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  1. This is my current HS Wolfpack build that’s doing pretty well. Originally had a v-wing but subbed it for Tucker who can generally take an evade, and end up with a lock and focus too. HS Wolfpack (31) R2-D2 [BTL-B Y-wing] (4) Wolfpack (1) Synchronized Console (5) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (2) Dorsal Turret Points: 43 (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] (1) Synchronized Console Points: 43 (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] (1) Synchronized Console Points: 43 (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] (1) Synchronized Console Points: 43 (27) "Tucker" [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] (1) Synchronized Console Points: 28 Total points: 200
  2. Palp is a little underrated too, especially with Kylo and these ETA-2’s running around. Dishing out that stress if you can afford it can put a halt to a lot of shenanigans.
  3. Me after the rules reference conversations get removed from the forums:
  4. Bring back Nera Dantels in the B-Wing but with her ability being turret arc instead of outside of front arc. And Hera B-Wing prototype is a must! Other than that, I’ll take Ezra in an A-Wing.
  5. Just FYI Boba lost his crew slot. Not that he’s unplayable without it but is definitely hindered without Maul or IG.
  6. If you missed out on the first issue of the newsletter, that content is now available here on the blog. Be sure to sign up for future issues to be sent straight to your inbox! And thanks everyone for the support.
  7. This looks awesome! May have to add it to my Sep lists to try out.
  8. I’ve shared the idea on a few of the discords, so hoping I can build up an audience and work more directly with them. I’ll definitely be leaning on their content as they’re the ones brining on experienced players.
  9. Just thought I'd share a project I've been working on: Introducing Perceptive Copilot: A weekly X-Wing Email Newsletter & Blog. The X-Wing Miniatures community is vast and wonderful. Sometimes, it can feel too vast to keep track of. The tournaments, the Twitch streams, the podcasts, the blogs. There’s a lot of community-driven content on top of the official news from the game. So Perceptive Copilot is here to help you focus on the top content. Get a sense of the upcoming tournaments and how to register. Listen to the podcasts of the week and get some commentary on them. I may even get good enough at the game to offer my own advice. Maybe. If you're interested, feel free to visit the site and sign up (first issue will be sent out soon. Don't miss it!) Also, if you run a blog or podcast, please reach out to me so I can give you a follow. Would love to help continue the conversations and drive more engagement if it fits the theme of the next issue.
  10. Dooku is a great piece for Zam and to your point about tractoring opponents you can use Dooku to get them to roll that damage. It's probably better to hold onto it for Zam's double taps but in the right situation those hits could be super impactful.
  11. j_man_04

    Any news???

    One thing that has me hopeful in this situation is this differs from your above scenario in that AMG is already a part of Asmodee vs. being acquired by them separately. The production and distribution side should have little to no effect. Plus we also know that FFG are usually several waves ahead of the most recent release cycle so unless there are major concerns with that pipeline,t hey shouldn't be making too many changes to those products that are likely at a point of getting printed. But maybe I'm just too much of an optimist.
  12. j_man_04

    Any news???

    Transitions are slooooow to unfold. I’d expect the production hasn’t been hindered all that much, if at all, but promotion is having to be re-thought at the higher level. Who writes the articles, how they get posted, where do presale links go. It’s more than just “here’s a thing!”
  13. I’d lean toward dropping the Xi and running three SFs with passives and missiles. (32) Zeta Squadron Survivor [TIE/sf Fighter] (6) Concussion Missiles (2) Passive Sensors Points: 40 (32) Zeta Squadron Survivor [TIE/sf Fighter] (6) Concussion Missiles (2) Passive Sensors Points: 40 (32) Zeta Squadron Survivor [TIE/sf Fighter] (6) Concussion Missiles (2) Passive Sensors Points: 40 (76) Kylo Ren [TIE/vn Silencer] Points: 76 Total points: 196
  14. I think it just hurts my head that they needed to fix an upgrade due to its offensive capabilities by pricing it based on agility...
  15. by making it small ship only lol
  16. Not sure I understand how the turrets would factor into it at all. Your primary attack value is your primary attack value regardless of arc.
  17. The cynic in me agrees with this. It’s a great combo. Just funny they needed to remove an offensive combo by pricing something based on defense. They could have followed the same logic with attack dice and I wouldn’t have questioned it.
  18. It’s an odd change to me. I have to think it triggers more often on 2 green dice than it does with 3.
  19. I’ve tried the same combo of x-wings. But ultimately found 4 x’s with Rose support is simply more efficient. They can operate independently and Rose has room for 3P0 now. That being said I’d look to add some sort of droid charges to Jess.
  20. So far all I know to say is “meh.” I like Klick as a stand alone to beef my squad but aside from that I haven’t found anything else that.... “klicks” yet. I’ll see myself out.
  21. Have you flown the LAAT much? Those charges can get limiting. So if you use them both, next round you only have one. And you’re capped by two rerolls. Also, I agree the lock *action* isn’t necessary but if you can get a lock passively it’s always good to have. It doesn’t mean you have to spend it. The LAAT is usually the first thing to go so hold onto the locks you get for the end game and use the LAAT rerolls while you can. My main point though is you can roll two dice primary with very little chance of hitting anything or you can add a third dice that can help give your squad options. The shield upgrade seems like lost points to me since the LAAT will almost always been the main target because it’s a lot of points backed by low agility and a poor dial.
  22. Those Laat re-rolls go away quick and you’re likely not hitting anything with two dice anyways on the Laat. So may as well get some benefit out of its attack. I love it on warthog + 4 V’s. Not sure it’s better than the shield but it’s an option.
  23. Warthog being 1 point too expensive for this makes me sad lol. Maybe go thread chasers over the shield upgrade to help the deltas pack a heavier punch?
  24. With Finn/Rose you shouldn’t waste any round of attacks on a missile that doesn’t do damage. You have to make every round count with Rey, especially on a two-ship build When you’re having to trade her for half your opponent’s list.
  25. Yeah, you get to lock after a special attack only I believe, so it’s not going to help Jango in this build. Suppressive gunner may not be a bad alternative, to take away some sting of return shots or to keep your tri fighters from taking tough shots. I’d throw CC on the firespray too. I also can’t imagine why you wouldn’t squeeze in the config in the tri fighters. It’s one point and makes your opening setup very unpredictable.
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