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  1. ICE and Icebreakers are just pieces of software. They are more like equipment for computers than skills. ICE has a rating that must be met or overcome by a hacker. The hackers roll 2 difficulty (purple) with their computer (hacking) skill. They must generate enough success to meet or exceed the ICE rating. E.g. an Ice Wall has a rating of 5. So the hacker would need to roll at least 5 success to overcome it. Icebreakers are like weapons for hackers. They add their rating as success to overcoming ICE. In the example above if the hacker had a Battering Ram icebreaker then they would only need 1 success to get through the Ice Wall. If the ICE was Hadrian Wall (Rating 8 ) then the hacker with Battering Ram would need to generate at least 2 success to overcome it. Like any given skill check you still need to generate at least 1 success to succeed at the check.
  2. This was made for my home brew setting, and was designed for a fantasy pirate world. It does have an old relic as the centerpiece of the story so it might suit your needs. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_R5xst7roYiSa2zt_Is5utciaBnQWmfb/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. Noahjam325

    Pierce Tweek

    Another important factor that I personally always consider when designing my own weapons is the base damage. I traditionally give my Pierce weapons a lower base damage. This is mainly important for effects that key off base damage (e.g. Burn). Otherwise Reinforced and critical rating also play into it, but those have already been discussed.
  4. So I have a friend who just recently joined the forums and has been trying to post. As a new member all of his posts need to be approved by a moderator until reaching some number of upvotes (or whatever they're called). He's been trying for weeks and none of his posts have been approved yet. He's contacted multiple people through various support links with no response for weeks. Because of the layoffs I was wondering if anybody else has a friend that has run into a similar problem.
  5. Some great suggestions so far. How about lightning hitting the deck and potentially starting fires. Fire on a boat always gets things going.
  6. This is amazing. I think you've captured the spirit of One Piece fairly well. I really love the mix of the talent pyramid and talent trees.
  7. Noahjam325

    Well Shît

    I'm really concerned what this will mean for the Genesys Foundry. While it seems obvious to leave it in the background to generate money; it seems like big changes in the company could mean its end.
  8. Well, the book leaves the dates somewhat vague. The general time table we use in our game is based on this; fusion technology hit its stride about halfway into construction of the beanstalk. The beanstalk was completed approximately 40 years ago. So it's been happening for at least 30-35 years. As far as how much is left on the moon? The books don't give any clear idea.
  9. I don't think any media specifies. I imagine they have different ratings. For instance; a traditional city hopper might have a few hours (because charging pads are everywhere) while low gravity or exploration hoppers might have days or weeks because they go out across the surface of Luna or Mars.
  10. I like the sentiment, but I don't know if I'm thrilled by the classification.
  11. But a d5 is just a d10 with halved results. The critical hit chart is typically rolled as a d100 (which is usually 2 d10). There are even some crits which require you to roll a d10 to determine which limb/characteristic it affects. So Genesys definitely assumes you have a d10.
  12. I'm hoping that because Keyforge is such an "out there" setting it means they're going to spend extra effort on the mechanics to do some really unique stuff that I can mine for other games. My biggest concern is that it will be more like Terrinoth where they have to use a large chunk of the book establishing the setting for new people. Mainly as I have no interest in playing within the Keyforge setting.
  13. There kind of is. There are some examples in Genesys and some examples in Star Wars where talents are used for this. E.g. Companion, Special Weapons Permit, Investments. My suggestion would be to either handle it with talents, just handle it via roleplay, or create a new resource (similar to say... the character points in Realms of Terrinoth). Edit: Upon second read I think I may have misunderstood the question and was thinking of "Backgrounds" from those games. With that said; talents could still work as a replacement, or just a seperate progression path (similar to Heroic ability from Realms of Terrinith).
  14. You're welcome to add my homebrew rules and resources for Shadow of the Beanstalk.
  15. I just started my own Android campaign and ran into a similar issue. The Worlds of Android book was an amazing resource. After that the Android novellas; so far I've only read Undercity but it definitely helped. For more visual media I'm just going to list shows/movies that I think help with Android specific games (rather than just cyberpunk in general). Cowboy Bepop Big O Ghost in the Shell Dimension W Blade Runner Blade Runner: 2049 Altered Carbon
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