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  1. in my group humans are the most common race but I've never played one personally.
  2. there is this clone from the clone wars tv show he was a normal clone trooper.
  3. if my power armor gives me athletics 2 and I have athletics of 5 do I get an athletics of 7?
  4. sorry I didn't realize that mine is basically the same as the one above it.
  5. the players are enslaved and a set on a giant dejarik table where every tile is an arena. whenever they are moved to a different tile they need to fight some other fighter or a monster.
  6. I'm more wondering which table you would roll on, because its a creature and most of the ship crits do stuff like damage your shields or engines and other stuff that wouldn't be applicable to a space slug.
  7. but this might help http://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/ you can find groups near you at events. I'm not sure how it works but I've seen some events that are in Texas.
  8. It's in strongholds of resistance on P.51 it has ship stats and is near impossible to kill. not sure what happens when you deal a crit to it since it's considered a ship.
  9. It's called an exogoroth. I'm trying to find which book it's in.
  10. oh it was more of a rhetorical question, because they have really good stats.
  11. also they said they are going to put stats for Ewok pcs in the Allies and Adversaries book that is coming out soon.
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