-time plays on Boardgamegeek. WHAT. IS. THIS! You want to play games FFG? Fine. Let's start a petition. We want a box and blister pack. Put whatever you want in there. Give us Nein Nunb. Give us three Ewoks in a trenchcoat. Give the Imperials a figure called Hollywood Superstar Shia Labeouf. Give us Zuckuss, but not 4-LOM. Give us Ponda Baba after he met Obi-Wan. Give us Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band and sell each member separately. Then add $10 to the price of all these figures. Then add another $8 to it and give that money to the charity of your choice. You think I won't buy it? Just make the missions good and give me a few new heroes and I'll frickin buy it!
  21. I want something that feels like a big finale for IA. A send off that it deserves. A celebration of everything that it is and can be for all of us. Endor/RotJ fills that role for the Star Wars movies, and so when I think of what the IA finale would look like, my mind goes to Endor.
  22. I'm holding out hope that we will see an app update that gives us HotE, or a completely new campaign. If we got a new campaign, I know I'd want it to be set on Endor or Dagobah (or both), and I'd happily pay money for it. Anything beyond that gets pretty deep into the realm of fantasy though. I don't think we're going to see a new Core Box campaign they way Descent 2nd Edition did, and if we were going to get something from Rogue One, you'd think they would have released it within a year of when they did the Death Troopers.
  23. It's the 5 stages of grief. All this talk about ways to extend the game and finding "the real" reasons for the cancellation is just us being stuck in bargaining.
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