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  1. Zero Mentions of this but reprints are a thing, they have already done some in the 2p set infact. Basically say in set 9 they reprint Sabine for some reason and she has a hot new archetype, if you sold out of her you will have to then buy her again. Plus as others mentioned Infinite may let the old cards see play
  2. The one i really want to know is Doubt on Maul or things like Negotiate. The effect was done by an opponents card but the person removing the die is mauls controller. Doubt for sure doesn't trigger if they choose the resolve part but the remove part im not 100% on.
  3. Quickdrawing an ambush weapon onto rey1 is also pretty sweet
  4. Luke will Definitely come back as a force ghost with Yodes There was the one throw away line that the cruisers couldn't cover the fighters at that range, not sure what it means really but that's all we are gonna get. I would have liked if they played up the resistance thinking they had a spy as to why the FO could track them through hyperspace. It would make Holdo's silence to Poe a lot more reasonable rather than petulantly leading to the events that screwed her plan which was actually good. I thought Finn escaping from Gringots was cool. You take that back
  5. I find Kylo/FN alot more enjoyable to play and vs than Rainbow Nines or Poe Maz. Same with Thrawnkar. I don't mind the meta but i wish heroes got some love, they just always get inconsistant tools and consistancy is what wins.
  6. Also if you hit the right event like price of failure or quick escape forcing someone to live in pass city for 1 is huge.
  7. The if able part is clearly so something like "i play coersion and force you to play rise again while you only have 2 resources" doesn't work
  8. Location of event - Good Games Cannington Western Australia - 30/07/2017 (30th of july) Number of players - 16 Winner -Brodie Rogders, eVader (Awk) /Guard Runner Up - Desmond Brophy, eVader (Awk) /Guard (this is me so far in the last few weeks im 23-4 with this deck ) 3/4 - Christina Rodriguez, ePhasma/Trooper/Enforcer (my wife) 3/4 - Ryhs Katich, eAurra/Nines Rest of the field in no order was 3x ePoe/eMaz 2x eVader (Awk) /Guard (total of 4 all up) 1x ePalpatine 2x eHan/eSnap 2x eVader (SoR) /eKylo 1x eBala/Nines/Guard 1x eUnkar/Vader (Awk)
  9. While i agree it will be the choice more often than not i don't think kill maz is an always rule. Poe is still plenty reliable if they have the throne room.
  10. eAurra/Phasma seems decent. Also there is a Phasma/DT/Tiepilot list that Jay from double blanks gaming on you tube run for a bit that seemed good
  11. Quenda Games Perth Australia. (12 players) It was a really rainy day and quenda isn't as central as our other stores so good turn out despite that Winner: eKylo/eAnakin congrats Andrew going undefeated 2nd: eBala/Fn2199/royalguard 3rd/4th: eBala/Fn2199/royalguard & eKrennic/eBala only 1 poe maz made top 8 with 2 more being less than that. I took han rey but lost to both the rainbow nines decks so missed the cut.
  12. at its current speed i don't think best of 3 would have time issues but if it slows down too much we will be back to awakenings issues. The speed isnt as much the issue as the non interaction is. being able to tie rolling and resolving together being the big one. That eliminates the potentional to interact and makes the game more variable as it comes down to did you roll well the first time rather than crafting the rolls possible fixes are when you activate a character you have to pass any bonus actions and making maz 1 of her own dice only meaning she can still focus but leaves the window to interact etc. I think you will find then that the game will move more towards building up a pool to make removal harder rather than having these titan character snook their good rolls away before you even have a chance to deal with it. obviously this is a quick idea and doesnt take into account things like hit and run and fn etc but it could be the basis for returning counterplay to the game that isnt kill them faster
  13. As you are claiming the battlefield yes you get to go first. You basically just do what the rule book says under claiming the battlefield.
  14. Though i feel like putting most blue only hero upgrades which are expensive onto ezra is a trap at 7 hp. Maybe you can justify 2 cost ones but thats only force heal.
  15. He doesn't look tricky at all just expensive which is limiting. The rest of this set needs to be spoiled before we know his true value
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