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  1. The Dusty Nomads IC

    "Oh, that's easy," Melonie says. "I want to see the whole galaxy! I wanted to have my own ship and crew my whole life. When I was a kid I'd watch the old Captain Locksley holotoons, with his 'merry band of thieves' and his ship, defending the Colonies from the Hutts and the Separatist raiders and I wanted to have adventures like that. I used to run around and pretend that the cubicles of my aunt's office were the black holes of the Maw, and I was a ship having to escape from... well... anyone. Whoever was the villain of the episode. Mostly the Hutts or evil bounty hunters. I guess the idea that an office was to be avoided at all costs got stuck," she jokes.
  2. The Dusty Nomads OOC

    Sorry the delay was my turn, this time. No excuse, time just got away from me.
  3. The Dusty Nomads IC

    "Um..." the question surprises Melonie, accustomed as she is to guys in bars who are willing to ramble on about their hobbies at the slightest prompting. Especially if it allows theme to brag at the same time. "Well... um... what was your favorite expedition!?"
  4. The Dusty Nomads IC

    *** "Soooo......" Melonie swings her arms awkwardly as she and Kara head for the bar. "Archeology huh? That's neat."
  5. The Dusty Nomads OOC

    I kind of figured we (Mel and Kara) we just walking to the club. I'm good for conversation or planning, but I didn't want to clutter up the IC with too many povs. Kara, what do you think? Vic, what are you asking Big Vic? Maybe you could put in the coercion techniques/questions?
  6. The Dusty Nomads IC

    Melonie nods, "If we only have twenty-four hours, we shouldn't waste them waiting for the club to get busy." She reclaims her pistol from the crate and tucks it back in her holster, "Vic, Shishi, we'll be back soon."
  7. The Dusty Nomads OOC

    I was waiting for people to finish edits before I complicated things by adding a new post. LOL, I'll get something up in just a sec.
  8. The Dusty Nomads OOC

    Re:securing the smuggling compartment - how do they lock? From the inside? Out? Could we turn it into a little prison cell?
  9. The Dusty Nomads IC

    "I'm... not sure," Mel admits. "There's two hatches, so both would need to be locked. And there's no way to see inside to keep an eye on them."
  10. The Dusty Nomads IC

    "A club?" Mel frowns, "He might not be there until late this evening then." She glances at the prisoners, "And we can't really bring them with, to a club. Maybe one of us should go and see if we can get a contact number from the business manager?"
  11. The Dusty Nomads OOC

    Fixed it.
  12. The Dusty Nomads IC

    "Try looking for casinos that advertise on-site credit exchange," Mel tells Shishi. "If they take more than Imperial credits, good odds it's a laundering business. Especially if they advertise a percentage cash out fee instead of a flat rate."
  13. The Dusty Nomads OOC

    I have a rank in knowledge underworld.
  14. The Dusty Nomads IC

    Melonie frowns, "I didn't ask you to look it up, Shishi. I asked of we already had it. The rest of us didn't see the bounty notice, remember."
  15. The Dusty Nomads IC

    Mel frowns at Kara's words, "If they don't work for him, they may not know. Thanks, Shishi, I appreciate it. Hey, did that bounty posting have a bounty amount or contact information? Something to way where to turn it in, if not the authorities?"