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  1. That's more or less what I was expecting and also what I think makes the most sense from a game design perspective. I also would wager that, given the abstract length of the combat turn, a large part of the menace of a force using enemy is going to manifest through aggression. In the movies you see the Sith reflecting an endless barrage of blasts, but in the game that's gonna play out with a couple rounds of deflecting and defending but then he's in your face, ending the fight one way or the other.
  2. Thanks a lot. So it is possible to build force users in a way that reflects the fiction (basically invulnerable to blaster weapons)? Or the game makes sure it's "fair" and Han can kill Vader?
  3. Thanks! I think I'll need to figure the ins and outs of the system a bit more to be comfortable with house ruling. My concern is mostly that, say, if you have one force sensitive character and 3 Han Solo types, if you get the big Sith dude in you'll get everyone trying to fight him. And if people act under different rules, it may feel chaotic or disjoined. In a way, it would be the best idea to replicate the fiction - if you're not wielding a lightsaber, you don't mess with the guy who does. But will that sit well with the rest of the group?
  4. Hello, me and my group are considering starting a new game using the EotE/AoR/FaD trio. We're somewhat familiar with the rule system as we're veteran players of FFG's Warhammer RPG. There's something that worries me, however. Having read the EotE rulebook and basing myself on our experiences with WH, I can absolutely see FFG's system being a good fit for recreating the fast paced, dense and exciting firefights of the Star Wars movie. But how does the system hold up when it comes to duels between force users, and fights between force users and "ordinary" people? The pacing there is completely different, at least in the fiction - simply put, fights hardly resolve in a few exchanged blows, and the duels themselves need some breath to actually develop the interesting part (the drama). How does it work in actual play? Are the sword fights as fast paced as the firefights? Does mixing force users and non force users work well? Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  5. More specifically, I'm looking for the Enemy Within boxed set. The usual avenues like Amazon have very few units at very unreasonable prices. Does anyone know of other circuits that may still have some stock? Thanks in advance.
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