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  1. Of course you could always just barrel roll them off the map or into a bomb or something. Still, might be fun and super thematic!
  2. Firespray MKII Firestrike retrofit

    The Firespray MKII Firestrike retrofit was a massive uparmament and armoring of the standard Firespray patrol craft and was specifically designed for the Mandalorian protectors during the galactic civil war. In addition to the already considerable armament of the Firespray, the Firestrike featured a large, capital-grade ion cannon turret at the top of the craft that was slaved directly to the main reactor. This cannon was powerful enough to ionize much larger targets with a few well-placed shots and could be overcharged from its reactor link to cause considerably more damage to targets unfortunate enough to come under fire. A pair of dual, heavy flechette cannons amidships were capable of a spread fire mode that allowed the weapons to unleash massive salvos at close range to devastating effect against starfighters. A much improved scanning and targeting array aided in the aiming of the Firestrikes many weapon systems and heavy armor plating was added to protect the ships double-redundant shield generators. These upgrades to the craft allowed a single Firestrike to be deployed in several roles that were more traditionally assigned to much larger ships, and gave the Protectors a valuable weapon to protect Mandalore from any and all outside aggression.
  3. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    I'd be more than happy to share my experiences with hotac and mission design or anything else!
  4. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    Thanks dude!
  5. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    The asteroids were blocking the arrival of the rebel transport and were riddled with buzz droids, so each ship had 2 seismic torpedoes on top of their normal armament for this mission only and needed to coordinate attacks with the tie hunters and other ion cannon equipped ships on our side to disable the buzz droids and clear a path for the transport. This was all being done while long range turbolasers bombarded us and dozens of vulture droids harassed us with the help of a pair of enhanced ig2000's
  6. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    Leaves the bases open to write fun stuff on them from mission to mission and we have all the pertinent information on our pilot sheets anyways!
  7. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    Because we like to party and go fast and loose with the whole shared sci-fi universe idea lol
  8. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    All data cores were consumed at the end of the night to preserve their information from prying imperial eyes
  9. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    Haha! too true.
  10. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    Thanks! Loved that book and have always wanted to incorporate ig88's arc into my campaign.
  11. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    Airhead data cores
  12. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    The best kind I wish there was a way to bring people in on how much fun this stuff is. We had a blast in this mission!
  13. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    Thank you dude!
  14. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    The Enemy of my Enemy: Irregular squadron made a huge revelation from the information gathered against the nefarious droid bounty hunter IG-88, with the reluctant assistance of the imperial members of Widowmaker Squadron. They were able to upload the data cores stored aboard a rebel transport into a sliced droid factory platform that revealed the plans the evil droid has in store... Complete galactic extermination of all organic lifeforms in a Galaxy-wide droid revolution! Only together can the Rebellion and the Empire hope to survive the coming storm, but is it already too late for the meatbags to overcome the mental metal menace? Find out next time with the Aturi Irregulars!
  15. Next ships (after Wave 12/13)

    Probably the three swg faction gunships. Would be very cool having ships that ate up all of a 100 point list by themselves.