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  1. hi hopefully people here can help, im having a hard time, with the xp rules and curriculum [admittedly im not sold on the new rules as of yet]. 1. am i right in my assumption that you dont need to buy every item on the curriculum table to advance in rank, only enough to hit the xp limit for the next rank? 2. that a player could just buy skills and advance, if this is the case what is the benefits of the next rank other that the xp cost of skills etc. 3. regardless of a kata/technique being on the rank 5 list i could still buy it at rank 1 if i met the requirements and spent the xp? sorry for my stupidity, but im just not gelling with the rule at the moment.
  2. hi i was looking online for a couple of the HoR3 modules and the web pages have vanished, and the one that is active doesn't have the adv on it. i was wondering if anyone knows somewhere on the net that you can still access them or the person to contact to get them from the original source. thx in advance.
  3. wow i feel stupid, id read the core rules. obviously not seen the naval stuff, and just took it they were in another book. thanks
  4. I was wondering if l5r has Naval combat rules? im sure i remember something about being added to mass combat, but for the life of me i cant seem to find them. thanks in advance for any answers.
  5. ive not run l5r for awhile now and have got the bug again, while looking around for a good time to run in, i cam across the heroes of Rokugan campaigns. i loved what i saw, but after reading a handful of the first adventures, i find it very unconnected. i have no idea if this is supposed to be the case or not? or later if they coalesce into a campaign. what im really asking is if anyone has used the material and did you run the adventures as is, and if so how well did they work as a campaign. or did you have to connect them together or just use some of the adventures [i saw some have multiple parts]. i would love hear from those that have played or run the heroes stuff, and what worked and what didn't. thanks
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