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  1. kempokid

    Upsilon, Quickdraw and a Silencer

    It’s still a chance at rolling an evade vs guaranteed focus-to-hits. However, if you have PA then Elusive is a better option than without it.
  2. kempokid

    A wild idea to fix Generic pilot spam

    This. And one of the biggest things you can do to help yourself here is rock placement. So simple but my gosh it helps. Last time I faced a multi-generic list we made two rows of three rocks all spread out. It was horrible for me. He took his squad anywhere he wanted them to go. If I would have been smarter I would have made him approach the middle of the board from an angle and I would have had better luck getting around them.
  3. kempokid

    A wild idea to fix Generic pilot spam

    I struggle against lists like this. But I don’t want them to go away. I want to keep facing them because they challenge me to make better choices and to be a better flyer. That’s the thing with VTG: if you can arc dodge, then you don’t have to worry about getting shot at twice per round per ship.
  4. kempokid


    Still hard to beat an i5 Force user with repositioning. It's kinda like Kylo. His ability is OK but more often than not, you shouldn't bother with it.
  5. kempokid

    Spare Parts Container

    I'm going to advocate for the 5 straight templates until they fix it. Consider it a spring-loaded spare parts container.
  6. kempokid

    Wave 3 Card Availability

    ^^ not sure what's up with the crazy amount of space and random numbers. Also, I can't edit the post. We (or I) broke the forums!
  7. kempokid

    Wave 3 Card Availability

    Though they don't come with the type of gimmicks the Separatists do, the pilot abilities for all the ships are really interesting to me and introduce new types of flying (ie support ships being on your sides). That and using Force abilities for the support I think will generate a whole new perspective of flying, despite not having new tools/tricks/upgrades/gimmicks.
  8. Totally get that. It does help with out of bullseye shots, as well as if you blank out and only have that one hit result from the modded focus result. I've leaned more towards Brilliant Evasion on Ani since he's expensive and is a potential first target priority for your opponent. It may help keep him mitigate some damage.
  9. If you're adding a focus with the laser targeting and changing that result to a hit with a Force/focus token, then predictive shot isn't doing much for you right? Because it's based on the number of hits or crits you have, so ships are still likely to have up to three green dice to roll. Though I guess it's nice for when you don't get that bullseye arc. I just don't know if I want to spend a Force on that when he's already potentially spending one to reposition and another for his pilot ability.
  10. kempokid

    Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Wolffe 200 pt list

    I think that's the idea behind predictive shot. Two dice vs two dice works in the attacker's favor. However, Ashoka a) having a bullseye and b) having a force to spare is going to be unlikely when you combine her initiative and pilot ability. I'd almost lean toward Synchronized Console on her. Spend her target lock to give one of the other ships a target lock.
  11. kempokid

    Upsilon, Quickdraw and a Silencer

    This is usually the case. Start reinforcing with him and keep him close enough to the others to coordinate actions. Jam isn’t a terrible choice either if someone has a TL on him or another ship. If you haven’t tried Adv Optics on Kylo, I highly recommend. As for QD, I like Fanatical because once that third (or fourth) shield goes, she only gets stronger. Elusive is not an upgrade I care for because it doesn’t automatically work, even though it can be helpful.
  12. kempokid

    Happy Friday

    Gonna be the Republic for a good while. The Force component is my favorite aspect of 2.0.
  13. Not when they already have access to a post-maneuver boost/barrel roll that doesn’t take away their standard action. And a droid that lets you do it after a red manauver for less points than afterburners.
  14. kempokid

    Delta 7B Title and Shield/Hull Upgrade

    I'm glad @theBitterFig found the rules reference. No arguments from me. But an app that can make upgrades and points dependent on other factors, I can't imagine this being difficult if they wanted to change the rules. That's why the app exists: to adapt and add variables.
  15. kempokid

    Delta 7B Title and Shield/Hull Upgrade

    Oh and stealth device too, I guess.