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  1. Precisely why I used the Zvezda Star destroyer model for my SD analog. Conveys the sense of size and scope of a star destroyer while being actually useable on the table. As far as covering large amounts of distance, I solved that a while ago with the "Super-cruise" option for both friendly ships and enemies, which is effectively triple slam with a 5 straight white move until the ships enter combat range.
  2. A sliding scale correct Star Destroyer would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 feet. I'm of the school of thought that perspective can make up for accuracy in most cases and useability is more important than the outright wow factor, Something half the actual size at 10 feet long would be functional only as a play surface, albiet a really cool one. For the purposes of x-wing, there's a ton of ships that are serviceable and sized close enough to be useable in the game, though I'd venture a guess that most people wouldn't call a 4 or 5 foot capital ship particularly useable outside of a 8-10 foot play area. Having made several VERY large super-epic capital ships I can say that anything much bigger than that is not going to be feasible as a moveable unit on the board and would be better served as the board itself.
  3. Once I finish it I'll tally everything together including stands and cards and all that jazz
  4. It would be prohibitively expensive! I only did it because I'm the president of the more money than brains club LOL
  5. Me too! I love the design, but just couldn't justify the size of a scale-correct model. This is probably as big as something could feasibly be on the table while still being movable.
  6. She was printed in 10 primary hull pieces with all of her guns and trench details printed separately. The original stl had ALOT more detail, but was unprintable in its current state as it was originally designed only for images and rendering. Needed to do alot of tinkering to get it into a printable state and the original designer helped alot with cutting it up into enough pieces to make it printable at the scale I wanted. Took a little over a month straight of printing and trial and error to get it all done!
  7. Nope! Venator-inspired for sure, but scaled down, with a larger array of engines and more weapon emplacements. This is something Imperial High command would have developed following the battle of Yavin to counter the now evident threat that rebel starfighters were posing to imperial infrastructure, especially since the Arquitens had been proved several times to be ill-equipped to actually deal with the starfighter problem, they would have been looking for something to replace it and I figured this would be a viable alternative. Also, a scale Venator, even with sliding scale would have been 7 feet long. This is much more manageable.
  8. My next step up is just gonna be a table that is also a ship LOL
  9. I'm thinking about painting this thing in Army Painter Dragon Red https://www.gamenerdz.com/colour-primer-dragon-red?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1pblBRDSARIsACfUG12Pjas3kFJwdDtV7d2IRArKgJbNcusze0_n5XAluvO6Br2xDxn98hIaAvsFEALw_wcB Taping off the guns and bits of trim and doing the detailing in silver and black. Was inspired by this piece of Force Awakens concept art that really caught my eye https://goo.gl/images/Gv8BrC But red will obviously be a fairly big departure from my other epic ship paint schemes (primary black with red and silver accents or flat black with just silver accents) Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions on the matter?
  10. What started as more of a challenge for my buddies printers capabilities ended up actually getting made! The Objurator is 4 feet from bow to stern and 2 feet wide and will feature the most firepower and hit points of any ship I've yet to field! Due to the ships massive size, it's likely that her movement will be minimal on my 6x3 play area, but I'm actually working on a design for a 12x5 table specifically to accommodate this and my other larger vessels. I'll be posting updates here as the ship get's built out and painted and as I make the cards for it!
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