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  1. I never even thought of a strain critical system until now. That gets the gears in my head turning in all the best ways.
  2. What type of game you're planning to run will determine that more then anything. But in general I would pick Shadow of the Beanstalk. The fantasy genre has a boatload of resources available for free (many of them even on this forum). There just isn't as much for Shadow. I also personally prefer the crunch Shadow adds compared to Terrinoth.
  3. Thanks, here's a few more I thought of. Remote Controlled (20 XP) The Kaiju is remotely controlled by a normal person; usually by some mind control device, or the Kaiju is a robot. The user needs to be within a certain distance of the Kaiju to control it. The person themselves can be targetted to stop the Kaiju, or the signal controlling the Kaiju is susceptible to being hacked/interfered with. Add anywhere from 1-3 setback die to any given check depending on connection quality. Exposed Weakness (Variable Cost) The Kaiju has clear weak spots. For every 5 XP gained from this the Kaiju adds +10 to any critical hits taken. Panic Response (10-15 XP) Whenever the Kaiju rolls initiative add 1 challenge die. Ignore all results on the challenge die, except for Despair (and just the Despair part, not the failure generated).
  4. I would definitely recommend it. I've found it very useful for creating my own Cyberpunk themed campaign. But this is coming from someone who's only exposure to tabletop cyberpunk is being a player in a Shadowrun campaign. I also find already owning a good number of the Star Wars books enhances SOTBS immensely. There's a lot of crossover.
  5. Easily Restrained (5 or 10 XP) When immobilized it takes a Daunting as apposed to Hard difficulty Athletics check to break free. Humanity's Hero (5-10 XP) Add 1 setback die to any check that could pose a risk to nearby humans. The Kaiju that actually cares about collateral damage. Berserk (15-20 XP) If reduced to 0 strain the Kaiju begins attacking in a blind rage. This mostly involves attacking their allies, or making the fight more difficult in some way. Clumsy (5 XP) Add an automatic threat to any check involving fine motor skills or a delicate task.
  6. I've implemented a streamlined version of the lifestyle mechanic from Shadowrun in my game. So the Ristie with a high lifestyle is assumed to have access to this world's version of Uber Black. And can get fancy private transport. But if they want a fancy sports car if their own they would have to purchase it.
  7. Feel free to add plenty of setback or upgrades to their checks due to potential terrifying events in any given scene. Then use any threat or despair to cause horrific things to happen. Such as the insanity you list above.
  8. So I love the idea of an undead whale that explodes with zombies, and I don't think it would be much of a stretch to incorporate it. Jinteki has been working on a secret project that involves testing new genes in harsh conditions. Thanks to a recent bidding war; Haas-Bioroid has secured contracts that prevent Jinteki from conducting tests on the moon. Jinteki has constructed a secret lab off the coast of Ecuador , using deep sea climates to conduct their tests. Unfortunately while they made clones that can ignore injuries that would kill most humans/clones, it comes at a cost. The gene has a strange interaction with the genome, where the clones cognitive and reasoning functions become severely impaired. They also become extremely aggresive. While trying to resolve these issues a disgruntled employee decided he had enough of the poor working conditions and low pay. He released specimens into the nearby ocean where the local sea life was changed by the samples. Large sea creatures attacked the facility, causing a massive breach. Soon enough some whales managed to consume large quantities of "infected" clones. They then began charging the shores of New Angeles. Soon violent clones burst from these whales and began storming New Angeles. With a nearly unkillable and physically perfect, but extremely aggressive army of clones attacking New Angeles; Jinteki is willing to pay a small fortune for a team that can infiltrate lab and find a cure for this blunder. But there are also many competitors that would also be interested in getting credit for fixing a Jinteki mistake.
  9. I'm reading through Worlds of Android for the first time, and I didn't see this Bioroid listed yet. Alix (Investor and Financier). WoA p. 14 Steven & Florence (Caretakers in senior citizen homes) WoA p. 47
  10. It could be a licensing situation. Like video games and some technology we have now. When you purchase a video game today you don't technically own it. You're basically just licensing it from the publisher. That's what is in those massive End User License Agreements games make you agree to before you can play. It could be a similar situation in the Android universe. One line of Bioroids could even have directives or requirements to be always connected to the network (like some games and consoles have done now). You could probably do entire adventures themed around DRM Free Bioroids.
  11. I would second this. I got the PDF version of RoT specifically because I wanted some of the new mechanics, but didn't care about the setting itself. It will definitely help with what you've described so far. Just from what you've described I think the crafting rules will be a big deal. Especially in a setting focused on dwarves.
  12. It should not add either of those qualities. It looks like that is a special rule just for shields in Realms of Terrinoth. Not something called out in the core rule book.
  13. Edit: I was incorrect, removing incorrect answer.
  14. Depending on the game, and the people at the table; a sign of a good game is one where the players never realize what tricks the GM has used. Everything will seem carefully orchestrated.
  15. As stated above, just using the Runes mechanic in Realms of Terrinoth should be sufficient to replicate the effect you're going for.
  16. I've actually run into this situation. Social encounters can operate within structured encounter rules (the book even discusses this) where the attacker would use his actions to well... attack. While the social character is using their action to make social checks. Either the attacker reduces the target's strain/wound low enough to incapacitate/kill the social character. Or the Social character is able to bring the attacker to a compromise (half strain) or make the attacker capitulate (strain threshold exceeded). Boost and setback of course being applied liberally based on circumstance. In my pirate fantasy game the crew was jumped by Wraiths in a thousand year old coliseum. The captain decided to try using social skills to calm down the wraiths, while the wraiths were trying to kill them. While the rest of the crew just defaulted to regular combat; the captain was able to give the wraiths pause (generate advantage and deal strain) to help the encounter. It was also a ton of fun describing how the Captain was dodging attacks from the wraith while having a conversation. Or getting hit, but using the threat generated by the wraiths to get in close and try to learn why they're here.
  17. But if there are other factors in effect during the scene it could cause the check to be upgraded, have boost, or have setback dice added to the roll, just like any other check. But just the fact there's more than 1 wraith doesn't RAW mean upgrades, multiple checks, or additional difficulty.
  18. I believe @Archellus is correct. If the player wants the second axe to have vicous apply it would need to roll its own crit. The end result would be 2 separate crits that each have +1 added (in addition to any additional activations, which cost more advantage). I believe this to be the RAW method. I couldn't find the link, but I know the developers answered a question about a character dual wielding 2 weapons with the Superior quality, and the second weapon only gets to add the +1 advantage to the roll if you first spend the 2 advantage to make it hit. Then its qualities come into play. So I could also see an argument for spending 2 advantage first (to activate the second hit) and then activating a critical with the specific goal to only perform 1 crit with +2 vicious. I say go with whatever the table agrees on. Or allow both, but they have to choose to either make a single combined crit, or separate crits. They can't mix and match within the same roll.
  19. I've only read through the first adventure, but I'm really liking what I see so far. I think it does a good job of trying to show how the favor economy works. I also think it does a decent job of showing how this group of "normal people" get caught up in a major event.
  20. Awesome podcast as usual, I was happy to see literally all of my questions answered. Especially the part about cosmetic g-mods and cybernetics because I already know they're going to be a huge part of my game. I'm excited to create a bunch of money sinks for my players; so they can get REALLY creative with body modification.
  21. I would also greatly appreciate a landscape format if possible.
  22. While I know you said no Shadowrun, a lot of the world and politics are similar. My Shadowrun GM ran us through (what I think was) a premade series of adventures that involved toppling a companies control in Seattle. The main story beats had nothing to do with magic or race. I've never played Cyberpunk 2020, but I'm sure it has premade modules you could use.
  23. While specific to my setting; I did make a vehicle reference sheet for my players. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mZzGQW9v6ghqmEh2SkwhCV0cH8D9Jac9/view?usp=drivesdk
  24. It is a very big deal, which is why I think lowering ST is a good counter, because that can't be recovered easily (except by ending the spell). Perhaps lower ST by an amount equal to the spell's difficulty? A 5 purple spell would lower the target's ST by 5, for instance. This also limits not just how many spells they can cast, but anything costing a strain.
  25. I think the above ideas are spot on. Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. Just reskin the special effects into science.
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