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  1. Yes! For everyone who sees this and hasn't done so already, go through all the pages and like every IA post you see. Add your own questions if you have them. Quote people and just add a "hear hear!" Let's get an answer out of this.
  2. Here to echo what several others have said. We would all desperately like some more Imperial Assault. It's not really about how much is already out there. There are just some of us who feel that our collection will not be complete until we get those last few things like Yoda. I know that future physical products aren't planned at this time, but can you tell us at all about what factored into that decision? Was it sales? The feeling that you had done as much as you could with the game, and that more product would just be of inferior quality? Or some other factor? I'd also like to know about FFG's process for when it decides to stop supporting a product or product line. A lot of us in the IA community have given up hope of EVER seeing more physical content. Those people may miss it if it ever finally comes. Do all FFG products get an announcement saying "Hey, this thing is ending" the way that Star Wars TCG did? Without that announcement, is there always the possibility/likelyhood of a product getting an update?
  3. To me, the biggest problem with Star Wars is how small the galaxy became during the time of the prequels. It's downright annoying how you can't turn around a corner without bumping into Chewbacca or some crap. I try not to bring in canon characters unless they are uniquely positioned to move the story forward. So I don't make the droid C-3P0 when any old protocol droid will do. The one exception is if I have a take on a character that is significant enough to warrant inclusion. For instance, I've been itching for a way to have my group run into my version of the cast of Rebels, which is basically how imagine the cast of Rebels if they were in a Lego movie, so waaaaaaaaay dumber and goofier. I'm also considering having a version of Han Solo show up that is basically a mixture of Indiana Jones, Zapp Brannigan, and Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard. Will this move the story forward in a meaningful way? Maybe a little, but it will definitely bring a lot of joy to my players, so I really want to do it.
  4. I'm guessing we'll see an app adaptation of HotE, perhaps around Christmas or Q1 2020 and then FFG will reevaluate. Could be more free app updates, could be a new campaign unique to the app that may or may not be paid, could be a final blister wave or two to balance out skirmish, or they could try and do that with a final boxed expansion and give us a big send off. As noted, the game ain't dead. I just got around to buying ToL in July. I had a heck of a time finding a store or online retailer with an Ahsoka Tano (clearly that one was a good seller). But it has definitely entered a different, perhaps final stage of its life.
  5. This may sound really obvious, but don't be afraid to dig in and make your characters relationships with the Empire and the Rebellion complicated. Are they all part of the Rebellion at the start of the game? Do the other characters know that? How active is the Rebellion on the planet they are on? How loyal is the local government to the Empire? Most people tend to set their games in the Outer Rim because it's easy to explain why the Empire isn't always around to bang down your door, and why there are pirates or bounty hunters or other adversaries. But the galaxy is a massive, ungovernable mess and I've always felt its much more fun to think of the Mid-Rim and the Expansion Region as a rich patchwork of full member states, colonies, territories, outposts, client states, tributaries, vassals, protectorates, satellites, and puppet regimes, each with their own unique rules governing Imperial presence on that planet - rules which the Rebels or other parties can break or exploit to advance their own goals. How combat heavy do the players want the game to be? How's this for the starting point of a plot? The recent, possibly mysterious death of a system's senator presents a rare opportunity for the Rebellion. The ruling elite of the system will be gathering soon to vote which of them should be chosen to represent the system in the Imperial Senate. Will it be the capable war hero? The technocrat? The charismatic populist? The wealthy oligarch? Or some one else? Any one of these characters could be an agent for the Rebellion - but is the most effective agent really the best person to rule? And is that really what the local population wants? The players can choose their preferred candidate and do whatever is required to help that person win, perhaps even killing, blackmailing, or kidnapping a front-runner with unfavorable positions. Or they can forge identities and throw their hat in the race themselves. Or they can taint the election, sow chaos in the system, and try to inspire open revolt as this last shred of the democratic process breaks down. It can get mundane, but there's a lot to explore. It's Game of Thrones - Star Wars style!
  6. I've also liked this idea. In my head canon the best story I could come up with was that there was a group of Jedi and Padawans who were seriously anti-war/pacifists within the Jedi Order and they left the order at the outbreak of the Clone Wars, going completely off the grid and into hiding. This group mostly escaped Order 66 and most of what Darth Vader has been up to between RotS and ANH is trying to track them down. If it's a group of padawans who left the Jedi, then it explains why they aren't powerful and gives them room to grow.
  7. There are lots of examples of the Force having some degree of awareness of events in the galaxy. Just as one can use the Force, from time to time the Force will use select beings (see Leia surviving in deep space in TLJ) Does this mean the Force has plans or intentions for some of us? Why only some of us and not others? The Force seems to create and destroy life at whim, with little regard for the consequences and for purposes far beyond the understanding of most beings. Why does it do this? If the Force had a consciousness, would it be good or evil? Would we even be able to tell the difference? Awhile back I wanted to come up with a premise that investigated these ideas... and also added a touch of Cthulhu mythos to Star Wars. This is what I came up with... The PC's are hired or brought together by a scholarly being who sends them on what seems to be a simple but mysterious fetch quest to find his missing partner/associate. This being does not use the Force himself, but he and his associate were studying a fundamental question - Why do some fall to the dark side, and not others? Their years of work gave them no answers, but they learn of a mysterious group who seeks the same thing, and claims to have possibly made a breakthrough. The PC's pursue various leads and follow a trail until they find the associate has joined a mysterious shamanistic cult that seeks the answers to these questions that we are not meant to know. They believe that the dark side is not truly evil, but simply an inevitable stage in the pursuit of enlightenment or forbidden knowledge- one that many never make it out of, but which must be endured if one is to grow as a person. They perform rituals, some beautiful, and some hideous. The rituals have wildly varying outcomes. To some they do nothing. To others, they bring madness or horrible destruction as they are consumed by the dark side. And for a select few, they grant incredible powers, amazing insights, and blissful harmony with the Force, albeit for a limited time. Tension comes from the fact that the PC's cannot be sure if it is a corrupt trait or flaw that makes some go mad and unleash chaos, or if to pursue this knowledge or practice the Force in this way is to court madness itself. From here you can go lots of places. Maybe the PC's decide to stay and try to learn how to overcome past traumas. Or gain insight and learn about some personal thing they seek. Or they just try and destroy the cult. Or they leave and risk the select few who gain great power spreading this knowledge throughout the galaxy. Whatever they do, they cannot wait long, as the Empire is on their trail, and may even already be aware of the cult, and is using it to farm new acolytes of the dark side.
  8. *Sigh* I know it's not gonna change, but I still find myself checking the website every day looking for an update without even thinking about it.
  9. With no new products on the horizon, this forum seems to have descended into full blown "Making the perfect IA home-brew game." This seems like a logical and perfectly reasonable development to me. I've not played Gloomhaven, but I've heard it is one of the most amazing campaign-style games you'll play, and the best dungeon-crawler out there right now. Has anyone on the forum played it? How does the story or RPG/character elements compare to IA? I've heard it is good for are board game, but that just means the RPG stuff has about as much depth as the original Diablo. Are there any gameplay elements do you think could be adapted or ported over to IA?
  10. I'll also add that the game becomes kind of a mess once you get past 12 or 14 XP. It's the same problem that D&D has. At level 20 every character is a God and it's hard to find new challenges for them. Gameplay slows down as people throw everything and the kitchen sink at each other every turn and then it's either a grind or a very swingy cakewalk for both sides as every roll can be the difference between completely one-shotting an entire squad or leaving the heroes exposed to being hit with 8 or so damage each attack. There is technically a way for the Imperial player to get up to 16 XP in Jabba's Realm if he completely dominates the game, but if you are winning that much as the IP then what do you even need it for? You could maybe extend things a bit by saying that players can have as much XP as they want, but that they can only deploy a hero with 12 - 14 XP worth of cards in a given mission. Or say that they can use that overpowered hero, but that they won't gain any XP by doing it. Once they realize there is nothing to be gained by using the hero, they tend to want to pick someone else.
  11. It depends on how much you want to stick to the rules as written. As others have pointed out, most people end up picking the same skills and buying the same equipment for their hero at the end of the game, and making them game longer gives them more chances to do that. Since all the small box missions can technically work as side missions, it could be done in theory. You'd want to adjust the XP given out to all parties, and the threat level of the Imperial player accordingly.
  12. Will probably get around to buying ToL later this year, and still keep checking the boards out of habit, but my group is playing other games right now and I don't see that changing this year.
  13. I don't share the optimism, but you are right. There is the possibility that we'll get something down the line. Maybe 2019 is the "Year of the app" with RtH and this next update that sounds like a retread of "Trials of Frostgate." I expect we'll get an HotE update either this winter or maybe spring of 2020. And maybe in late 2020 or early 2021 they'll throw us a bone with a box that gives us the Yoda and Scout troopers that us die-hards are craving, plus some card fixes to rebalance skirmish after SC. Or maybe a "no-box" box like this latest Descent expansion. Maybe it comes with the skirmish fixes and a new Core Box campaign book. I know it's weird but the thing that bothers me the most is that we've got 21 heroes. It's such an ugly number for a game that is best played with 4 heroes. Give us 24. Give us 20. But dear God, why 21?
  14. Anyone at Star Wars Celebration this weekend and able to question FFG about their IA plans for this year? I figured we'd hear something today, but there's a panel on Saturday, so it seems doubtful we're getting any sort of product announcement.
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