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  1. I am very interested in knowing about the next cycle of the A Game of Thrones LCG. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, but unfortunately, this statement isn't true. I'm still looking for the "correct" decks for the neutral cards and plots for the 2015 Demo Deck if anyone can please share that information. This set includes two 40 card draw decks (one is Stark/Baratheon and the other Lannister/Tyrell) with 5 card plot decks each. Thanks!
  3. I have a 2015 demo kit but got it second hand and it doesn't include the Decklist for the game. When I scan the QR code included with it, the link is dead. Does anyone know the Decklist for this game and would you please post it? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know off hand what the diameter in millimeters is of the icons printed on the cards?
  5. 1. It would still be an unopposed challenge because you have no one to declare as a defender. The +1 still requires a character to add its bonus to. 2. The second option you stated is correct.
  6. Yeah, that is a limitation but you can basically use anything for the tokens. A role of pennies for the gold should cover it. Any kind of matching chit can be a victory point. If you have 8 players 113 is the absolute max you would need but almost certainly not that many. The next kind of thing is an all purpose marker for game effects. Once again, just a different type of chit from what you use for a VP. Last thing is a first player marker. That can be a meeple or whatever.
  7. Hi Tyler. I would say that if you're thinking about using Draft Starters anyway, you should definitely have each person interested buy a Valyrian Draft Pack. A VDP retails for $15. Assuming each person buys their own DS (the DS is reusable) and VDP, that's a $20.00 buy in each. The biggest difference between splitting core sets and buying VDPs that no one has mentioned is that VDPs are algorithmically randomized. The core sets aren't. This means that theoretically, every player has an equal shot at good cards and ability to build a balanced deck. Splitting out core sets won't ensure that and you could end up with some very lopsided decks. There are also specific rules for a successful draft in this game. I have drafted before using the drafts sets and I can verify it's a good experience. I think your play group will be impressed. Also, I recently learned the cards you walk away from a draft with can be used in constructed play if you decide to get into the game for real, assuming they're not "draft format only". Your percentage of these types of cards will be low, so it's not a bad deal for what you pay for.
  8. I have the following Valyrian Draft Set cards: Four Draft Starters, including the following draft format only cards: The Power of Wealth/Protectors of the Realm x 4 Treaty/Unifying the Seven Kingdoms x 4 House Bannerman x 8 Feast or Famine x 4 Summoned by the Conclave x 4 The Pale Mare x4 The following draft format only cards: Tyrion Lannister x 3 The Viper's Rage x 1 Raventree Elite x 1 Deadly Khalasar x 3 Hollow Hill x 1 Muster x 1 Holding the Trident x 2 Common Cause x 1 Let me know if you want to work out a trade.
  9. I have a number of these cards. I am not home to look through them now, but I'd be willing to trade them for copies of the card "Great Hall" from the "Guarding the Realm" chapter pack. I have multiple copies of the draft starter pack cards, but you're probably not interested in those; let me know if you are though. I have multiple copies of "Tyrion Lannister" and "Deadly Khalasar". I have at least one copy each of "The Viper's Rage", "Raventree Elite", "Hollow Hill", "Muster", "Holding the Trident" and "Common Cause" I might have copies of "Compelled by the King" and "Blackcrown Knights" but can't remember for sure. Let me know if you want to work out a trade.
  10. Am I allowed to use cards I got from a draft pack in my decks for constructed play, as long as they're not "draft format only" cards?
  11. Thrones of Minnesota is a really good Youtube channel about the game and I really enjoyed watching their videos. Unfortunately, the channel has been silent for about two months now. I tried posting on their comments page about a month ago and never saw a reply. I am wondering if anyone knows why such a previously active channel seems to have gone dormant. Thanks!
  12. I got a Valyrian draft pack today and it had a copy of the draft only Tyrion Lannister. I noticed that this card didn't have the symbol denoting that this version of Tyrion Lannister is unique. I assume this is a typo. Has it been officially addressed anywhere? I didn't find it listed in the card errata.
  13. Can you please give a rules citation? We looked in the book but didn't find it. Thanks!
  14. Scenario: Player A has Benjen Stark marshalled with a duplicate. Player B plays the plot Wildfire Assault. Player A chooses not to save Benjen Stark from the Wildfire Assault. and as per the card, shuffles Benjen Stark into his draw deck instead of putting the card in his dead pile. Question: What happens to the duplicate on Benjen Stark? Does it go into the discard pile? Does it get shuffled back into the deck as well? Some third option?
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