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  1. I added a lot more characters from rogue one and other sources also and plan to update even more including rebels any good suggestions either put in the comments on the document anyone can comment or you also can tell me suggestions on how to make him better in chat in the forums
  2. Hey -afdasdfasfdasdfa thanks for the shoutout and I am glad I got you thinking about a yoda character but I wanted to ask you how did you format your costom characters into IA card format was it really good photoshop or is there another way I am just wondering for my costom characters.
  3. Ok thanks for the advice I made it cheaper your right actually it might be a nice fix i was just kinda trying to make him more expensive then Vader but as already known Vader is to expensive
  4. Thanks for the advice I appreciate it I'll look for ways to change them in the future I kinda based her off of the clone wars because there was a few episodes around her and Young Boba trying to kill Mace Windu for revenge for his father she was the one in charge for that i also made her than because I wanted her to be a person who could be a powerful leader and support kinda like the other 2
  5. are they I mean especially emperor is really powerful with his ability in mind
  6. They should do this add some rebels and rogue one characters It would work pretty well in the base game i would say as long as they kept it even and for the Vader thing it could be one of the missions available but i think they should only be able to do it if they fail somehow like lose a battle or mission and not just wily nilly to keep it realistic and thematic and i definitely think as long as you keep new character sides balanced it would be just fine i also think that with this you should be alowed another recruit round and 2 or 3 new planets
  7. I made my own Emperor and Yoda based mostly off of the movies notably revenge of the Sith and battlefront EA I plan to make more on the Docs also https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o6_Ma2SQpRciWYcvhb2B5TJokdYdexK30q0Kma8EOuI/edit?usp=sharing
  8. My outlook for a few imperial assault characters https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o6_Ma2SQpRciWYcvhb2B5TJokdYdexK30q0Kma8EOuI/edit?usp=sharing
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