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  1. I think he means that if there were some things that were not mentioned at Gen Con, there may be others.
  2. Pollux85

    First Mission Probe Droids - Spoilers!

    Well that's annoying. If they are going to give me an objective, I expect failure to accomplish it to have consequences.
  3. Does anyone know for sure how it affects your first mission if you do somehow manage to destroy all three of the probe droids in the first round? I've tried doing a speed run about a dozen times on this mission, and for the life of me I swear it doesn't seem to make one bit of difference in terms of the average amount of units that the app throws at you for the rest of the mission.
  4. Pollux85

    FFG's "In Flight Report" info about IA

    I really think a lot of the future of the game hinges on whether the JR app update makes sales of the JR box and the Core box go up enough to warrant more content.
  5. Pollux85

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    My attempt at humor is obviously not working. I just meant I think it's borderline absurd how R2 seems to have exactly what the situation calls for in any situation, especially in the prequels.
  6. Pollux85

    FFG's "In Flight Report" info about IA

    That's is not how capitalism works! I'm seeing two basic scenarios for 2019. #1 - We get a figure pack announced just after the new year for a spring release and get an app update to go with it which could be a paid DLC. Then we get a boxed expansion, which is likely to be the final one. I don't care to guess what size that box will be. Could never materalize. #2 - The JR app update makes JR sales go through the roof and we get a final big box expansion in 2019 and an app update to go with it. I suppose we could see a resurgence - a blister wave, a boxed expansion with it's own wave, and two app updates all between now and Dec 2019, but I feel like if we were going to see that FFG would have given IA more attention at Gencon.
  7. Pollux85

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    I said ANY task. Including murder.
  8. Pollux85

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    The mechanic is just like in the movies. You are a literal Deus Ex Machina. A tin can that contains the exact device, weapon, or appliance needed to successfully accomplish any task on the first try, even without advance planning.
  9. Pollux85

    Imperial Feedback

    At threat level 4, I'd ditch the elite HK's and swap them out for something cheaper. Jawa would be a great alternative, as @a1bert suggested. Hired guns are always a safe bet. If you don't have those, then maybe some more normal Trandoshans, normal HK's, or Royal Guards. With two groups of Trandoshans (one with Experimental Arms), Boba, and the Nexu on the board, the Rebels will be bleeding lots and have multiple targets to distract them from the cargo. Then you can swoop in with the Elite Stormies or RG's and get the cargo.
  10. Seems likely to me. It wasn't quite what I predicted, but I'll take it.
  11. I'm thinking we get the final preview of the Ally and Villain packs on Friday and then things get shipped a week or two after that.
  12. Holy cow! You use +1 threat level sometimes? You're like the biggest rules lawyer on the board. I think you've got a better understanding of the rules and their consequences than FFG, and if you are using +1 threat level in certain situations then we all should be.
  13. Pollux85

    Need more content

    As someone who doesn't own Descent, what's the quality of that been? It doesn't look like it ever left the beta phase. Do a lot of people use it? Are the quests that people post any good?
  14. Pollux85

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    If it sold the best, that would probably be a reason NOT to use it. If only people who already own JR use this, FFG doesn't make any money from people buying new boxes. So why go with the best selling box? I think this app is for people who already own IA, but it just didn't tickle their brain in quite the way they wanted and so they haven't bought much for it. They need a slightly tweaked version of IA to maybe reengage them. So the marketing people at FFG thought "Hey, Jabba's got more name recognition than anyone on the cover of the other big boxes. That'll hook these fallen-by-the-wayside players."
  15. Pollux85

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    I'm skeptical of what exactly that means. We could be looking at the same basic missions as we have in the current box, only with a different map layout. Similar to how the first mission in Flight of the Freedom Flyer is basically a reskinned Under Siege. If so, I'll be a bit disappointed.