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  1. Noahjam325

    Starter Adventure

    While not set in Terrinoth I have created my own "level 0" adventure. It uses my own custom setting which is fantasy based. It would be very easy to convert into RoT.
  2. Noahjam325

    Genesys Combat Tracker

    I haven't had a chance to play with this in great detail yet, but the basics look promising.
  3. Noahjam325

    Item and Talent Cards

    People have already released similar items for the Star Wars line. So i don't see an issue. The only time I'm aware a community member ever recieved a C&D was when they were running a patreon for Genesys specific content, or attempted to receive money for their work.
  4. Noahjam325

    abilities for my adversaries

    It looks like you left out their group skills. The only thing I would change (this is personal preference more than anything wrong) is making the monkeys have a cunning of 2-3, and the bats a willpower of 2-3. It might just give them a little more character when players go to hunt them. The idea that the monkeys are very creative and crafty when they work together. Bats on the other hand a lot more free willed.
  5. Noahjam325

    my archetypes

    They look okay for the most part. The only thing that confused me was the Fleet Footed ability. Those are already ways you can spend advantage and threat in base Genesys. Unless you've removed it from everyone else.
  6. Noahjam325

    Conjure Spirits

    @c_beck is correct. Conjure follows the same rules as any other spell when it comes to adding purple dice. It has a chart you follow to determine difficulty. But i highly recommend you talk with your player and if he's only going to summon the same kind of creature multiple times then you could work with him to make the stat blocks. Increasing difficulty to grant the conjure additional effects is not a bad idea. Don't feel constrained by the magic rules, but empowered to adjust them to fit your table. Another solution I use a lot with conjure is I have a very vague template I use. If the player is summoning a minion then it will come with one stat at 3, another stat at 1,and the rest at 2. Depending on what they summon its group skills will include all the combat skills it needs, and one or two extra. If it's a rival i give it two 3's instead of one. Then give it skills based on what is actually being summoned. If the player rolls extra advantage then I offer to let him use that to buff his summon. E.g. if he summons a fire elemental it could gain a fire aura that deals damage for two advantage. I usually allow a triumph to give the creature adversary 1.
  7. Noahjam325

    Upgrade dice pool

    RAW; yes.
  8. Noahjam325

    Word Template - Sourcebook Generation

    I highly recommend GM Binder. It uses HTML, but thanks to the Genesys template I was able to figure it out with no knowledge of HTML. Just using some copy and paste. Genesys Template
  9. Noahjam325

    abilities for my adversaries

    For the monkey I would either make their attacks just deal strain, or make the players roll some sort of athletics or coordination check to avoid taking strain. Maybe add +1 strain for each monkey that's piling on. For the bat; add 1 setback die to all enemies engaged with the bat (or short if the stench is really bad). Sonic Screech (Ranged; Damage 5; Critical 4; Range [Short]; Disorient 3, Blast 3). If you wanted you could have the blast effect hit everyone (but the bats) within short range, as apposed to the normal engaged.
  10. Noahjam325

    Jumping to Genesys!

    Rather than just repeating what others here have said; another great strength of this system is player buy in. What I mean by that is how much the players themselves get to contribute to the narrative. While the dice shape the narrative, the narrative turns into mechanics. The players get to come up with just as many plot changing ideas as the GM does. With the GM just being the moderator that keeps things on track. So this system really gets the players engaged. Rather than the players just reacting to everything the GM cooks up. This also helps feed into way less prep time as GM. The 'negative' being thatbit puts more responsibility into the players hands. Depending on your table this may not be a problem. The only other downside I can think of is if your table are mostly hardcore strategic players. This game can work stricter and crunchier combats (using miniatures with a grid) but it's definitely something a table would have to homebrew for if they wanted to include it.
  11. Noahjam325

    how to make monsters for genesys (toriko)

    I would highly recommend downloading the document from this thread. It's a compilation of all currently official NPC's and their stat blocks. Looking them over was very helpful for me when i started making my own setting. Other then that I would recommend looking at some Star Wars adventures for an idea of how many of what type of enemy to throw at your party. Otherwise just run a few games, it's the best way to get a feel for how strong your enemies should be. Don't worry about sending something too strong, it's very hard to reach perma-death in Genesys. Just have the players be kidnapped, or wake up with all of their gear stolen.
  12. Thanks so much for featuring my game on your show. I love sharing my work with other people in the community and I welcome anybody that has questions about designing their own Genesys content feel free to reach out. Just as an interesting note; the Strong Back ability was actually something I created on my own. I don't actually own Disciples of Harmony and I just used guesswork to try and figure out how such a talent could work. I had no idea it already existed. That gives me hope that my system should hopefully be balanced 😅. Another cool note about @McKeewa's Age of Sail document; I did use it for some inspiration when constructing my own ships. While my setting moved more towards the cinematic and fantasy side (as apposed to realistic) it was still very helpful.
  13. Noahjam325

    The Cards Rant?? Sorry

    While not an official solution I use the amazing Genesys Talents Expanded to do exactly this. I just print the pages I need to on card stock, cut them into squares, and hand them out. If I'm feeling really fancy I'll even bring them to Staples to be laminated.
  14. Noahjam325

    Run-able Adventures

    I used GM Binder, if that's what you mean by template. I highly recommend it, even for people with little to no knowledge of HTML. I was able to figure it out with some copy, paste, and Google-fu. This is the template itself, created by another forum user here.
  15. Noahjam325

    The Cards Rant?? Sorry

    I'm also one of the people that really wish the Terrinoth book came with a premade adventure. I think all systems should come with one, and Terrinoth will always have a bit of a black mark for me. It's one of the reasons I opted for just the PDF version and not the full hard back version (I normally buy both). Nothing helps me as a GM (or a player in some cases) more then a framework to start in. The Genesys Core book I give a little pass on because it's advertised as a tool kit (and cost less). Terrinoth should be all inclusive for demanding a higher price and trying to specialize more. It also makes Terrinoth seem like a lesser product if future setting books release with an adventure. So it also sets a really bad precadant. While I'm a veteran of tabletop roleplaying and the Star Wars books i feel awful for new players that want to get into the hobby. While I have a shelf of Star Wars books I can lean on, new players don't have that luxury. While it's nice to have the option, I can understand why some players would feel pushed away when the response to some of their concerns is "just go buy some Star Wars books." I love these dice and how they work. The lack of official resources has forced me to be creative and lean on the community when creating my own setting. But that's coming from a veteran. I could pick almost any system and make it work given enough time and inspiration or drive. But newer players just don't have those same experiences. With that said I would love a small book that is jammed with modular encounters. The modular encounters from Star Wars are some of my favorite purchasable content from the Star Wars line. I think following a similar model with the Genesys setting books would be great. Just include one in the setting books if you don't want to to do one large adventure.