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  1. The final scene of Rogue One worked for me because it was genuinely scary to me. Watching the scenes from the OT of Vader choking people I feel like an observer. I see it and think, yes, he's evil, but I don't feel the fear. But the scene from RO I felt like I was a participant rather than just an observer and it was a scene out of a horror movie where you know this evil person is coming for you. In that moment, I was so engrossed with what was going on it didn't matter that I logically knew the outcome. Emotionally, I was genuinely fearful that the plans wouldn't make it out. I'd say it was pretty effective for me. But I realize YMMV.
  2. Rejected. I guess only signing up once doesn't pay off. 😇 Congrats to all that scored one!
  3. Zoo is right. I imagine this is how a lot of us looked.
  4. The LE N-1 is the toilet paper of XWM.
  5. Scrivner

    HOTAC site down??

    I just checked it and not able to get to it either. It reports an internal server error. If you're looking to download the package you can get it from here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/idahlgp7j63b5rn/AADvW3D4JMnZ_IL2orWza1J1a?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR00wrv2lPIvH4_FOeMqwtettddoMFHMJ92qRbmEW9HmhLHEyt-loc-5vc0 There's also a Facebook group devoted to HOTAC. You find it easily by doing a search in FB.
  6. Thanks for the feedback on the book recommendations so far. I forgot to mention that awhile back I had my eye on the X-Wing Series by Michael Stackpole. It seems like maybe I had heard people enjoyed those. Any thoughts on that series?
  7. Since there are several EU readers in this thread, I'd like to ask: For someone who hasn't read anything beyond the original Thrawn trilogy, what would be your top few EU novel recommendations?
  8. Wow - good call @Odanan. Are you sure you don't have insider information.
  9. I enjoyed it. There are things I would have done differently but no one asked my opinion. Most of the problems that I have with it stem from not having a cohesive story plan for the trilogy and trying to cram 3 more films worth of material into this last chapter. But my 11 year old son and I both enjoyed it.
  10. I think some explanation of Snoke was necessary since there was literally nothing known about him from an audience perspective other than he is head of the FO and trained Kylo Ren. Especially since it's obvious the characters (Han and Leia and presumably others) understand who he is which means it's not a big mystery to the characters in the story. Speaking for myself I was pleased with how this was handled. It was only about two lines worth of information and we still know almost nothing about him. So there is plenty of room to fill in backstory in other media (books, comics, etc). They revealed just enough so that the audience at least has an understanding of how he came to be a player in the story.
  11. I think the official FFG starfield mat has been out of stock for quite awhile. I thought there had been speculation that they would reprint soon but it has been months since I heard that. Didn't realize the huge conversion kit was scarce already. Hopefully there will be a restock soon since I haven't gotten one yet.
  12. Magic Carpet Ride is a favorite of mine as well. I know everyone has heard of it but I always chuckle when I hear "Fat Han". There was a list of 3 K-Wings called "Galaxy Note 7" (which were Samsung exploding phones that were recalled a few years back). This was a reference to how much ordnance the K-Wings carried. I always thought this was a clever and funny squad name.
  13. As others suggested, create a X-Wing Facebook Group page for your area. Then go to the game stores you mentioned and ask the owner if you can post a "Players Wanted" flyer in their store. Be sure to put the X-Wing Facebook Group name/location on the flyer. You only need one person to bite in order to get a game going. And you may be able to build a group from there.
  14. Battle of Endor by "OnTableTop" Youtube Channel https://youtu.be/-K1sIVlM25c
  15. This thread should be pinned. (Sorry - I don't have anything else to add).
  16. Adding an air-to-ground expansion would create a whole new category of content that could help with the lack of Rebellion Era content. (I really want a Snow-Speeder / AT-AT ground expansion set).
  17. This! But seriously - excellent work you magnificent nerd! If I may ask, regarding identifying the symbol on the dice: I notice in the image captures of the dice that sometimes multiple facings can be seen in a single image. How did your image analysis algorithm determine which ones were not the real results?
  18. Jaws was never my scene and I don't like Star Wars.
  19. Scrivner

    Aphra's Ship

    "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid."
  20. Noted. However, your great-great-great-great grandparents having been thieves doesn't mean you don't have a right to defend yourself from being robbed.
  21. I've seen and heard several similar articles and comments from people over the last several week that are critical of the tariffs. The concerns are not unfounded but they all focus on the possible negative consequences to themselves without examining the bigger picture of why it's happening. China has unfair trade practices - they break trade rules, they manipulate their economy at their trading partners' expense, and they literally steal from us* (which besides hurting the companies being stolen from, is also a national security issue). They have been doing this for decades and no one has seriously challenged them on this (although to be fair we (the US) have not always been in the best position economically to do so). My current job depends heavily on trade with China and so it's not out of the realm of possibility that if the trade issues escalate and/or do not get resolved soon that it could result in me being laid off. But despite being heavily invested in the issues being resolved, I understand that there is a bigger picture and that the issues need to be addressed. *This also hits home for me because in the past I have worked with a Chinese foreign national whom several of my co-workers and I suspect was stealing trade secrets. (This was only one individual out of many Chinese people I have worked with in my career in case anyone gets the idea that our suspicion was based on race).
  22. First FPS? Wasn't it either Castle Wolfenstein or Doom circa 1993-ish?
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