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  1. Noahjam325

    skills vs tallents

    The talents can be very overwhelming for a new player. In my current campaign (which has been running for just over 10 sessions) across my 6 players I had a wide swath of choices. I even had 1 player that didn't increase any of his characteristics with starting XP and began with a bunch of talents and skill ranks. After enough sessions it evens itself out. Once they've had a chance to play their characters a bit they'll have a better idea of what kind of talents they want.
  2. I do something very similar at my table, but with a much more relaxed ruleset. Rather then as a specific mechanic. As long as the pilots succeed on the first check (using their action) they have made it into the terrain. I then use the results of threat, advantage, triumph, despair, etc. to determine if more checks will be needed. E.g. If the pilot succeeds but with threat then they might have to make the check in the next round as well. The enemy can spend triumph to mess with the player's piloting to force another check, etc.. I've also flipped dark side points to force additional skill checks in this situation. We let the dice tell the story as much as possible at our table. It makes my job as the GM a lot easier
  3. Noahjam325

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    It gives me an error message whenever I try to access it.
  4. Noahjam325

    Adventure Module Suggestions

    Nope. I don't plan on making any purchases until I get some opinions on adventures.
  5. Noahjam325

    Adventure Module Suggestions

    I have none of them (except the one in the back of AoR). I'm looking for people's personal opinion (and explanations) as to A) Which Adventure do they feel is the "best." and B) Which would be good for the start of a full campaign. E.g. I find Jewel of Yavin to be one of the better EotE adventures. But I've had more success running it with a pre-established group of characters. Rather than the first adventure in a campaign.
  6. So I've owned all 3 of the core books for the Star Wars RPG line for some time now and I've run a FaD focused campaign and an EotE focused campaign. But I've yet to run campaign focusing on AoR. It's going to be many months (or even longer) before my current homebrew Genesys game wraps up, but I like being prepared early. And i know I want to do something centered around AoR. So I've come to ask for people's opinion on 2 questions. 1. Which is the best AoR premade adventure module? Official or fan created. 2. Which would be the best for starting a campaign? Adventure modules serve as great inspiration for me whenever I'm trying to create campaigns.
  7. Noahjam325

    Custom Rules/Talents for Vehicle Repair

    After talking with my players this is an idea we came up with for a custom talent. Master Carpenter Tier: 5 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: No Make a Master Carpenter maneuver to gain the ability to repair a vehicle or structure regardless of whether a mechanics check has already been performed. Each time this maneuver has been used upgrade the difficulty of any mechanics checks made to repair the same vehicle or structure in the same encounter a number of times equal to the uses of this maneuver.
  8. So I've run into a bit of a balance problem in my homebrew game that started out fairly negligible but has become worse and worse as my players have gotten stronger. My players are a band of pirates sailing the globe on their pirate ship in a land of magic and wonder. Because of this the game involves a lot of vehicle combat, and so far it's been really epic and fun. The base Genesys vehicle rules have worked great for keeping the combats fast paced, thrilling, and give each player many different things they can be doing on a ship. The problem that's been getting worse and worse is that as the players face bigger and bigger threats some of the combats have been getting way too one-sided on behalf of the NPC's. This is primarily because the ship's carpenter can only make a single check to repair the ship during any encounter. At first this worked okay because the players were still green around the gills. As they get stronger and better they're not really surviving ship combat any better. So I had a few ideas I wanted to get feedback on as how to tackle this problem. TLDR; I'm looking for advice and feedback on a way to change the Genesys rule that a mechanics check can only be used to repair a vehicle once per encounter. I'll list some of the ideas I've come up with below and I'm hoping to get feedback on them and have others contribute their own ideas. 1. Just remove the limit entirely. I don't like this idea at all, because not only does it not make sense but it would REALLY mess up the balance of the game. 2. A consumable for vehicles similar to Painkillers or Repair Patches. This would be a consumable the players can use on the vehicle that restores a large number of hull, and recover less and less with each use. It might even require a mechanics check to properly apply. It could even consume an action as apposed to a maneuver (compared to Painkillers/Repair Patches). 3. A new talent that allows a character to perform the repair check more than once per encounter. I was thinking something along the idea of a ranked talent, and with each rank you get another chance. Perhaps each of these chances requires a story point flip? 4. Spending advantage and/or triumph to gain more chances to repair the vehicle. 5. A house rule that allows anybody to flip a story point to repair the ship again. Or similar to the talent idea above; maybe a Tier 5 talent that allows the player to flip story points (and maybe spend some strain?) to gain additional chances. The custom talent idea is the most attractive to me, mainly because it allows the players something to work towards and makes them feel like their character is getting better at their job, and Tier 5 is the realm of game breakery, and this could be a way for the player to feel really special. It also allows me to easily curate what kind of adversaries might have this talent as well. I also like the consumable idea. It ties neatly into the existing Painkiller system so players won't have a hard time adapting it into their play. My biggest concern is how mandatory they start feeling, and I don't want to bog much of the game down with crafting a bunch of these between encounters. But I really like this idea, and think it might even pair well alongside the talent idea. Any other feedback or suggestions from the community would be great.
  9. Noahjam325

    Discord Dev Chat

    Will this be recorded and released afterwards? I'm hoping to listen in, but will sadly be working.
  10. I posted this on my Gentlemen of Fortune thread, but I figured I would share this with the wider Genesys community as well, with the hopes it helps other GM's and players. As I've been running my GoF campaign I've created an extra document where I detail custom NPC's, species, and careers either I or my players have made. While these adversaries use some custom skills, weapons, and rules I think it would be easy enough for any GM to convert for their own game. This document was created with my own personal shorthand for ease of use during play, so apologies if it doesn't look very professional, or some of it is unclear. I hope somebody will be able to use at least some of this document to save time for their own prep work or adventure building :). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Soc2t_1QFar8q4EVRcVe-wZVENWqDDD9
  11. Noahjam325

    Gentlemen of Fortune: Fantasy on the High Seas

    So my campaign in this setting has been going well, my players have finally got a hand on their character concepts and ideas. They've started expanding their crew, created a name for themselves, and are about to reach their first Fame rank by crashing a noble's party and torching their harbor. I've created an extra document that I add to as I add more content to the system. It has additional species and careers, but mostly adversaries. I figured I would post this to see if it helps anybody else with their games. Some of these NPC's are unique to my campaign, and I use a lot of shorthand when it comes to statting out NPC's. E.g. I don't detail talents or abilities that are commonly known or understood. I also fill some minions with a ton of skills and weapons/armor to serve as a reference tool. E.g. the orcs in the PDF have a ton of different weapons, talents, skills, etc.. When I use them some orcs have axe/shield with bodyguard, some wield boarding pikes, some use their fists, etc.. Rather than making 3 or 4 different statblocks for them I just make a single one. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Soc2t_1QFar8q4EVRcVe-wZVENWqDDD9
  12. Noahjam325

    Simple initiative tracker web app for Genesys

    I think this is really slick. I'm going to give it a try in my next game on Sunday and see how it goes.
  13. Noahjam325

    Magic Implement for High Magic Settings

    On the topic of scale; for +2 difficulty I allow my players to have their spells start working on the vehicle scale. But this only affects buildings and vehicles, and can't be used to target a regular NPC or player. My game is a fantasy pirate theme so the casters actually able to launch fireballs at other ships, or buff their own ship is a core part of the setting. There are also a lot of custom talents, abilities, and magic implements that further affect this mechanic. But the default is +2 purple. This gives me a wide birth to balance with.
  14. Noahjam325

    Starter Adventure

    While not set in Terrinoth I have created my own "level 0" adventure. It uses my own custom setting which is fantasy based. It would be very easy to convert into RoT.
  15. Noahjam325

    Genesys Combat Tracker

    I haven't had a chance to play with this in great detail yet, but the basics look promising.