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  1. I admit I don't have the post that confirmed people who were working on IA are now working on Legion, but I could have sworn I saw it somewhere. Paul hasn't said his time was sucked up by Destiny. My point is that IA has been more than two people in the past. I assume those people are now moved over to other projects (like Legion), they're at other companies or they are working on something we don't know about. When you've got talent, you find things for them to do or else they go to a competitor, and there are only so many people FFG can employ at one time and still manage them all effectively, give them the resources they need, and market their output appropriately.
  2. I wouldn't say that they'd kill it dead 2 years later. They could keep releasing app updates for years, just as they seem to be for Descent 2E. But I would think they would wind things down with boxed expansions. If sales are good enough we could see a small or big box in 2020. But I wouldn't count on it. 5 years is a long time for any product, and it seems reasonable for FFG to decide to reevaluate things after that time. Perhaps with a revised set of rules and a new Prequel or Sequel trilogy themed Core box. Or perhaps with nothing. I wouldn't consider those things IA as we know it today though, so I don't get too excited about them.
  3. B/c they think they can make more doing something else. We know that many of the people who were working on IA are finishing up Legion. Why? Because FFG thought it would make them more money, and so IA releases have slowed down a bit.
  4. Diala’s Lightsaber

    Bargain with him. If he wants the saber, make him pay a reasonable amount of credits for it.
  5. The Descent app shipped with a 4 mission mini-campaign I believe.
  6. Updated prediction for 2018 - Some time in March we get an announcement of a new full length campaign for the app which will have an April or early May release. Also possible we get a blister wave that is released by June. I'm also gonna say that by end of 2018 we will have another (perhaps final) big box expansion that will also have its own blister wave. My reasoning - it would mirror the 5 year plan that Descent has pretty closely. Put out the Core Box, and then alternate small and big boxes for 6 months over the next two years. After that Descent put out 3 small boxes over 2 years. 3 small boxes is basically the same amount of content as 2 big boxes (HotE and a hypothetical 2018 big box). FFG may have to spend more on playtesting and including more missions, but they save money by shipping less, and probably make more per unit so it's kind of a wash. Year 4 also sees the release of the app (where we are now), which continues into Year 5.
  7. Wait, you mean how long did that one mission take, or how long to play that mission, and all the missions leading up to it?
  8. Does anyone have any rankings for the HotE heroes?
  9. But hey, Legion now has an official release date of March 22. So at least the drought has an expected end date. We'll probably see something by April 6.
  10. Hi friend. Welcome to the boards. Don't mean to slow your roll, but you might want to check out either of these threads. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/232430-imperial-assault-hero-guide-–-part-1-tier-lists/ https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/195995-hero-analysis/
  11. Dang. I really thought they'd have something for us by now.
  12. Quick Question - Future for IA

    Now to answer the OP post, yes. I think there is still some life in the game. The expectation (but no evidence) is that within a month we'll be seeing either a new campaign for the app, or an announcement of new figure pack. Perhaps both. I also wouldn't be surprised if we saw a small box expansion at some point in 2018.
  13. Quick Question - Future for IA

    Nor to be contrary, but One Night Ultimate Werewolf is an easy set up. IA is NOT easy to set up. That is a big box for a board game and even with extensive prep and storage hacks, setup can take as long as 20 minutes. Can take as long as 40 if you have a new group who needs to review rules or if the IP has never run the mission before.
  14. No upcoming reprints

    On a somewhat related note, I wanted to pick up some extra minis with my Christmas money, but it seems like a lot of them are out of stock even on other online stores. Obi-Wan, Lando, Dengar, Leia, and Agent Blaise are all out of stock on Miniature Market and on CoolStuffInc. Is this normal for just after the holidays? Anyone know when they might be back in stock?
  15. Potential buyer question

    1) Technically, you can't use an ally character as your Rebel hero. Although there is nothing stopping you from buying the Han Solo figure, and using the character abilities for Jyn Odan (the smuggler/rogue type hero from the Core Box). The only area where you would run into trouble is if you wanted to play a mission that specifically calls for using Han as an ally. 2) It's tough to say if it's worth it. It's certain possible, but with all of the command cards, deployment cards, item cards, reward cards, etc that you'd quickly acquire... if I were to do find myself with all those cards and tokens and things and never use them, it would be difficult for me to not feel like I was wasting my money. That's just me though 3) If you are just doing it for campaign as you have said, I'd say it's not ideal for a pick-up game. You can learn to play in an afternoon, but the game is best with a solid crew of 2-4 Rebels playing the same heroes and 1 Imperial Player playing the game on a (semi) consistent basis. But if you are a seasoned Game Master with a background in RPGs and don't mind doing some extra planning, you could probably weave the skirmish missions into the narrative of the campaign to cover for when some people can't be there. This could make for a rather slow paced story though. Or you could ask the Rebels for permission to have other people play their character when they are not there.