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    Toph got a reaction from GILLIES291 in Which Elite Pilot Talent Best Describes You?   
    Wired,I require stress to be even moderately useful
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    Toph got a reaction from Mattman7306 in Which Elite Pilot Talent Best Describes You?   
    Wired,I require stress to be even moderately useful
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    Toph got a reaction from TheHumanHydra in Which Elite Pilot Talent Best Describes You?   
    Wired,I require stress to be even moderately useful
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    Toph got a reaction from ScummyRebel in Which Elite Pilot Talent Best Describes You?   
    Wired,I require stress to be even moderately useful
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    Toph got a reaction from Odanan in Heroes of Scarif, contact FFG and ask for it!   
    There are 300 some odd pages of a gunboat thread that prove this statement incorrect
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    Toph got a reaction from Hrathen in Alternate Format: Squadrons   
    Pure Sabacc (striker)
    -Wired, AA, Lw Frame
    Imperial Trainee x5
    -AA, Lw Frame
    Otherwise Howlrunner (stealth device, crackshot) and 8 academies could be fun
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    Toph reacted to FlyingAnchors in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    When the TIE silencer looks like it's going to become the staple in the meta game instead of the gunboat: 

    But then you realize running both together will make a really solid list......

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    Toph got a reaction from GreenDragoon in Alternate Format: Squadrons   
    Pure Sabacc (striker)
    -Wired, AA, Lw Frame
    Imperial Trainee x5
    -AA, Lw Frame
    Otherwise Howlrunner (stealth device, crackshot) and 8 academies could be fun
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    Toph reacted to Kehl_Aecea in Getting started. Step 2?   
    Everything. Buy everything.
    I started where you're at now "I'll just get the core and a couple ships for good measure".
    You do that... but then you'll be all "okay, maybe a few more for a more varied team... and of course I need to have both sides even! I'll just get a few that look cool... but not scum. This will stay Rebel and Imperial!"
    And you do that. Then you buy a play mat... and the one next to it. You know, just in case you feel like you might try an Epic game!
    So, now you buy a couple Epic ships... but not scum.
    Now you have both factions loaded up... but you want more... so, scum. You load up on scum! Now, the itch is satisfied...
    Or so you think! On the horizon, there's always more in the future...
    Time is your enemy, the future is always there to taunt you with new forms of tiny ship crack. 
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    Toph got a reaction from TheHumanHydra in Getting started. Step 2?   
    I would recommend buying the other core set next. It has the best cost to"stuff"ratio. You get dice, templates, and ships for a good price
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    Toph reacted to Darth Meanie in Community Consensus Nickname Needed on the Sheathipede   
    This is no cave!! Chewie, fire up the thrusters!
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    Toph reacted to Boom Owl in French Silencer spoilers   
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    Toph reacted to RufusDaMan in French Silencer spoilers   
    This seems like a good trick
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    Toph reacted to Lobokai in French Silencer spoilers   
    IKR, Scum large ships still better
    looks pretty deserving to me

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    Toph reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in FFG Is Being Nice!   
    “I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling icons!”
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    Toph reacted to FTS Gecko in The meta, when’s it gonna give?!?   
    Breathe.  Just... breathe...
    Now, what do you see?
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    Toph reacted to GreenDragoon in The meta, when’s it gonna give?!?   
    The light Palpaces.... dark Nymranda... and something else... Alphastrike... It‘s calling me... 
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    Toph reacted to mad mandolorian in Resistance Bomber & Sheathipede Unboxed (Spoilers)   
    Yess... as an imperial player I can say The rebels with the TIE fighter with additional slots, the ships with astromechs, turrets AND OTHER FACTION'S SHIPS WITH ADDITIONAL SLOTS who don't have a single ship without slots always gets shafted for upgrade slots
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    Toph reacted to PanchoX1 in Resistance Bomber & Sheathipede Unboxed (Spoilers)   
    OP!! nerf now!!
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    Toph reacted to Stay On The Leader in Resistance Bomber & Sheathipede Unboxed (Spoilers)   
    Which is why rules lawyers deserve to be taken out and shot.
    Though you'd need to clarify that you're not taking them out on a date, and that the shot is not a photography session leading to a modelling contract.
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    Toph reacted to FTS Gecko in TIE/Fo: Aces and the best builds   
    Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...
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    Toph reacted to Magnus Grendel in TIE/Fo: Aces and the best builds   
    Pilot builds I've used, liked, and/or really want to try:
    Omega Leader
    Omega Leader Juke Comm Relay This is a tournament-winning build for a reason and the 'default' TIE/fo. Omega Leader Juke Comm Relay Shield Upgrade or Stealth Device to taste. Too expensive as a 'budget' ace, but surprisingly nasty. Useful in situations where you need a 30-point ace-killer - furballs, as a 30-point 'chunk' in escalation, that sort of thing. Omega Leader A Score To Settle A Score To Settle is a very powerful ability which costs zero points because it comes strapped with a massive honking downside. Omega Leader cancels out that downside. For the price of a totally 'clean' rookie X-wing you get one of the most dangerous one-on-one duellists in the game, and with a high-chance-of-criticals against a target of your choice, making her perfect when supporting Kylo Ren. Zeta Leader
    Zeta Leader Wired Weapons Guidance Twin Ion Engines MkII to taste The Twin Ion Engines are actually not that big a deal because the TIE/fo's green dial is as good as anyone else's. The Trick with the two upgrades is that you can roll 3 attack dice, getting (for example) a hit, focus, blank. Wired lets you reroll the focus, whilst weapons guidance lets you spend the focus you're not spending on the focus results to turn the blank into a hit as well.  Zeta Leader Predator Comms Relay Twin Ion Engines MkII to taste Expensive but reliable firepower (nice for a TIE fighter). Comm Relay makes you tough, or lets you feed a swarm leader Zeta Leader Snap Shot Comms Relay Specifically to be paired with Epsilon Leader.  Fire a 3-dice Snap, clear the stress, fire a 4-dice primary. I haven't experimented with this, but it should in theory work Zeta Leader Adaptability A budget version. The only real reason to take Zeta Leader is that you're already fielding Omega Leader or can't afford her. Hence, a 'budget' version really needs to stay cheaper than 21 points. Besides which, Adaptability gives you a second PS8 pilot. Omega Ace
    Omega Ace Swarm Leader Comms Relay Omega Ace needs extra dice for his ability to be worthwhile. The easiest source for this is Swarm Leader, which can allow him in theory a brutal 5-dice, all-critical barrage at range 1. It requires an 'off-board' source of a target lock - Targeting Synchroniser Epsilon Ace is ideal for this.  In theory push the limit could do the job but then you're stuck at 2 dice attacks which aren't really worth the effort of boosting. Omega Ace Opportunist or Swarm Leader Advanced Optics Twin Ion Engines MkII This relies on what we're pretty confident the new Silencer tech upgrade does, and makes Omega Ace much more self-contained; bank a focus one turn and get your target lock on your 'strafing run'. Opportunist costs a point more (2 if you want Twin Ion Engines MkII) but it means you're not stealling your mate's evade tokens, which can be very painful for a TIE fighter. Epsilon Leader
    Epsilon Leader Primed Thrusters Job done. Epsilon Leader's job is to vacuum stress of multiple ships, and one of his best party pieces enabled by this upgrade is to pull a Segnor's loop then barrel roll to line up his range 1 stress-cleansing bubble with whoever he's supporting. With multiple TIE/fo's on the field, being able to pull back-to-back Segnor's loops makes the darned things almost uncatchable - yes, unlike a defender they don't carry tokens through their end-around. but as a Segnor includes a 45' turn after two in a row they're not only not stressed but also sat on your flank rather than continuing to joust. Epsilon Ace
    Epsilon Ace Comms Relay Not the best use of him - an evade token will help keep him alive and at PS12 for longer, but there's only so much a TIE fighter - even a PS12 one - can do. It is surprising how nasty he can be when you get used to him, though. I have fond, fond memories of Epsilon Ace being the last ship standing and then out-dogfighting a PS11 Darth Vader by repeatedly barrel rolling out of the Dark Lord's arcs.  Epsilon Ace Targeting Synchroniser A much better use of 20 points. A PS12 ship which can ****** up a target lock, doesn't really need it himself, can share it with anyone at range 1-2, and is acceptably hard to kill that trying to take him  out will require a disproportionate amount of shooting. Pairs exceptionally well with Omegas Ace and Leader - giving the former the ability to drop both tokens to trigger his ability in one turn plus a PS12 shot to help clear out shields before landing umpty-ump criticals, and giving the latter attack dice rerolls he won't have without spending the target lock he hangs onto for grim death under normal circumstances. Zeta Ace
    Zeta Ace Intimidation or Intensity Primed Thrusters This is the best use I've come up with for this guy. I'm not good enough at blocking with a single ship to really make the most out of intimidation but it should work - I've managed to block dengar a couple of turns in a row and the -1 agility is worth its weight in gold with 2-dice attack ships. Intensity should work, letting you get tokens and a super-duper barrel roll after a segnor, but how much he's realistically going to achieve I'm not sure.   
    Omega Squadron
    Omega Squadron Pilot Crack Shot Weapons Guidance Essentially Black-Squadron-With-Crack-Shot analogue - slightly tougher but at a cost of only getting 5 not 6 - this is the 'alpha strike' TIE/fo and probably the best use of the generics in a swarm. Despite the loss of numbers, there's no Howlrunner equivalent lynchpin to get wasted by a PS11 cruise missile before you benefit from her ability; everyone carries their own dice modifier, and it makes them much more capable once the crack shots have been expended. Omega Squadron Pilot Snap Shot Primed Thrusters TIE/fo with Primed Thrusters are great at getting into impossible places - which means snap shot arcs can lay down highly unpredictable crossfires. This is the 'sustained firepower' TIE/fo, with a swarm of 5 theoretically unloading 25 attack dice per turn if you can catch a target in a range 1 kill box of all of them. Omega Squadron Pilot Trick Shot Pattern Analyser Twin Ion Engines MkII Debris? Red Moves? Who cares? This is the 'manouvrable' TIE/fo and it'll handle itself well round the board. Remember it's still a TIE fighter, though, so don't rely on it getting too much done once it arrives. Zeta Squadron Pilot
    These can go die in a fire along with Avenger Squadron, Obsidian Squadron, Onyx Squadron, Gamma Squadron, and every other 'mid-tier', non elite upgrade TIE pilot. When 1 point more gets you both an extra PS and an elite upgrade, and you can save a point by dropping a couple of points of pilot skill that won't matter in 95% of your games, there is next to no reason to field these dudes, especially since even if you specifically have 16 points to spend, a Zeta Squadron Pilot competes poorly with an Epsilon Squadron Pilot with a 1 point tech upgrade (comm scanner or primed thrusters) or modification (twin ion engines mkII)
    Epsilon Squadron Pilot
    Despite all the options, my favourite little ships.  For just 3 points, the net upgrade over a basic TIE fighter is amazing. My favourite TIE/fo squad - because it soothes my inner fluff nerd - is 'Epsilon Squadron', because you can field Epsilon Leader (primed thusters), Epsilon Ace (comm relay), and four Epsilon Squadron Pilots in a standard 100 point squad. It's no tournament breaking auto-win list, but it's surprising how often it catches people off guard between the uniques' really powerful abilities (5 ships pulling a segnor and then dumping their stress is scary to watch), and the sheer toughness of the little things for their cost.
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    Toph reacted to JJ48 in Phantoms just got nerfed, hardcore   
    I don't think that's the word you're intending...
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    Toph reacted to Sk3tch in [V. Important] What is the Flight Assist Astro plugged into?   
    Ffs star wars spoilers thanks guys.
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    Toph reacted to Darth Meanie in One Card to Help Almost All the Weaker Rebel Ships   
    One card to help them all,
    One card to find them,
    One card to bring them all
    And on the table bind them.
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