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  1. My apologies! I've obviously misread the rules on Skills, I've been trying to wrap my head around how they work. In that case, then this is fantastic and is great for quick adding stats. Great utility for a "newb" to the game
  2. Howdy folks! I appreciate there have been many threads on the question I am about to propose but I cannot seem to find a definitive answer, so forgive me if I am just being stupid or missing something obvious I would like to roll a Forge World born Explorator - my question is in relation to skills. I apparently get Common Lore (Tech) and Common Lore (Machine Cult) as untrained skills. ^ I thought everybody could use any Basic skill untrained just with a modifier, why is is listed as specifically untrained for Forge World born? I also then get Common Lore (Tech) and Common Lore (Machine Cult) for being an Explorator. ^ So to what level does a starting character who is a Forge World born Explorator have these skills trained at? Thanks for your time
  3. Hiya! Sorry to necro this thread again but starting RT within the next couple of weeks, trying to learn the ropes and found the editable sheet and it looks like it'll be super helpful! As stated by HeavensThunderHammer there appears to be a large number of Skills that are 'on' for the Basic flag and cannot be unchecked. Cracking sheet otherwise though, be perfect if these could be resolved!
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