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  1. I've made a calculator to determine the chances of a team winning the initial roll off. Here are some of the top team's chances: Han/Rey and Vader/Raider: 67% to 32% Han/Rey and Jango/Veers: 65.2% to 34.8 Vader/Raider and Jango/Veers: 45.3% to 54.7 If anyone has any requests for me to calculate, please post in the comments below. (For reasons, I cannot post a link to the calculator)
  2. If you combine training with the new battlefield cargo hold, you can make other characters elite. A great example of this is using tie pilot with palpatine then moving training to palpating to make him elite
  3. This has already been discussed but with willpower
  4. I was playing a match against a maz/eOld Ben deck and the battlefield was cargo hold. During the game I claimed to move second chance from maz to old Ben so I could kill her. Later on, when killing old Ben to remove the Second Chance, he tried to use Old bens ability to play One with the force on old Ben. I said he couldn't do that because second chance is a replacement effect so both of them can't trigger. We went with his way and it greatly affect the game with a 3 focus. I did win due to Kill and Mill, but who was right in our case?
  5. I have all of the battlefields besides for this one. Does anyone know what it is?
  6. I translated the promo Image. I'm fluent in aurebesh. Aurebesh is just written. Star Wars characters speak basic which is just English or whatever language you watch Star Wars in.
  7. We just got the new Command Shuttle Card revealed and its special reads Special - "use a special ability on one of your characters." we also recently got spoiled Darth Vader: Sith Apprentice (Vader2) and his special reads Special - "Deal 3 damage to a character. Deal 1 damage to this character." so if you were to use command shuttle on Vader2, would it act like cunning and Vader2 still takes the 1 damage, or would he not take the 1 damage because Command Shuttle's special's wording is not like cunning's wording?
  8. I'm usually big on finding out exact rules but this one I couldn't figure out If I use cunning's special on an opponent's Jetpack, does my character with cunning get the shield or does the opponent's character with Jetpack get the shield?
  9. I think all of your percentages are correct accept for the last one is 68% instead of 69%
  10. 28 boosters packs and got Leia Padme Too many of the same battlefields Rebel trooper 2x Thermal Dentators 2x Launch Bays Jabba Luke Vader 7 Legendaries
  11. Sith Holocron allows you to ignore play restrictions so chirrut's text doesn't affect that. Plus that's a villain
  12. His cost would be 11/15 because of the action.I have some feeling my thread talking about cost formulas caused the idea of creating your own characters
  13. What about Boodi, Baze, Sacrif Rebel Trooper, Sal's Rebels, and Sal? Edit: Also Cassian
  14. This caused a huge dispute in multiple of my games but we went with that text in parenthesis are not official card text and the golden rule does not take priority.
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