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  1. There is so much stuff in Star Wars that is just as much canon as the example that you just gave that it's all kind of meaningless. It's all just one character's opinion or perception of a massive conflict. It's all true, and none of it is. The Rebel Alliance was a rag-tag group of untrained volunteers that were decentralized and perpetually under-equipped, each cell operating in near isolation, with little knowledge of other operations. They were also a loyal, and highly disciplined military force with a mighty fleet, widespread throughout the galaxy, coordinated and well-equipped with the latest technology, albeit in limited quantities. The Empire was a terrible and unstoppable, well-trained military force, with enough firepower and resources to operate anywhere they choose with swift precision and impunity. Also, things like the Death Star were considered a necessity because the military was too incompetent or corrupt to be able to eradicate the Rebels conventionally. The government was stifled by the inefficiencies of bureaucracy that remained from the days of the Republic. The Republic was a beacon of democracy that has lasted for millennia. The galaxy is an ungovernable mess. The Jedi were an ancient and mysterious order, understood by few. Also, they were a strictly codified order that operated hand in hand with the galactic government. Their numbers were both abundant, and also few. The galaxy is inconceivably huge and diverse. Travel between worlds can take days or weeks, even in the best starships. Also, Mustafar is on the Outer Rim, but it's just a hop, skip, and a jump from Courscant.
  2. I looked at it as more "Wow, the Rebels are reduced to using some beat up old junky speeder." Which is totally believable.
  3. Pollux85

    How a rebel cell grows.

    I feel like these are questions you should be asking your players. Regardless of the level of Imperial activity in a sector, I've always imagined that the Rebels don't recruit much out in the open. They don't do recruiting posters or have enlistment centers, because even if there's no Empire on that planet, they want to keep it that way. Bases like the ones on Yavin and Hoth are very unusual for the Rebellion. Whether they are on the move, or staying in one place it is more important to keep a low profile and protect their identities. I use a simple three question test to determine whether someone is "part" of the Rebellion: 1. Have you ever provided aid or comfort to a member of the Rebellion? - Note that this need not be done knowingly! 2. Did a member of the Rebellion know it was you providing the aid or comfort? 3. Would you provide aid or comfort again if asked? If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, then congrats, you're in the Rebellion - and you may not even know it! The character should expect to be recruited by the Rebellion at some point, or be on guard for the Empire to come sniffing around. I like this model because it really requires that the character, whether it is a PC or NPC, bring some sort of skills or assets to the table. They have a reason for helping out (or not helping) that drives their behavior, making them more than just a faceless minion. Being part of the Rebellion doesn't just mean you hang out with Rebels at their base or are under their protection. It means that the Rebellion thinks they can rely on you.
  4. Could be that after Solo was such a disaster that the powers that be (Asmodee, Disney, Lucasfilm, someone bigger than FFG?) are more protective of the Star Wars brand and decided to not allow products directly related to R1 and Solo that weren't already in active development. That would allow for Legion's Jyn and Krennic figures to have slid in under the gun. Just wishful thinking, but I'm also hopeful that we get a catchall big box expansion this year that includes tiles for Dagobah, Endor, maybe a few other planets, and wraps up the original trilogy with a big 12 round finale mission with Ewoks and speeder bikes and everything.
  5. That tank has definitely been smacked around with an ugly stick, but my first thought when I saw that speeder was "Dang it, I didn't know I wanted that, but I want that." Right now the only vehicle that the Rebels have for Skirmish is Sabine. Campaign players have nothing. I want a vehicle as an ally,
  6. Pollux85

    What should the next campaign use?

    I almost 100% expect to see HotE be the next full campaign app release. I say almost because I suppose FFG could always surprise us by releasing a new big box expansion and an app campaign to go with it, or they could make a paid DLC pack that just adds side missions to the existing campaigns - both of which I would be fine with.
  7. Pollux85

    Farewell post from FFG founder

    I don't see any reason to be concerned. This sounds like a pretty standard and rather orderly transition following a merger like the one between Asmodee and FFG. Dude stuck around for almost five year following the merger to make sure the handoff went smoothly, and now he's going off to do something else. Probably retire early, live off stock options, and just work as a "consultant" for other companies. The only thing that's the least bit concerning is that there is no word on who is successor is, despite the fact that this departure has been "long planned" according to that BGG post, but that could be explained by the fact that the company is going to be split into publishing and distribution arms henceforth, so comparing people in those roles to Peterson would be an apples and oranges comparison.
  8. Just my opinion and observation, but it looks like getting one boxed expansion with blister wave and one app update per year has taken the place of the two boxed expansions we used to get. That's the highest I'm going to raise my hopes in 2019. Anything else would be bonus, whether it be an additional blister wave, a 2nd app update, some paid DLC for the app, or something else. I'm hoping for a big box, perhaps one that just covers the Outer Rim or Unknown Regions at large and could incorporate R1, Endor, Dagobah and any other loose ends from the original trilogy.
  9. Are we sure about that? I mean, we ARE in the miniatures section of the forum.
  10. Pollux85

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    Congrats! You just figured out the big plot twist in my custom Return To Hoth campaign which greatly expands the backstory for Ivan Talos.
  11. Pollux85

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    I think you're on to something here. RtH's biggest flaw is that the boon and bane system leads to very repetitive campaigns that reduce player choice, and choice is key to fun. Based on HotE and ToL I suspect FFG has learned from this and decided that forced missions are out and optional side missions are in.
  12. Pollux85

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    I think it stopped because it's kind of a weird consequence, isn't it? "Oh no, we have to play more of this game. Please no, anything but that." If the group wants their to be more forced missions, they can just choose to do that themselves and institute a house rule. FFG probably recognized that and decided they didn't need to stand in the way. In my experience it's such a bummer at my table when we don't do character missions that they've become forced missions in all but name. This led to a campaign I ran that strung the Core Box, TS, and RtH into a loose trilogy that was mostly forced missions and no one cared.
  13. I think we pretty much lost any chance of getting a R1 themed box when we got the Death Troopers with ToL, but we could still see a blister pack.
  14. Pollux85

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    Any plans to do an episode where you go in-depth on CT-1701? Or did I miss that in a previous episode?
  15. I think it's both people with a stick up their butt, and people recognizing there's a guy in the room with a stick up his butt. Let's face it - SW is for everyone, but it has always been somewhat hostile to new things. Just look at what we did to Jake Lloyd. We're maybe the worst fans in pop culture right now. I think the SW RPG, video games, and sheer amount of licensing that Lucasfilm did until the sale to Disney has given fans a sense of personal ownership of this world. It's only in the last few years when we have new movies to be the target of our ire that the prequel trilogy has been accepted, even though fans who were 8 - 12 when it was released were always fine with it.