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  1. How many people plan on adapting the app missions to play them without the app? Would this even be possible?
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm really stoked for the app (and so is my wallet, which can't really afford to get any more blister packs right now). But now that we know that the app is really coming, and it sounds like IA is following pretty much in lock step with the development cycle of Descent, what do we think about the future of the game? Descent had a small box expansion announced the day before the app hit stores, and of course there are the app campaigns, but people overlook how the app was/is pretty much the end of the Lieutenant packs and the Hero & Monster packs that Descent had. The app may fuel a surge of the core box, but if it doesn't also fuel purchase of expansions, then that's it - no more expansions. To me, getting one more small box expansion, one blister wave to go with it, and maybe one more after that runs counter to those who say that IA will be getting content for years to come. Do people here think IA will follow suit with Descent, or is there some vision for content that I'm missing?
  3. I believe you mean it's a "moo" point
  4. So am I correct in thinking that like Descent, this will not allow us to play old campaigns like Return to Hoth on the app? That we will only be able to play the new campaigns they release for this app?
  5. No one knows how soon "soon" is, but the time from announcement of the Descent app until release was about 2 months. This looks like they've mostly ported the Descent app to IA, so maybe by Christmas, but probably sometime between MLK Day and President's Day.
  6. Umm, source? The experience at one store isn't really enough to make a generalization of the entire market. Besides, this could just mean that your stores have excellent supply chain management and buy new boxes as soon as the old ones are sold. It's well known that the fact that it's not available on the website is due to a licensing issue, not because FFG thinks it's a dud. If that was the case, they wouldn't have it on the web site at all.
  7. I imagine they sold less well, but this probably has more to do with holiday sales than players preferring one over the other.
  8. Excited they are growing the universe, but doubt IA as we know it today will be around to incorporate any of it. If Disney and Lucasfilm continue as they have with one film a year, we've got the Han Solo movie in 2018, Episode XI in 2019, Obi Wan in 2020, and probably sequels to Han and Obi-Wan after that. I'll be amazed if we see anything in this trilogy before 2022.
  9. I assume you have already violated that rule, yes?
  10. I agree, and I think the choice has already been made. We just won't know it until the app hits.
  11. I know it won't do this for everyone, but as a campaign only player, Legion and IA are the same game. The parts of them that are different don't even register as "game" to me.
  12. But why would the Rebels and the unique Imperials have a different assembly line process all to themselves? It's not like they are made from higher quality materials. Besides, the base game comes with 9 stormtroopers, 3 probe droids, and 3 officers, right? They did odd numbers three years ago, but they can't now?
  13. Maybe there's some special circumstance in the campaign where you are able to deploy the 4th, but it has taken the form of some other deployment card completely? Like the Emperor or Maul?
  14. Weird. Are the cards Regular or Elite?
  15. Someone in another thread mentioned that there were four Clawdite figures but only three deployment cards. Any explanation for that? Or does that person have a misprint?