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  1. I've flown Star Wings more than any other ship, I believe, so I know their capabilities fairly well. While I haven't tried them in the way you have them built out, I think they benefit so much from FCS and Advanced SLAM. It lets them have a wide range of movement and can still follow up with a Target Lock. You have to learn when to Adv SLAM and when not to based on the limited blues on the dial. But it's an excellent ship at learning how to gauge opening engagements. So, if I'm building out a Rho, I'd aim for something like this. There's some debate on Plasmas and if . they're worth it. If you're not a fan, you can probably drop Adv. SLAM and upgrade to Protons without over-investing. Rho Squadron Pilot (35) Fire-Control System (2) Plasma Torpedoes (9) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Ship total: 55 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 4 https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v8ZsZ200Z163XW113W234WW104W139W134W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Regardless of what you choose to go with, if it's a ship you haven't put on the table yet, you're probably going to have a tough first few games. I went 0-4 in a tournament right after they came out in 1.0. But I've learned so much more about when and how to SLAM and it's made a huge difference in my overall skill as a player
  2. Possibly an Omicron Group Pilot for the coordinate and health. You could throw on autoblaster or Tactical Scrambler to get to 45.
  3. Yeah, I dunno. I love Mace but after seeing other lists use R2-A6 and Sense on Obi, that’s a hard combo to pass up.
  4. kempokid

    Rename X-Wing

    It's already been renamed, from X-Wing to X-Wing: Second Edition.
  5. Any list that's not Aces is at a disadvantage against Ace play, at least when it comes to positioning. It's all about how you approach it. If you can spread out your arcs and catch one trying to come in at the wrong time, the rest of the list can jump on top of it next turn. But I do like your point about the bombs, probably a better investment than the HLCs on the B-Wings.
  6. Just found out that Plo Koon discovered Ashoka. And since Ashoka was Ani’s Padawan, I think this fits a theme: (62) Anakin Skywalker [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (20) Delta-7B (6) R2 Astromech Points: 88 (44) Plo Koon [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting (6) R2 Astromech Points: 54 (47) Ahsoka Tano [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (2) Calibrated Laser Targeting (5) Sense Points: 54 Total points: 196
  7. Revisiting this now that we’ve seen Ani/Obi-Wan doing some strong work in bigger tournaments. Though Ric seems like a solid choice to go along with Ani/Obi, I still think Plo has some good symmetry with these Jedi. He can supply Ani with a focus after a double reposition and Obi can make sure he’s not depleting his Force. Also if Ani is caught where he needs to regen and shoot, Plo can bail him out. (62) Anakin Skywalker [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (6) R2 Astromech (20) Delta-7B Points: 88 (47) Obi-Wan Kenobi [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (6) R2-A6 (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting (5) Sense Points: 62 (44) Plo Koon [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting Points: 48 Total points: 198
  8. kempokid

    Improving x wing

    Go listen to Radio TCX’s episode and hear the North American champion talk about how he flew Republic Aces. That’s what I would consider good flying, despite a list that fits a popular archetype at the moment. It’s more about how you fly it and less about the build itself. Also, the decisions made in list-building just can’t be taken lightly. One card can have a major impact on how you do in a tournament.
  9. Yeah, I agree it’s not ideal to have plasmas over other options. But it’s still usually going to be fully modded 3 dice attack. Sadly, no boron missiles in my collection and little to no CIS players in my group to borrow from. It’s also pretty unpredictable these days about facing shields or not. There’s a lot of rebel players in my group. Also with R2 becoming a common droid, If I can fully strip shields early on it could force them to take their regen ace out of the fight for a bit. So, not ideal but there can be at least a few advantages maybe.
  10. Sadly, I only have one Inquisitor so I was thinking of running Grand Inquisitor and replace the generics with my favorite ship: gunboats. New Squadron (32) Nu Squadron Pilot [Alpha-class Star Wing] (0) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (2) Fire-Control System (9) Plasma Torpedoes (3) Advanced SLAM Points: 46 (32) Nu Squadron Pilot [Alpha-class Star Wing] (0) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (2) Fire-Control System (9) Plasma Torpedoes (3) Advanced SLAM Points: 46 (46) Colonel Jendon [Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle] Points: 46 (52) Grand Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1] (2) Fire-Control System (6) Concussion Missiles Points: 60 Total points: 198
  11. I see your point, and it’s valid. I guess I have a different perspective on “giving” them a R1 shot , but rather understand they’re bound to happen.
  12. My thoughts are that the Assassin is not going to be a primary target and later in games, could be having to faceoff against one-two ships. In that scenario, I likely won't have the initiative advantage, so relying on Predator for mods is going to be challenging. I wouldn't go storming in out the gate to trigger fearless.
  13. That's a fair point re: FCS. I can change predator to fearless to get that offensive mod, and bump Serrisu up to a tractor beam and Crack Shot in the chance I get a R1 attack. Otherwise, I think I'll go for the control element over a 2 die primary.
  14. Wanted to find a way to use my two Vipers. Looking at something like this. All four ships have three agility, so that’s nice. Seevor and Serissu are more pests than anything but could draw attention off the Vipers depending on the opposing list. Any recommendations for the extra 2 points? Upgrade to tractor beam on Serissu? (64) Guri [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (10) Advanced Sensors (2) Predator Points: 76 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (2) Predator (2) Fire-Control System Points: 52 (30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (40) Serissu [M3-A Interceptor] (0) Jamming Beam Points: 40 Total points: 198
  15. kempokid


    You could be right, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t allowed to speculate other possibilities...
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