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  1. Anybody knows what models are those? I'm guessing the 1/72 from Bandai but I'm confused because they feel right for legion wich is kinda bigger 1:5X? (Dunno exactly).
  2. Andreu

    What's coming next?

    I can imagine this 2 being different models from the same ship (like t-65 and t-70) but certainly not the same ship.
  3. Andreu

    What's coming next?

    Maybe it could add some sort of deployment condition, like dunno... maybe in line with what have already been said "Deploy from an asteroid", or "can make a speed 0 maneuver during first 2 turns", or for epic to provide docking on some ship that does not have the option, certainly could be used to add some gimmick.
  4. Same! When you say RTT you mean ITT right? I agree that a model is in order but I hope they base it on the live action version. The transport in the las Mandalorian episode has a more functional/serious looking front part without the funny shapes of the version in the Rebels animated show or the ball-turrets in the front part... so please let it be based on the one we just saw if it ever happens 🙏
  5. This is the direction they should have taken instead of so many iterations of the same standard TIE Fighter... even if it still makes sense to have iterations with little changes we are talking about science fiction here... What works best IMO is to have ships for different roles with distinctive shapes. I belive the only reason we got TIEs like the SF or wishper is because they don't care that much about world building anymore (since the worls its already well sold on people) and they are only the means to tell a story
  6. I'm positive we will get the AAT. Is truly emblematic so it will be the AT-ST equivalent to CIS. I believe is even doable in a large base but it could come with its own base variant similar to what they are doing with the Occupier Tank.
  7. I thought so too but after some digging I found out it wasn't the case. It's a different ship... you can see the concept for that one really well in the art book of the movie.
  8. I have a doubt maybe someone can think with me a bit here. So in this expansion there is no personel slot but we can add a named/unique leader DT-F16 with its own miniature that takes the slot of the heavy weapon trooper (the DLT-19D troooper). Therefore any aditional unit we buy after the first one will give us a extra mini to fool around (since we cannot field more than one DT-F16), right? This got me curious which one of the minis is that one and wich one is the basic leader? There is one holding with both hands a SE-14r that stands out but the rest are pretty similar. I'm thinking the SE-14r is DT-F16 and from the normal ones the one with one hand in the air is the basic leader.
  9. I think that astromech repairing speeders make sense only if they are on board... or as in another topic is being discussed, if a "break mechanic" allows a stop (meaning skiping mandatory move). Otherwise it makes no sense right? I know wargames aren't simulations but a minimum of logic needs to stay in place.
  10. Gaslands spins also around that and it's a pretty rad and fun game!
  11. I agree with you but that is a inconvenience of the current movement system for the sake of simple/agile gameplay. But in my coment I wasn't underestimating it's speed, I was only conveying that it is a mechanic that could be implemented only for speeder units with speed 2 (or all of them but way harder for speed 3 ones) representing that something that goes faster can't break easily. Only an idea though, I don't dislike the current mandatory movement mechanic tbh.
  12. I like this Idea. I think it should be part of the "speeder" rules in a way that the T-47 Airspeeder and 74-Z Speederbikes need a higher cost or they cannot even do it (and there is no need to errata the cards). So linking the mechanic to the speed will be ideal... not sure how but in a way that the new speeder can do it easily since is only speed 2.
  13. Maybe we should stop pouring money to their products in the side that doesn't matter... protest with something they will listen to.
  14. I'm with you there, never bought one cause I hate the ship looks... in the other hand I bought ships I don't fly just cause of the looks. Alien luxury has different versions with different amount of cannons, the proportions are not great but the model is inspired in the other E-Wing version wich I like much better... I wish FFG reprinted the 2nd edition version with that version.
  15. I'm happy for those who can get their hands on the exclusive Vader but I'm on the side of this is not a good move and is gonna bring more losses than benefits. For example, completionists dont have a reason anymore to buy everything since they cannot complete the collection anyway.
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