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  1. Ok what is it and does anyone have stats for it?
  2. If we go by the yellow and black TIE fighter from the Mining Guild, I'd say this would be their Star Destroyer. Honestly the 2 big bug eyes on top kinda scare me.
  3. We used the KST-100 in one of our games on Friends and Nemeses (Play by Post Site) http://nemeses.xyz/gaming/phpBB3/index.php It was used as a racing ship in the Galactic Racing Circuit game. Unfortunately it fizzled out due to dropouts. But either way we loved the ship.
  4. Somehow it seems fitting that the latest Funko SW Smuggler's Bounty box was dedicated to Wookiees. I'll be wearing my "Let the Wookiee Win" t-shirt in memorial on Saturday for Star Wars Day
  5. Bob Ross added his happy little rocks again?
  6. The poor wee beastie. Always attacking that which we don't understand.
  7. Compared to what I assume are fighters on either side of the bow, this thing is either corvette or frigate size
  8. Why not researching something that has been lost to time (wars, misadventure, etc...)? 25,00 years is a long time not to have forgotten things. Also while something maybe known to one species it might not be known to another. After all how many species discovered space travel at different times?
  9. There is no reason that Science Fiction can't be part of Science Fantasy or vice versa, for the most part neither really exist outside the mind of the author and therefore the readers of such. All elements of Fiction have elements of Fantasy, and the reverse is true.
  10. Looks like it to me. I think it's about to gnaw the Wookiee's ankles off...lol
  11. Why does this remind me of the 2 dogs I saw earlier today...lol?
  12. It doesn't have to be an item, maybe a person, an Imperial Spy/ISB Agent?
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