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  1. Awesome podcast as usual, I was happy to see literally all of my questions answered. Especially the part about cosmetic g-mods and cybernetics because I already know they're going to be a huge part of my game. I'm excited to create a bunch of money sinks for my players; so they can get REALLY creative with body modification.
  2. Noahjam325

    DrainSmith's GM Screens

    I would also greatly appreciate a landscape format if possible.
  3. Noahjam325

    Adventure modules for GMs with no time?

    While I know you said no Shadowrun, a lot of the world and politics are similar. My Shadowrun GM ran us through (what I think was) a premade series of adventures that involved toppling a companies control in Seattle. The main story beats had nothing to do with magic or race. I've never played Cyberpunk 2020, but I'm sure it has premade modules you could use.
  4. Noahjam325

    Is there a vehicle combat cheat sheet?

    While specific to my setting; I did make a vehicle reference sheet for my players. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mZzGQW9v6ghqmEh2SkwhCV0cH8D9Jac9/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. Noahjam325

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    It is a very big deal, which is why I think lowering ST is a good counter, because that can't be recovered easily (except by ending the spell). Perhaps lower ST by an amount equal to the spell's difficulty? A 5 purple spell would lower the target's ST by 5, for instance. This also limits not just how many spells they can cast, but anything costing a strain.
  6. Noahjam325

    How would you treat wierd science

    I think the above ideas are spot on. Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. Just reskin the special effects into science.
  7. Noahjam325

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    This seems a little harsh (the extra strain AND weaker stats). I think Tier 5 is a good place for it. How about it lowers your strain threshold by 2 for each spell maintained this way(maybe 3) in addition to the initial 2 strain to cast. At most I would just lower ranks in the magic skill by 1 per spell, not both the characteristic and skill. But the lowering of strain threshold might be enough, because that can't be recovered until you drop the spell (and it doesn't recover the strain when you do).
  8. One of the news posts referenced some premade adventures being released with SotBS. When will these adventures be released, along with the premade Gencon characters? The base book didn't have any mention of purely cosmetic cybernetics or g-mods. Any suggestion for the cost on something like that within SotBS? A lot of the equipment packages for each career come to less than 1000 credits; is this intended and would it be appropriate to give additional funds to the short changed players? Listed under the suggested talents for some of the careers it suggests the talents that grant a career skill and a small favor from a faction. The career skills granted are already known by the career it suggests them for. Would it be okay to substitute the career skill offered, or give more choices when choosing the base talent?
  9. Noahjam325

    Dredd Lawgiver Pistol

    As a suggestion to the above, how about giving the Ricochet Shot the guided quality instead?
  10. Noahjam325

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    I've already been homebrewing it at my table because I thought 1 threat was too harsh. I've had it at 2 threat, and my 3 magic casting players all agreed that seemed correct. Especially given threat is more dangerous to magic users than other checks. I like the talent because it gives more lower tier talent choices for my magic users, and plays off the mechanic in a cool and unique way. It also helps make more powerful magic users actually feel more well trained than more novice casters.
  11. Noahjam325

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    I really like this talent. I think it also makes talents like Templar more attractive. I'm definitely going to use this at my table. The only change I'm going to make is that it starts at Tier 2 instead of Tier 1.
  12. Noahjam325

    Sample Adventure?

    I will shamelessly plug that my custom setting has a premade adventure. Formatting inspired by The Terrinoth adventure and how FFG writes their Star Wars adventures.
  13. Noahjam325

    [SotB] Any new cyberware rules?

    This is my understanding as well. The book only mentions this in passing, but does touch on how more cybernetics lowers your "humanity."
  14. Noahjam325

    What do PCs do in the Android setting?

    I plan to run my players in a similar vein as Shadowrun. The idea will be they are low people on the totem pole and just kind of doing whatever jobs they can get. The employers will specifically be looking to hire multiple people (the PC's) separately. Ideally they'll find working together more lucrative than working alone. I think I'm going to also handle rewards similar to Shadowrun. Where some jobs award more XP, and some more money. The only hard part I'm trying to learn is properly balancing currency, because the costs seem a little low in the book.
  15. Noahjam325

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    I'm really enjoying this book, i think they learned a lot after realeasing the Terrinoth book. The layout, formatting, and choice of content is (in my opinion) leagues better then RoT. I really like how they handle cybernetics and g-mods. The way hacking works (from both a lore and mechanical perspective) has me very excited. Edit: I will say that the only thing I'm confused and frustrated about is not recieving the novella with my order. I'm have to reach out to customer service, but it's a little annoying.