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  1. Because given that a pack is required to be assembled from three identical sheets, it would actually cost more (in the form of labor) to include only one.
  2. Don't forget the radical sect that's undermining the Celestial Order among the Dragon peasants. That is imo the most interesting piece of entirely new fluff because it could be a front for existing enemies of the Empire (that haven't shown up in new continuity yet) or a genuine new challenge.
  3. Haven't had a chance to play since the new roles were picked, but I expect 1) most people will switch over ASAP 2) no one will really be too upset if someone is playing the "wrong" role If I play someone using a non-standard, I'll probably make sure they know they're "doing it wrong" but accommodate whether they fix it or not. If you want to explore an alternate possibility for your clan go nuts, with the knowledge that you can't use that build at official events.
  4. For non-Epic ships, price maps perfectly to box size. I would be surprised if that wasnt true of the epics as well.
  5. Turn without gaining stress? Throw five dice at range 1?
  6. There are some effects that will benefit from shooting first. A tractor token could reposition the enemy ship, denying them a shot, or Turr Phennir could reposition out of arc of the other ship. There are also plenty of movement-related reasons to prefer going first (get in position to block, execute an action with a known position for the enemy ship) or second (arc-dodging mainly).
  7. I think anyone suggesting Vader on the Upsilon missed the part where you can only buy one of them.... Edit: FWIW I recommend the Upsilon. You nailed the main difference I see: Lambda is support, Upsilon is a centerpiece. Upsilon opens up qualitatively different lists while Lambda is a piece that supports existing Imp Ace lists.
  8. A far, far more useful way of finding a baseline ship would be to start with the Z-95, the TIE/ln, and maybe the light Scyk and finding their points of similarity, then trimming points and abilities until you reach a shared minimum. You're going to end up somewhere in the 6-10 pt range I imagine.
  9. When Warmahordes changed editions last, they invalidated all the old cards that came with the models. Their fix was to release faction packs containing all the new cards for ten bucks.
  10. Ah, I missed that. I think that's less a condition required for it to be true and more an explanation of how ships would begin and end their maneuvers still touching. Like, if touching parallel ships are a shuttle that does a straight 1 and a TIE that does a straight 2, I'd say it still applies even though the speeds are different. I agree that it's too much work to fly formation with the ships actually touching, though. Around here people use the width of the template as a spacer when setting up and that seems like the minimum necessary wiggle room.
  11. It only affects attacks made by one of the two ships against the other one. Even if it doesn't automatically go away, it can't have any further effect once one of the ships is out of the game.
  12. Important thing to note is that crits acquired after the initial roll, whether from rerolls or adding/changing dice (such as Mercenary Copilot), are not downgraded by HLC. It triggers once immediately after the initial roll only, so while it definitely works at cross purposes with Bossk, it doesn't completely invalidate his ability.
  13. I believe if parallel ships execute a bank or turn and the ship on the outside of the curve goes 1 faster, you end up with the ships in the same formation at the new angle.
  14. I've been thinking about similar issues recently. While the FO and SF are distinct models, all the differences are in the central pod, so if they're turned 90 degrees it's hard to tell at a glance which one it is. My thought was to paint one or more of the solar panel triangles differently, for example making the upper forward panel blue. The same technique would work well for fielding lns that match the fo color scheme in my opinion.
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