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  1. For anyone interested http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2017/08/unboxing-latari-elves-expansion.html
  2. Exactly what this person said. Miniature games aren't board games and over the long run are expensive. If you were hoping for a single purchase flat rate type game... well this genre may not be right for you!
  3. So moral tests generally happen 1 of 2 ways... 1- you use either your dial and/or dice face to force a moral check (if you get a morale facing you MUST resolve it but can choose to also spend any existing tokens on the unit if it has any) 2- upon completing an attack on an enemy unit you can spend panic tokens on the unit to force a moral check These are the 2 most common times you see this, unless you love shooting into melee with your ally units are engaged with which auto triggers a moral check at -1
  4. FFG already has a deal in place with Army Painter... check out the Beasts Of War event at the end of March. The BoW guys stated FFG was working with them to release paints and also help teach people the game during their event weekend
  5. So the expansions just hit the upcoming page a day the price is now $24.95 each
  6. We may not know what's coming in the launch kits but we now know what comes in the quarterly kits NEW: Runewars Miniatures Game Challenge Kit The unique and exciting gameplay in Runewars Miniatures Game led us to create a tailored experience for in-store events. The new Challenge Kit will be offered and refreshed quarterly, and contains a wealth of prizes, as well as an optional event outline which utilizes the kit for three in-store tournament events for up to eight players. At each of the three tournament events, players will compete in one round of normal tournament play, and one round utilizing a specific Deployment and Objective card. For the third tournament event, the Deployment and Objective cards are brand-new, created specifically for that quarter's Challenge Kit! In addition to multiple Core Prize Cards, plus Elite Prize Cards and Items, additional prizes are included for random distribution and a painting award. Retailers can also choose to use this kit and its prizes during another event. Be sure to read the upcoming prize preview article closer to the debut of these kits for the full content listing, the optional event outline, and the painting award criteria! And don't forget to pre-order your Launch and Escalation Kits for Runewars Miniatures Game by Thursday, February 23rd
  7. The latest Game Trade Magazine shows it releases in February
  8. In the latest GTM (Game Trade Magazine) it shows Runewars releases in February with no additional blisters between now and March
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