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  1. Pollux85

    Other good gaming companies?

    I swear the biggest missed opportunity Disney ever did was shutting down Lucasarts as soon as they bought it. Lucasarts was one of the greatest game companies in the 90's and they could have finally had the capital and the new IP's needed to make it great again. And Disney went and sold the rights to EA. They just don't get video games. It's a shocking lack of inquisitiveness and willingness to take risk for such a successful company.
  2. Pollux85

    Other good gaming companies?

    Marvel is Disney now. And Disney has made it abundantly clear that they do not give a rip about video games. They'll never invest the money it would take to do it themselves, and they'll never give up the creative control necessary to have someone else make great games for them. So we just have to sit around and hope we get lucky like we did with Spidey.
  3. Pollux85

    Other good gaming companies?

    As others have noted on here, Z-Man Games is a great company. Pandemic: Legacy was the first game my gaming crew and I tried and it was phenomenal. You get a good crew to go through that game and you can play anything with them from D&D to poker to monopoly. You just learn how to have fun no matter what game you play. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is also a great game, and if you like that you may also enjoy Betrayal at House on the Hill and its Widow's Walk expansion, which adds a campaign like element to it. It's a significant investment, but I've heard Gloomhaven is the hot new thing right now. It sounds a lot like the thing that people with more RPG tendencies (i.e., me!) wish IA could be, just in a fantasy setting. Can't go wrong with classics like Ticket To Ride and Settlers of Catan I'd just go to Boardgamegeek, look up IA, and then browse similar games until you find some combination of categories that interests you. Don't be bound by loyalty to any one company, as they are all capable of making clunkers, and they all have their flagship title(s).
  4. Pollux85

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Sorry. What is NOVA?
  5. Pollux85

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    I know it's unlikely, but I'm really hoping we get one more big box. 24 heroes is just so much more satisfying of a number than 21 or 23.
  6. Pollux85

    Just finished my first campaign...

    Nah. You're good. Isn't there some thread where you posted a link that outlined your whole custom campaign? Was it just OoE or was it everything custom you do?
  7. Seriously. They were beaten by teddy bears. And I know they are separate games, and that we have plenty of stormtrooper variant figures already, but I can't help but be a little jealous that Legion gets Scout Troopers before we do.
  8. This. A truly balanced mission (where both sides have exactly a 50/50 chance of winning) is impossible to achieve at this point, and it was close to impossible as soon as the first expansion dropped, IMO. I have plenty of fun playing the game, even when I know the odds are stacked against me, and that's all I think FFG should focus on. In the unlikely event that a truly perfectly balanced mission were somehow constructed, people would hate it and say it was a total cr*p shoot.
  9. Pollux85

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    Ah. I was looking at the map on my phone and missed the wall between those blue deployment points. Still, two out of five ain't bad.
  10. Pollux85

    The Anti-Hero Guide

    Your Rebels did indeed pick good heroes. Shyla and Fenn are both very well balanced heroes that are not easy to wound, and they synergize well, as you noted. A lot of the units you mentioned are the ones I'd recommend for you. Maybe throw in some Weequay. They'd have a long enough range to hopefully stay away from Shyla's whip and still do damage, and if you can take her out quickly, maybe the others will be easier to manage. Hired Guns are also always a great choice when you want some expendable troops and guaranteed damage. For the upcoming mission itself, use the fact that you know the weak points are coming and position your troops accordingly. A well placed officer or Hired Guns could flip 4 of the 5 mission tokens needed in one round. This will hopefully keep Shyla busy with flipping tokens and stop her from using her whip. Maybe there's also some way to use the fact that impassable terrain doesn't block movement, but does still block line of sight so Jyn will be less effective as well. Are there any cards that you bought, but are NOT using? Maybe ask the other players if you can swap them out. If they're really competitive, maybe they'll prefer a better challenge?
  11. Pollux85

    Next expansion?

  12. Pollux85

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Yoda. Always Yoda. And something that would thematically make sense to include a Boba Fett fix with.
  13. Can't wait for the Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Diahann Carroll, and Jefferson Starship blister pack!
  14. It's the 23rd! That means we can post pics all we want now, right? Anyone who got it care to spill the beans? When can we expect Boardwars to be updated?
  15. I think he means that if there were some things that were not mentioned at Gen Con, there may be others.