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  1. you absolutely got lucky. I'd bet ALL of your dice rolls added up together throughout all five missions would have been rolling like 80% of their maximum amounts. OR the mathematical graphing of your rolls would show a disproportionate number of the below average rolls made were the values of the app's figure's attacks. I haven't tried doing the app with just averaged out rolls, but theoretically that should help if the root of my problem is how bad I am at rolling dice. There just isn't enough medpacs even with all the ones you get from the crates in a mission. One group of reg stormtroopers can put 12 damage on somebody in one turn if they are lucky....more in the app cause they're always getting an extra green die on the first one's attack or a free surge....Literally my only hope would be to hoard like 14 medpacs to use on the finale... Which should totally be a valid option cause if I'm hoarding medpacs, I'm prolly losing the missions in between when I want to use them. Like reverse saving agenda cards for the finale. That's a valid and legal strategy. Also literally any house rule irks me a lot unless it's a 100% necessary (like a fifth player who is a whiny little kid who will throw a temper tantrum if you don't let him play and nobody wants to give up their place or be the IP or something like that)
  2. also is there any possible way Diala can get Shu-Yen's in the campaign?
  3. Hey so what's the deal with these how many do you get each mission it seems random sometimes you have the same number you had at the end of the last mission, sometimes it's just like *screw you* lose HALF the medpacs you hoarded the app is sooooo dang hard. I've had all four heroes wounded in the tutorial every. single. time. I've played with all the heroes except Davith, and not every combination of Hero, haven't won a single mission and can't seem to. I might just ignore that resting rule because I can't seemingly hoard medpacs and honestly this thing is just soooooooo dang hard. I don't even want to think about the hard setting.
  4. so was barrowing my friends ipad to play it, one quick question; since you can't rest, does Onar recover an additional 2 when he uses a medpac?
  5. now Steam just needs to hurry up, Google and Apple users are making me mad they got it before me.
  6. the 0 cost card from Military Might is probably the single best 0 exp class card Imps get their hands on. Make sure you use it on a 3 dice attack whenever you can so try to get it off with the Eweb and the RGC
  7. believe me dude if you don't get a villain for free in a mission you pick one as an open group and pay for threat for it, you've already done the rebs a favor. But technically it is a house rule. What class deck are you using?
  8. I wouldn't mind to see 4-Lom and Zuckuss either. I would buy those. But I do hope the next box is ewoks. I hate ewoks. So much. They're the furry midget Jar-Jar gungans of the OT we all wish Lucas would have aborted. My wallet needs a break. Now...I think you are bringing up some very logical points in this thread. That said, I don't think the blisters will ever come without Skirmish stuff inside them. I'm pretty sure Skirmish has a larger player base? I could be wrong, or maybe that it just has a larger organized play community. That said it would be cool if they release some new campaign-only villain packs. I bet those could have waaaay more interesting rules and mechanics than blisters that have to function balanced in two different games. Also, I feel like now that there is an app, most of their groundwork has been done. Making new coop campaigns is definitely something we can look forward too, and I would be willing to wager that apps can be developed and released much more quickly than mass printed material. Which means we will probably be seeing just more missions and generic content overall. Who knows maybe they'll make an app-only hero, who's character sheet and cards are only kept on the app and you just use a token or w/e fig for him.
  9. Exactly, usually I can have the map set-up and ready to start before the rebels have finished their upgrade phase, always and definitely if I had the Rebels search for the tiles for me with a covered up game component that's only showing the necessary map tiles, and even if I search for the tiles myself, the rebels will have only been done for like 30 seconds by the time I'm finished assembling the map and getting all the tokens and miniatures. But that said we're still talking several minutes, sometimes rarely if I put a dang tile in the wrong bag as long possibly 9 minutes...and as an American who craves instant satisfaction, that's why I'm toying with trying to make an IA screen board. Also, I have each Hero in a baggie with their side quest card, quest reward, and all of their class cards, starting weapons, and miniatures. I make the Heroes make the record of what they have, how many credits they have, and how much exp and what abilities they've bought and what rewards and quests they've won, and then I just check it over with them. Sometimes there's minor confusion like they think they can keep the stuff in the crates like grenades or something mission to mission until they have like the whole supply deck by the finale lol Yeah we usually order a pizza and wings and bring beer and everyone just sort of chows and sips when it's not their turn. The most I think we've ever gotten was 4 missions in, and we were replacing a DnD session that was planned (I had brought IA and just had it in my car) when three of our regular seven DnD players didn't show for the gamig night, and the DM had prepared a pretty specific module for the characters, he asked me if I brought IA. I checked my car, there it is. Now we don't get together for DnD often mind you it's like once every six months cause life is soooooo busy so when we do, we game from like 12am-7am, and hope and pray for the day off after it or just suffer through a shift like a boss the next day. But that was not the most efficienct IA gaming ever. ONly two of us were familiar with the game (which was seriously a HUUUUUGE help having experienced playing this with ALL new people like three or four times in the past and then once with a single player who had a few missions under his belt to help teach the new players, it's a massive difference explaining the rules to everyone I can't emphasize how much it helped) After that, the DM and I got a secondary gaming group together consisting of me, him, one of the the players from the DnD group and two new players and we got an IA group going and we could probably get through 4 missions in 4 hours now instead of 7 hours. But this group was dedicated to gaming often, just not for a long time. Often we would play 2-3 missions, but usually only one of a long campaign, one person would have to leave, then we would play one-two missions of a mini campaign on Heroic. actually playing isn't the longest part. It's discussing the strategy of what the Rebels should do, how the Imperials would probably react, etc. It's really a marvelous tactical experience
  10. yeah the app will be totally new, it's not replacing any content just giving us more. If there is ANYTHING recreated at all for the app, it will probably be something like a Forced Mission like Captured or something but probably that will be slightly different from what is in the regular campaign. At the very least anything recreated will be different because you'll only see up to the first door and the enemies will have abilities they didn't normally have.
  11. I've got it down pretty well, I can set up missions super quick. I have all the tiles sorted out in bags, numbered 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc...or labeled with the name of that expansion, I cover up everything about the mission with extra campaign books i;m not currently using so you can only see the numbered tiles the mission needs, and I have the rebels grab those while I grab the deployment cards, tokens, and miniatures (which I keep secret), then I put the puzzle together real quick and put everything in place. Honestly I'm so wizard at setting up the map at this point I can assemble the entire puzzle waaaaay before the heroes are done buying their stuff and spending their exp. all in all from the end of the last mission, to the start of the next one, it takes us about 15-20 minutes, which is fast as I understand it. But this still seems like a long time to me. Especially putting together the puzzle. Also the puzzle pieces are the biggest part of the game really, in terms of space. Maybe the miniatures take up more but the tiles are definitely second. I made this interesting stand with a slot in it out of OSB, some screws, and a cut up 2x4 that basically lets my monitor lay flat horizontally. I have a pretty big computer screen, it's a 72 inch (3x3 feet) big enough to display most of the IA maps on it, then it's just a matter of comfortable placing the thing sideways, and putting miniatures and doors and tokens on it and stuff. It only cost like 100bucks, and would habe only been 150 retail. I wonder how much a dedicated screen would cost that projected a board. I'm a little worred about damage it. Sometimes when I press hard on it I see these ti-die ripples that look like they hurt my moniter's soul. The heavy figs like the rancor might really mess it up so I haven't actually played on it either (because also there's usually beer and stuff haha). Maybe I'll like wrap the entire thing in plastic rab, or find some big clear rubber slab to place over my moniter to displace rancor figure weight and protect from any spillage. I feel like though IF you made a 3x3 flat screen that didn't have a traditional stand, was just meant to lay flat, and had really thick rubbery plastic'ish clear coating or something, and then all it did was project various boardgames, probably wouldn't cost much. IT would probably cost less than a regular computer moniter of the same size would cost, since, basically "holding pictures of stuff to display is an easier and cheaper technology than receiving an input of data to display is. I imagine that's the expensive part of a cpu moniter. I mean a 72 inch moniter costs like 300 dollars, and Skirmish players buy individual maps printed out and ready to go for like 30 dollars each. I'm sure many Skirmish players will buy or have bought 10 of the maps already. So if I am as serious about campaign as Skirmish people are about Skirmish, perhaps I'll try to buy a cpu moniter just for this so I can stop lugging around all the tiles all the times. Anyway are there any strategies anyone else has conceived to make setup and cleanup between mission quicker? I have literally everything sorted into little baggies each heroes even has their own little baggy. Soon I may build a giant cabinet for the game but that will be in a while. I don't think a cabinet or new holder will really improve setup time for me right now so I want to wait on building one.
  12. oh and Best of the Best Agenda Card with the New Unnatural Abilities 3xp card on the Royral Guard Campion. +2 Evade, +1 block, black + white dice. Not too shabby, especially if you get it on a mission where you get him for free, or especially the mission where he activates four times like finale Vader
  13. 1. Diala Passil with Cybernetic arm + environmental protection armor + bacta pump + battle mediation = rests for 7, removes a bad condition, you or a buddy becomes focused. Pretty much makes Diala unbeatable with such a huge rest. Plus if you ever get close to wounding her she can just deplete the thing to recover 5 so yeah unbeatable unless it's a 12 round mission and you pummel her early 2. The Grand Inquisitor and Maul with the Nemesis Deck. 3. the Reward which makes hunters cost 1 or 2 less or w/e plus the Vader agenda card to deploy the Grand Inquisitor (or hunter killer droids) on round 1 for like 2-3 threat 4. Imperial Industry + Tech Support on the Finale with Vader. If you take two groups of rSentry Droids or 1 reg and one elite you could potentially have 6 droids on the map healing Darth Vader for 18 damage each round, and with Imperial Industry, Vader is likely to recovery another 2 on each of his attacks if he gets one. Let's average those out to 4. SO the Heroes now have to deal 22 damage to Darth Vader Through 2 black defense dice and a reroll to beat him. It's not impossible I did with Heroic Ko-Tun, Diala, and MHD by the last round.
  14. hey it seems to work lol I can't wait for this thing to be available
  15. Now my only question is what does FFG usually mean by soon? Soon as in tomorrow soon? soon as in end of the month? Soon as in 2028?
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