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  1. Scrivner

    How to get started?

    This is what I was going to suggest until someone pointed out that we don't know what the availability of the conversion kits will be in the future. It would not be surprising if the conversion kits dry up and are very difficult to find or no longer available in, say, a year from now. So if you decide to go this route, keep a close eye on the available stock and prices of conversion kits and be prepared to buy in to them sooner than later. You don't want to invest a bunch of money in buying 1.0 ships and then get screwed later by not being able to convert them to 2.0 due to lack of availability of the kits.
  2. Scrivner

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    It's good repaint fodder tho.
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  4. Scrivner

    Quick-Build Squad Builder

    Thank you for your work making QBSB available to the community. It's amazing!
  5. Scrivner

    New to x wing

    Welcome to the game! If you like scum, I'll second what TBot said. I've had fun playing both the Firespray and the Fang Fighters. I haven't played Lando's Falcon yet, but it's a cool looking ship.
  6. Scrivner

    Mining Guild TIE

    I wonder... will Purgils be large base or Epic? Hmmm... 🤔
  7. Scrivner

    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

    A feature request. It's probably a rather large task but I thought I'd put it out there anyway (if you don't ask, you don't get, right?): Could a "Quickbuild Mode" be added? I'd like to be able to browse through and select the Quickbuild pilots/ships that I want in my list. When a Quickbuild pilot/ship is selected it would automatically add the Quickbuild pilot/ship and upgrades to my list.
  8. Scrivner

    The 2.0 Squad Builder - - where is it?

    I understand. But Chrome, IE and Firefox are the three top browsers. It's not that hard to QA a webapp for three browsers. And we're not talking a minor incompatibility like an image doesn't display correctly. It's logging in to the app. That seems like a pretty major bug.
  9. Scrivner

    The 2.0 Squad Builder - - where is it?

    You still can't log into the official squad builder webapp if you're using the Firefox browser which has about equal market share to Internet Explorer. It returns an error code. It's been out for two months and there are still people who aren't able to log in.
  10. Using the Firefox browser, when clicking on the Log In link on the front page of the Squad Builder website there is an error: {"status":400,"error":"invalid_nonce","error_description":"This application requires you specify a nonce parameter","error_code":"API027"} FFG - please add this to your action item list for bug fixes if it's not already on the list. Note that the Firefox browser has nearly the same browser market share as Internet Explorer (2nd only to Chrome). So there are a very large number of users who are not able to log in to the website Squad Builder. Thank you!
  11. Scrivner

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    You mean your future ex-wife! j/k! Hopefully she'll embrace your geekiness. Best wishes to you both!
  12. Scrivner

    Online 2.0 Rules Reference browser (1.0.2)

    @J1mBob - I missed this earlier - sorry I didn't reply sooner. I just tried again on my Android phone using Chrome and the menu problem is fixed for me. Seems to be working well now. Thanks for your efforts on this - it will be super helpful as a reference during games!
  13. Scrivner

    Getting started with 2.0

    Just an FYI - for your convenience, the links to the listbuilders are in the pinned thread Index of useful links
  14. Scrivner

    Online 2.0 Rules Reference browser (1.0.2)

    Just tried it on Chrome (Android) and the menu did not work in landscape mode either.