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  1. Noahjam325

    Minion groups and soak

    At my table minions just KO at their WT. So a minion group of 4 where each has a WT of 5 has a group WT of 20. My method is just write down 20 and subtract wounds as the group takes them. Every 5 wounds a minion would KO, at 20 wounds taken they're all KO'd. I find this significantly easier and have been doing it since Star Wars.
  2. Noahjam325

    Cowboys and Dinosaurs

    I've definitely bookmarked this for future play, but I'm currently in the middle of my own homebrew Genesys setting. So It's going to be some time before i can really give this a try.
  3. Noahjam325

    Adding encumbrance to Painkillers?

    I think you could definitely get away with adding an encumbrance value, but 1 per painkiller might be a little too punishing. Maybe one-half encumbrance, or you can carry X amount for free, but then it starta adding up.
  4. Noahjam325

    Combining some skills

    For my custom setting (Pirate Fantasy) I just used Brawl, Melee, Ranged, and Gunnery for my combat skills. But weapons are still broken up as 1 handed or 2 handed. So a player can still use finesse with a cutlass, but not a great sword. I mainly did this because my system has a pretty even distribution of both melee and ranged combat (with gunnery filling the niche if siege combat). But I also made sure to add more skills in place of the ones I removed. That's what you really have to be careful of. If you start removing and combining skills then your characters will become too powerful way too quickly.
  5. Noahjam325

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    Because I also found it problematic to only access it through Facebook, here's a more direct link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZugRlhH_V_rkSuyCrEnpO3kuOGIBzDDa/view?usp=drivesdk That should be correct. It's crazy how in-depth this PDF is. I think my only critique after reading through some of it is the choice of just using the 1 knowledge skill. If I run this I would probably add more.
  6. Noahjam325


    I've handled teleportarion very similar to this in my game, but I've mostly stuck with the base Genesys magical actions. So teleporting in my game is part of the conjure action. Just like the suggestion above it starts at within short range band (engaged to target character). Each purple extends it 1 range band. You can add the multiple targets effect as normal. Adding the concentrate effect is +2 difficulty (turns a blink into a portal), and if trying to teleport to an area you don't have line of sight to it upgrades the difficulty a number of times based on a few factors. 1 upgrade if you have partial sight, 2 upgrades if you can see an area near the final destination, 3 upgrades if you can't see it at all, etc.. I've found this to work very well. It keeps long distance teleportation both dangerous and difficult. Most players will get 1 upgrade just because they can't perceive out to extreme with clarity (but there are ways to). You have to remember this also consumes their action slot (in addition to strain). I've found it very rare that players will give up their whole action just for some movement. At least in structured encounters. If a player asked me to try and pull off the teleport as a maneuver, I think I would make that a +3 difficulty. This would cap them out at Medium Range (similar to force leap as a maneuver). But still requires the check.
  7. Noahjam325

    Advice for new talent- Hold My Beer

    I love that idea, but the only downside is the way failures work in Genesys. Multiple failures don't mean as much as multiple success. A talent like the above would be very easy to game to just add advantage until you're down to 1 success with a ton of extra advantage. Maybe something that can triggered on a failed check? Give it a story point and/or strain cost.
  8. Noahjam325

    Advice for new talent- Hold My Beer

    I would have it add success and threat, instead of dice. Then either limit it to once per encounter or once per session. I think that would definitely fulfill the goal. Increasing chance of success, but with side effects.
  9. Noahjam325

    Cowboys and Dinosaurs

    This is some amazing work. I really love the art. It definitely helps invoke the feel of the setting.
  10. Noahjam325

    Wild West Setting for Genesys

    Taking example from Realms of Terrinoth, you could make Primitive a crafting style. Have it lower the cost and rarity while adding inferior, lowering damage, raising crit, or adding black dice. Then you could have the basic crafting style be Modern, and even an Advanced crafting style that could add damage, superior, lower crit rating, etc. Rather than having a separate skill you could now make a bunch of different weapons either Primitive, Modern, or Advanced versions. If you wanted to make the Primitive weapons the simple, but reliable option you could add a custom item quality called fragile that is automatically applied to all Modern weapons that make it easier for them to jam, take damage, run out of ammo, etc.. So now there would be both positives and negatives tied to both options. Then if the GM wants to just offer the players clear upgrades he can do so through Advanced weapons.
  11. Noahjam325

    Signature Shield?

    Why not both? The idea of a weapon attachment that gives the weapon defensive qualities is a very cool one. I think the attachment version would give the weapon Defensive 1, Deflection 1, and maybe knockdown (maybe leave this out) for a cost of 2 HP. If the player wanted it to be a shield all the time and not just sometimes then I would create a new weapon profile Shield Weapon: Melee (Light); Damage +1; Critical 5; Range [Engaged]; Encumbrance 2; HP 2; Defensive 2, Deflection 2, Knockdown, Superior
  12. Noahjam325

    Long Term Play

    My group has been playing for about 15 sessions with an average of 20 XP per session and each session lasting 4 hours (although the last few have gone over that by 1-2 hours). They also earned some bonus XP for a massive stunt they coordinated. At just over 300 XP earned since character creation the players have been able to really develop their characters. Their Heroic Abilities are getting very potent, and they've been able to get better at their focus and branch out. I've currently had no trouble creating interesting and difficult encounters. But the last session took place in an underground library that spanned dozens of miles. So that proved to be more difficult for the viking than it did the scholar.
  13. Noahjam325

    skills vs tallents

    The talents can be very overwhelming for a new player. In my current campaign (which has been running for just over 10 sessions) across my 6 players I had a wide swath of choices. I even had 1 player that didn't increase any of his characteristics with starting XP and began with a bunch of talents and skill ranks. After enough sessions it evens itself out. Once they've had a chance to play their characters a bit they'll have a better idea of what kind of talents they want.
  14. I do something very similar at my table, but with a much more relaxed ruleset. Rather then as a specific mechanic. As long as the pilots succeed on the first check (using their action) they have made it into the terrain. I then use the results of threat, advantage, triumph, despair, etc. to determine if more checks will be needed. E.g. If the pilot succeeds but with threat then they might have to make the check in the next round as well. The enemy can spend triumph to mess with the player's piloting to force another check, etc.. I've also flipped dark side points to force additional skill checks in this situation. We let the dice tell the story as much as possible at our table. It makes my job as the GM a lot easier
  15. Noahjam325

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    It gives me an error message whenever I try to access it.