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  1. I played it a bit , and even took it to a tournament. I took pattern analyzers on QD, but would probably change that for Fanatical and FCS. Kylo and Tavson don't need upgrades. I found that, unlike the Lambda, you have to move quite fast to set up a good position with the Upsilon. Bumping, stopping and 1-forward makes it easier for your opponent to get into a position to avoid it. I usually set up in the corner and 3-bank in on the first turn. The reason I (almost) stopped playing the list is that I don't think QD carries enought. He doesn't have the tools to be a real ace (afterburners?), and isn't that great at jousting. (Although this might just be me never really figuring out how to play the SF. It's not really my style)
  2. 1) Don't commit to early Try to set up the rocks in a way that gives you room to move from one corner and into the center at any point. An asteroid at Range 2 from the side edge right between the player edges is the worst thing to see with jousters. If you leave yourself options to turn in multiple directions every turn, it should scare the aces off some of the time. Soontir has to break off his flanking if your entire squad can 2-turn and hit him with everything. 2) Cover a large area You probably won't get all your arcs on one target. So don't try to force it by flying in a block (TIE-swarm is the exception). By fanning out you can make it harder for the aces to engage by having arcs covering where they want to be. Is one of your ships in danger of beeing arc dodged? Make sure to point one of your other guns in that direction. 3) Be patient Most of the time you have the final salvo advantage, so the pressure is on the aces to engage. They also need more shot to kill your ships. I'm not saying you should play slow or play for time. But dont feel like you have to turn in to engage when k-turning to find another approach is better.
  3. I’ve had some time to mess around with your card creator, but I'm not able to use print-to-PDF to get any workable pictures. Neither from Firefox nor Chrome. Do you have any solutions? Also, I know it's a stretch, but is there an option to create a bleed edge for printing. So the text isn't cut out?
  4. That looks awesome! I'll take a closer look when I get home, but it looks like it's exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!
  5. I have som artwork I would like to turn into pilot cards to hand out at tournaments, but I don't really have any photoshop skills. Are there any templates or other tools to create pilot cards in something like the style of the extended art prizes FFG gives out?
  6. For Empire, the best place to start is probably Vader and Soontir. They don't really need any upgrades, but Vader likes Afterburners (or Hate and FCS) and Soontir likes Predator. From there, adding to joust-oriented ships gives you a strong and versatile squadron. 2 barrage rocket bombers is really good, but I prefer Countdown and Gideon Hask
  7. Yearfire

    Playstyles Poll

    I'm really encouraged by the number of people choosing Toolkit Jousters, or trying to describe something similar. Not just because I named the category, but because I genuinely believe X-wing is meant to be played that way. The archetypical X-wing match is something like Vader+mini swarm vs. 3 x-wings with mid to high initiative. And I believe that squads like that being viable is more fun and generaly more healthy for the game.
  8. That's strange. I've never had that problem with them. Nor has anyone I know, I think.
  9. While this fix would probably be fine, I disagree that VTG with the current ruling is nescessarily broken. Yions doens't do anything that's not a core part if the game: it points at things, shoots, and takes damage in return. That means it can be costed correctly. It's probably a little bit too cheap right now, but that doesn't mean the mechanic can't be priced correctly. I understand why you might want a cheap gunner for turrets without front arcs, but all upgrades has to be costed according to it's most effecient use. Simple variable costs are nice, but Shield Upgrade is still not worth it on Academy Pilots. We have to accept that some uses of all upgrades will be bad. I like there to be a reason for Y-wings, etc to have their turrets in the front, but if we want to keep that, we should hope for a new gunner for "true turrets" instead of making it this one.
  10. I use these from Escapade Gaming and Gear in Sweden. I wouldn't play without them. Looks like they're sold out of everything but medium bases right now though.
  11. Yearfire

    Playstyles Poll

    Two years ago, I would have said arc-dodging aces without hesitation. But in 2.0, I've really enjoyed lists that fall somewhere in between aces and jousters. Lists (usually four ships) that jousts better than aces and arc dodges better than jousters. I guess you could classify them as "Shark & Remora", but 2 jedis+2 torrents and TIE Salad doesn't really fit into that either I think. Pilots like Quickdraw and Vader aren't really arc-dodgy aces. Can an Upsilon in a list with aces really be calles a remora? I think maybe a category like "Toolkit jousters" or "Jack of all trades" would fit better? A mix of jousting and arc-dodging capabilities.
  12. I don’t really think that is a problem with Hate. Sense has it’s uses and FFG can introduce more force upgrades or decrease the points on the other upgrades. Finding out what the bad choices are is part of list building. I’ve played both Kylo and Vader, and I’m fine with Hate being bad on both.
  13. Hot take: Not all updates need to be as effective (or even good) on all ships. Just like it’s fine that shield upgrade is a terrible upgrade on an academy pilot, Hate could just be priced to be balanced in it’s most effective use. Not all cards need variable points.
  14. This is really true. One of my best blocks in 2.0 was blocking Wedge with Vader. It's also important to make blocks where you won't miss the shots from that ship for too long. Either because you have a short turn-around time, good action economy on the k-turn or a back arc.
  15. You're right, Afterburners only allows you to do the boost while stressed. All the more important to make it clear what's going on, so no one is cheating without knowing it.
  16. The other side of this communicating to you opponent when you know what's going on. Sure, you can use the 1-straight and then the 3-straight, but I've played against TIE strikers before, so I'm fine with you just using the 5 when nothing is in the way. (BTW, taking the lock and the BR in your example is illegal)
  17. Tavson, Kylo, Quickdraw is light on upgrades, but it's a solid list. If you want to fly the FO-fighter, two of the cheaper uniques with fanatical (I prefer Scorch and Longshot) makes a good 4-ship list with Tavson and Quickdraw.
  18. I don't know if you need the bid? The TIE-swarm is higher I and seperatist don't care that much if they're blocked because of Kraken and token sharing (also they don't need to be in formation).
  19. I don't think you're allowed to do that! 😭 Could we make this illegal please!
  20. Yearfire

    Soontir Fel

    In my opinion Soontir doesn't really need any upgrades at all. Predator is really good for it's points, but if you're short on points it's not nessesary. Lone Wolf, Shield, Hull, Afterburners and other upgrades are nice, but what kind of squadron do you fly him in (in Hyperspace)? You're probably approaching a 3-ship list?
  21. Yearfire

    Soontir Fel

    He's in Hyperspace now. The number of I5 aces has increased as well (Guri). That should make him good, right? How do you fly him? What upgrades do you put on him? And it what squadron?
  22. Looks like I read the obstacle section a bit quick. It opens with the "while you execute a manauver"-timing, but happens later. Thank you They wouldn't be considered facts then, would they?
  23. Grapling Struts (Closed) reads: While you execute a manuever, if you overlap an asteroid or debris cloud and there are 1 or fewer other friendly ships at range 0 of that obstacle, you may flip this card. So, if the condition is met, the timing window for this ability is "while you execute a maneuver", and it goes to the ability queue. But taking the effect of the obstacle has the same timing window (rules reference, p 13). And since game effects allways are resolved first, you still have to roll damage before you can flip it. Please tell me I'm wrong?
  24. Poe is a good place to start. It doesn't interact that well with his ability without primed thrusters, so you can't fly him stressed all the time. Check out the latest mission debriefing from Echo Base, with Kevin Leintz flying a heavy Poe with 3 a-wing: Or you could take Nien Nunb. His ability doesn't interact with BB-8, but he shouldn't be stressed, so you can actually use it. The difference between doing a talon roll+boost and barrel roll+1 bank makes him really unpredictable. I think it's hard to go wrong when list building for resistance with the x-wing and a-wing. Most of the pilots have merit. If you can fit in Nien or Poe with BB-8 in a 4-ship list you're probably not too far off.
  25. Why do you say that? I think the weird movement pattern of the Phantom is really interesting and fits quite well into the imperial arsenal. Remember that points will change.
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