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  1. Ghostrider58

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

  2. And that's not counting the new models that come out for what ever faction in 40K you play either....Friend of mine upgraded during the last 40K rules release he spent close to $800.00 USD just to get caught up. At least FFG isn't making the ship models non-playable as GW has done several times over the years (my poor SOB's can't wait for new models) . Me not sure about 2.0 yet, going to wait and see how long a huge FAQ will come out after 2.0 is launched.
  3. Ghostrider58

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

    My group is sticking with 1.0. We've looked over the new 2.0, not liking what we are seeing, plus the faction kits and the ships not included, so we are content to play 1.0 till the bugs and fixes of 2.0 get worked out.
  4. Ghostrider58

    http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build not loading?

    I tried it the other day, worked till I tried adding missiles in then it froze.
  5. Ghostrider58

    When your opponents dice hate you

    Been there have had that done to me.......yep all you can do is sit back and laugh.....
  6. Ghostrider58

    Have most of the good players stopped playing?

    Yeah a lot of our players have moved on, they like me don't like the tournament sense anymore, to many.....well.....lets just a lot of us are "getting to old for their s**t" good player? Me yeah right I fly what I like have fun and laugh when I play, if I can do that I'm a happy camper...
  7. Ghostrider58

    Pre-order from FFG

    Nope never have, I always pre-order from Warstore... Sorry can't help out here...
  8. Ghostrider58

    Buzzsaw U-wing and thoughts on meta

  9. Ghostrider58

    Saw's Renegades Expack makes no bloody sense.

  10. Ghostrider58

    How would you craft a casual x-wing event?

    I did when I was a Press ganger for PP we called it swap the caster, you could do the same thing just don't tell anyone, everyone show's up, pair folks off, then tell them to swap list's and ships. The over completive guys will freak, but hey since it casual it will be a lot of fun. Another option is (if you want to do the work) make up list yourself and hand them out to the players after you have matched them up. At the end of the game take the list shuffle them, next round hand out lists again, done that before too...always fun. The one thing you should stress to you payers it a casual event, no meta no super over the top completive lists. Bottom line you need to make all your players a wear that this is a casual event...meant to have fun. good luck.
  11. Ghostrider58

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Have played about 30 games so far, love it...
  12. Ghostrider58

    Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    yep agree 100% instead of crying about it find a better way to beat, your go to list doesn't work against, build another list.... just saying!!!!!!
  13. Ghostrider58

    X-Wing Supremacy version 1.4

    well I've downloaded the latest PDF version will give it read over...
  14. Ghostrider58

    Well done FFG!

    Well looking forward to getting Rebel set...love the new U-Wing....
  15. Ghostrider58

    K-Wings On Ice

    I love my K-Wings remind me of the A-10 ugly but gets the job done...