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    Toph got a reaction from thebrettski in Your Two Favorite Ships   
    Fast, unpredictable, hits hard, dirt cheap

    Bombs, missiles, torpedoes, crew, awesome aces, awesome generics, it has everything
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    Toph got a reaction from Sasajak in Your Two Favorite Ships   
    Fast, unpredictable, hits hard, dirt cheap

    Bombs, missiles, torpedoes, crew, awesome aces, awesome generics, it has everything
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    Toph got a reaction from Gibbilo in Your Two Favorite Ships   
    Fast, unpredictable, hits hard, dirt cheap

    Bombs, missiles, torpedoes, crew, awesome aces, awesome generics, it has everything
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    Toph got a reaction from sf1raptor in Your Two Favorite Ships   
    Just drag the picture into the box from your browser
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    Toph got a reaction from Larky Bobble in Your Two Favorite Ships   
    Just drag the picture into the box from your browser
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    Toph reacted to tortugatron in Wave 12 Announced!   
    If this was sarcasm, kudos.  If not... well, you probably don't know what kudos means, so still kudos I guess. 
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    Toph reacted to Verlaine in Right call on accidenly thrown die?   
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    Toph reacted to SOTL in Independence Day   
    But mostly it was made possible by the country that America so recklessly independented yourself of, seeing as the films were made in Pinewood with a largely UK cast & crew.
    Something something insignificant rebellion.
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    Toph reacted to Goseki1 in Positivity Thread   

    My SF was Backdraft with a target lock and fire control system,  so 3 Dice rolled with a crit result added to both the front and rear attacks. 
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    Toph reacted to FlyingAnchors in Positivity Thread   
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    Toph reacted to FTS Gecko in Positivity Thread   
    Using Echo and winding up in some crazy position that completely throws you for a loop.
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    Toph reacted to Hrathen in An Open Letter to Podcasters   
    I love this game.  When I'm not playing I love to listen to podcasts about it.  There are some great podcasts out there.  I know that it takes a lot of work to put them together.  So thank you.
    But I have have some advice if you are going to Podcast about X-wing. 
    First - you really need to know what you are talking about.  I'm not going to name names, but I was recently listening to a podcast where the people didn't know if unguided rockets would require you to spend the focus token even though it clearly doesn't say that you have to.  Needless to say I had to unfollow that podcast.  (There were other problems with it).  I am not saying that everyone needs to be an expert or a worlds level competitor, but you need to know the rules themselves.
    Second - Stick to your focus.  I have no problem with a podcast that says it is going to cover all sorts of games or maybe all sorts of FFG games or even all sorts of Star Wars games.  And I don't mind it when a podcast has a little tangent from time to time.  But If I subscribe to your podcast it is because I expect it to be about what you say it is going to be about.  There is another podcast where the people making got sick of (this time it was Armada), and they haven't really made any podcasts for some time.  In truth I miss the podcasts I would rather them not post then post a podcast and talk about a game for a hour that I don't play.  Also I find when you don't stick to your focus you will struggle with knowing your stuff.  
    Third - Love your game.  I don't care if you don't like a particular ship or the current state of the meta.  And someone might be interested listening to a podcast where people rage and rant, but I love this game.  I think it the best game I have ever played.  Nothing really turns me off like when people get so caught up in the imperfections of this game and miss all the great fun that in can be.  It makes me wonder why the are even wasting their time doing a podcast about a game that they don't like.
    Fourth - And this is simple - I need to be able to hear what you are saying.  I know good sound equipment can be expensive, but sometimes I think sound quality can be greatly improved with some simple mic dicisplin, enunciation and simply not talking over each other..  I would recommend that you listen to yourself.  If it is at all muddled to you (you already know what you are saying) I will not be able to understand you as I am driving to work.  
    Lastlying - do more.  Those of you who are doing a good job, thank you you.  Those of you who need to improve.  Improve.  I don't want you to stop, I just want you to get better.
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    Toph got a reaction from Vadersironfist in Purchases   
    all the aces packs are pretty good ideas to start with, heroes of the resistance and imperial/rebel aces
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    Toph reacted to ge0rd1eb4lls in Showcase: StarViper   
    Playing around with icy colours. Apologies for filter... original picture is on an old phone! This one has since been sold too. 
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    Toph reacted to Barry Harker in Showcase: StarViper   
    Well, Ill get this one started then.
    First off a simple re-paint of the Viper.

    And here is a Wing conversion of the Starviper, Something similar to a Stargate Gould/ F-302 Starfighter.

    Looking forward to seeing lots of other fancy repaints of the Funky Scum Fighter 
    All the best,
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    Toph reacted to nigeltastic in What would you trade for Biggs?   
    2 ripe bananas.
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    Toph reacted to thespaceinvader in What happens in your head when playing...   
    Stressbot is playing super annoying music through the speakers.  Of both ships.
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    Toph reacted to robertg97 in Showcase : Jumpmaster 5000   
    Just repainted my jumpmasters

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    Toph reacted to Sarcon in Showcase : Jumpmaster 5000   
    Here's mine

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    Toph reacted to Sekac in Mynock Podcast 73 - The Evil Emperor Scurrg   
    What is freely offered cannot be stolen.
    That's because you also don't know what stealing is.
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    Toph reacted to Dr Zoidberg in FFG is out of touch with their own game...   
    If this forum has taught me anything, it is that reading comprehension levels are definitely on the slide...
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    Toph reacted to Sekac in FFG are you for real   
    This paragraph took me on such a sweet journey! Only 24 words, but probably the most confusing/philosophical 24 words I've ever read.
    "The only faction that gets generics with EPT"
    I'm already locked in. Ready to retort with "except for the other two factions" or something similar. But I could already tell it wasn't worth it, and so read on...
    "Undercosted ships, under costed EPT, and under costed crew"
    Not true; fair enough, but comparing faction specific EPTs is kinda pointless given how few there are; not true at all.
    And then:
    "Enough with the bad tasting jokes hey."
    That "oh this guy is scissor drunk" moment. This isn't internet belligerence. This is drunk internet belligerence. Where do I sign and how much is your popcorn?
    *Edit* totally meant to say "actually drunk" not "scissor drunk" but scissor drunk is, will be, and always should have been a thing. So I'm keeping it. You win this round, autocorrect.
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    Toph reacted to AldousSnow in FFG are you for real   
    Aww. Someone needs a nap. Its a game. 
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    Toph reacted to Polda in Showcase: B-wing   
    All right people - here are the accidental fire engine B-Wings

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    Toph reacted to kris40k in Favorite target?   
    I just can't help myself but shoot him every chance I get.
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