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  1. Surprised there's been no news at all so far today. Maybe FFG is observing Rosh Hashanah?
  2. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I wonder if we'll ever see Endor as anything other than a few DLC missions on the app. They could do all the things that people REALLY want from the Endor box with a blister pack and probably make more money. Scout troopers for me, Ewoks for you, something else for the other people. Think about it from there marketing guy's point of view. "Okay, so I get that IA and Legion are two different games that target a different audience, but you've got a game that's clearly set in the Battle of Endor that is coming on in Q4 of this year, and then you want to drop another box for Endor less than a year later? Even if they don't cannibalize each other, you aren't worried about product confusion?"
  3. We're fans on the internet. Fun ideas trump the creator's intent here. The Ewoks were Godless monsters and savages. Also, it's not a retcon. It's a "reimaginenactment."
  4. I always had a soft spot for IG-88. Kevin Anderson gave him a great backstory in the Tales of the Bounty Hunters book.
  5. Proving once again that what people say is not actually that great a predictor of their behavior. Don't get me wrong. It's one of the better ones out there. But it's still not that great.
  6. I'd love to see speeder bikes, but I think having them take up two tiles would look weird and not to scale. Three might work, but I wonder if that would create movement issues with the rule that figures have to occupy half of the spaces they were in previously if they want to change orientation. Then again, they're called speeder bikes. Not big slow lumbering bikes. I guess they could be exempt from that rule.
  7. I get that people don't want to see the Ewok village tiles. It doesn't really turn my crank either. But I wouldn't mind some more forest tiles. We've done Hoth. We've got plenty of desert tiles and now with Bespin and HotE, we're good for interior/urban tiles. Expanding forests to include swamps (Dagobah) or jungles (Kashyyk) is pretty much the only place left for the Core Box to expand if you keep drawing from the OT era.
  8. Kind of with you on this. I would think that the people affected by tragedies like this have bigger things to worry about right now.
  9. I still think a small box with tiles dor Endor and Dagobah box is the most likely thing after the app.
  10. If you went out and bought every expansion out there today and played two missions every week (a pretty brisk pace, IMO), you'd be busy all the way until 2019. It would take you about 4 months just to get through the Core Box. So who cares if FFG declares the game dead? That's like saying Skyrim isn't worth playing b/c Bethesda stops putting out new content. The game lives as long as you have fun with it. And there is tons of fun to be had. Watch some tutorial videos, go to your local game store and see if they will let you play a sample copy in the store. Once you are confident you know how to play the first mission (Aftermath), get a crew together and spend the day playing a mission or three. If you have fun after that, you'll know it's worth the money and your time, so go ahead and spring for it.
  11. As the IP, I found a lot more tools to play with when I abandoned the idea that every mission had to be perfectly balanced the first time we played it, and when I forced my players to adopt new tactics over the course of the campaign. Let your group bring in whatever allies they want. At whatever threat cost you both agree is fair. It's not uncommon to give allies from the first two waves at 75% of what's on the card. So you could deploy Chewie for 11 or 12 threat. Add in Murne and Company of Heroes and you could deploy him for as little as 7 threat. Then if the Rebels start spamming Chewie in every mission to the point that the game is not fun for you or challenging for them, just keep upping his threat cost. Maybe if they win with Chewie after two missions, his price goes back up to 11, and then again to 15. Justify it by saying that Chewbacca's presence is attracting more and more attention and the Imperials are devoting greater resources to eliminating him. Ask them why shouldn't the rules change if they are finding the game too easy? If your players want a game where the same approach will give them the same result each time, they can play Battleship or Candy Land or Tic-Tac-Toe.
  12. For the amount of hype behind it, Force Friday II has been a pretty big disappointment to me. I know it was never in the cards, but capping all of this off with a new trailer for The Last Jedi would have been nice. I was surprised this week to see the article for HotE. If we're getting a Q3 release, we can maybe expect one article per week covering the three blister packs until the release at the end of the month.
  13. I'm calling it. We're not getting any updates on IA until the Upcoming page changes from "On the Boat" to "Shipping Now." Also, anyone else think it's really weird they are having this Force Friday thing at all? It just seems weird to have a new product announcement two weeks after you have a weekend long event where your core demographic is a captive audience and you are guaranteed lots of media coverage.
  14. Seriously. There's an urban landscape in the background and everything.