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  1. There is no reason that Science Fiction can't be part of Science Fantasy or vice versa, for the most part neither really exist outside the mind of the author and therefore the readers of such. All elements of Fiction have elements of Fantasy, and the reverse is true.
  2. Looks like it to me. I think it's about to gnaw the Wookiee's ankles off...lol
  3. Why does this remind me of the 2 dogs I saw earlier today...lol?
  4. ThreeBFour

    What to smuggle?

    It doesn't have to be an item, maybe a person, an Imperial Spy/ISB Agent?
  5. ThreeBFour

    Ship art

    I have 2 problems with this piece. 1st is the blast shield shown in the lower drawing is suddenly on the opposite side of the ship and it does not look like it is movable. The 2nd problem is the blast shield itself, it's like they don't want to see the TIE Fighter on the other side, talk about a blind spot.
  6. So what kind of damage does a small asteroid (frozen Hutt corpse) do to a ship?
  7. Maybe he's inventing SW duct tape
  8. This just came up in a current game I'm in playing a Jawa. Something similar to our present day bamboo fabrics that are anti-microbial and odor reducing. Also the Star Wars version of Frebreeze.
  9. ThreeBFour

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    I like the easy way of just adding a 2nd transponder and painting a new name on the ship. Although the idea of a dead guy signing over the ship works too...lol
  10. ThreeBFour

    Survey: Favorite Lightsaber Build

    I hadn't looked that deeply into it, but I do like the options you present, I'll have to remember this for a game I'm in.
  11. ThreeBFour

    Ship art

    I think the work is awesome, but I do have to ask how do we go from the containers mounted sideways on the ship to laying flat on the ground for unloading?
  12. ThreeBFour

    Recovering Strain

    And don't forget the benefit of Second Wind as a Talent.
  13. ThreeBFour

    Ship art

    What is it with the Empire and picking on those poor Jawas?
  14. This has been somewhat done in the EU when Luke's protege had transferred their lover's mind into the droid and then the ship Luke had been trapped on was running partially with the transferred mind of a Jedi . Also pretty sure the Solar Sail has been done. Episode II when Dooku was fleeing Yoda and the clones. His ship used a solar sail.
  15. ThreeBFour

    Survey: Favorite Lightsaber Build

    My plan would be to use the Kimber stone in a Cyclic Crystal Array with a 2nd stone so the Jedi has the choice of damage type.