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  1. How viable is this list? Contracted Scout #1 JumpMaster 5000 Proton Torpedoes Extra Munitions Boba Fett R4 Agromech Attanni Mindlink Guidance Chips Contracted Scout #2 JumpMaster 5000 Plasma Torpedoes Extra Munitions 4-LOM R4 Agromech Attanni Mindlink Guidance Chips Contracted Scout #3 JumpMaster 5000 Intelligence Agent Feedback Array Attanni Mindlink Anti-Pursuit Lasers
  2. Colonel Vessery -Juke, x7, Twin Ion Engine Countess Ryad -Push the Limit, x7, Twin Ion Engine Deathfire -Homing Missiles, Cluster Mines, Extra Munitions, Long Range Scanners 100pts
  3. Would juke be better than lone wolf in this list? Ended up getting tie fo
  4. As title says build me a tournament winning list (Any Faction) with the sets I own, not spending more money so work with what I have please. Owned Sets: Original Core(1), Force Awakens Core(1), A-Wing(1), Millenium Falcon(1), TIE Fighter(1), TIE Advanced(1), TIE Intercepter(1), Slave I(2), B-Wing(1), Lambda Shuttle(1), Imperial Aces(1), TIE Defender(1), TIE Phantom(1), Rebel Aces(1), YT-2400(1), Most Wanted(1), Starviper(1), Hounds Tooth(1), K-Wing(1), TIE Punisher(1), Mist Hunter(1), Punishing One(2), Imperial Veterans(1), TIE f/o(1). I've built many lists but I can never settle on something tournament ready so I take to the masses. I value everyone's input...and GO!
  5. Looking for replacement for old Lone Wolf Dengaroo with the nerfs, and now flying side by side, so far I've got this at 100pts., looking for input: • Dengar JumpMaster 5000 Predator Plasma Torpedoes K4 Security Droid R4-B11 Glitterstim Punishing One Guidance Chips • Manaroo JumpMaster 5000 Bodyguard Proton Torpedoes K4 Security Droid R5-P8 Feedback Array Guidance Chips
  6. Woo teach them kids bro, see you next Saturday at asylum
  7. 300pts, Thoughts? •Soontir Fel TIE Interceptor Royal Guard TIE Push the Limit Autothrusters Stealth Device • Carnor Jax TIE Interceptor Push the Limit Royal Guard TIE Autothrusters Hull Upgrade • “Echo” TIE Phantom Intelligence Agent Fire-Control System Veteran Instincts Advanced Cloaking Device • Tomax Bren TIE Bomber Crack Shot Extra Munitions Concussion Missiles Ion Pulse Missiles Guidance Chips • “Redline” TIE Punisher Fire-Control System Extra Munitions Concussion Missiles Cluster Mines •Countess Ryad TIE Defender Push the Limit TIE/x7 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II •Bounty Hunter Firespray-31 Recon Specialist •Omicron Group Pilot Lambda-Class Shuttle Darth Vader •Academy Pilot #1 TIE Fighter •Academy Pilot #2 TIE Fighter
  8. Carnor Jax -Push the Limit, Royal Guard TIE, Autothrusters, Hull Upgrade Royal Guard Pilot -Push the Limit, Royal Guard TIE, Autothrusters, Stealth Device Countess Ryad -Push the Limit, TIE/x7, Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 100Pts. - Thoughts?
  9. Miranda Doni -TLT, Tactician, Long range scanners X2 Blue squadron pilot -FCS, HLC
  10. Dengar -Lone Wolf, Plasma Torpedoes, Recon Specialist, R4 Agromech, Punishing One, Guidence Chips Bossk -Veteran Instincts, Cluster Missiles, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, K4-Security Droid, Guidence Chips
  11. put anti pursuit lasers on scout for that extra bump
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