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  1. Haha
    Toph got a reaction from Wraithdt in T-85 and TIE/FO Interceptor? Let the theorizing being   
    But... it happened a long time ago? In a galaxy far far away
  2. Thanks
    Toph reacted to Innese in Minister Tua?   
    From the rules reference:
    A ship is damaged while it has at least one damage card. A ship is Critically damaged while it has at least one faceup damage card.
  3. Confused
    Toph reacted to Kaptin Krunch in For everyone saying two ship lists are dead...   
    I flew like an abosulte clown all game (tired and drunk) and lost by 7 mov because he pulled a Direct on the last turn.
    I wouldn't put a whole lot of analysis into this event with a sample of 1.
    OTOH, The average IQ of a forum denzien is likely double-digits below 100, so you guys will probably take this win as gospel.
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    Toph reacted to millertime059 in Imperial "Budget Ace" debate - Interceptor, Phantom, or Striker?   
    So Interceptors. Yes swarms are a weakness, but you need to approach them better. Soontir should not be facing many shots. He can get a focus token _even when blocked_. 
    PS1 Interceptors are in a tough place. The extra die is nice, but they won’t be able to remove a ship before it shoots like Soontir could. But rather than say they’re bad, I’d rather contemplate what approach and number makes sense. They’re a good gun you can field in decent numbers. Howl swarms are a big threat.
    Whatever you do, don’t joust with them.
    Use your agility. Sure you can’t double reposition with perfect knowledge, and don’t sleep on Soontir being able to do that either, but you can come from different angles. Has it been so long that everyone has forgotten how to fly them? Get in there, make a mess, throw one in to block while flanking with he others. If you can reduce their numbers, without losing too much in return, it is winnable. It may not be easy, Interceptors never were, but they can do work.
    And Soontir with Predator is _good_. Very good. If you fly him right. His biggest weakness is numbers, and he can usually avoid them. However the toghest matchup I faced was against two I1 Fangs, 2 I1 Zs with deadman, a space tug and a Y wing. 6 ships, most with some form of reposition, and my opponent used them well to make it hard for me to avoid. His space tug never had a shot, but changed the game by managing to edge into tractor range of a Soontir who was blocked by a Fang the turn before (but who had still not been shot because I’d managed to use the rock to arc dodge). He tractored Soontir onto the rock, who then moved through it again, and took a damage because I had Seismic charged during system phase.
    My opponent used numbers well, and I lost in the end. But not because Soontir was bad, but because my opponent did something well, and so I took two range 2 shots from Z-95s and had no mods.
    But those are the breaks. Other games I’ve rolled opponents and not taken shots on any ship 3,4, even 5 rounds in a row. Interceptors are the most agile shop in the game, use it or lose.
  5. Confused
    Toph reacted to SOTL in Is everyone as impressed with the 2.0 HWK as I am?   
    You're all wrong but I learned a long time ago that you can't help people on the internet.

    Whatever you're doing with Palob is wrong, change the loadout.  He's not a support ship he's your point man.
  6. Haha
    Toph got a reaction from mfairhu1 in Favourite 1.0 game memories   
    I had one great moment where my full health tie fighter got hit by an ion cannon and was forced to drift headfirst into an asteroid. Roll to check for damage, crit-direct hit-dead. It was so thematic and awesome. Another awesome moment was seeing the Imperial Raider make it into Battlefront 2
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    Toph reacted to Gilarius in Imperial "Budget Ace" debate - Interceptor, Phantom, or Striker?   
    To me, which ship is best depends on several factors:
    1) personal preference.
    2) the rest of the list, and therefore which role you want a ship to play.
    3) how many points are available.
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    Toph reacted to ficklegreendice in Imperial "Budget Ace" debate - Interceptor, Phantom, or Striker?   
    So...**** Interceptors
    Fickle ain't touching that deathtrap 
    Anyway, yeah juke Whisper is easily the best no contest. She's a blast to play and a welcome addition to any squad 
    HOWEVER she's 56 points (juke), so no **** she's generally superior to the 42 point Duchess
    So really, there only one real overall answer: there is no best, it's simply a question of howuch room you got in a list.
    Also, por que nao Los dos?
    New Squadron
    (52) "Whisper"
    (4) Juke
    Points 56
    (46) Sigma Squadron Ace
    (4) Juke
    Points 50
    (46) Sigma Squadron Ace
    (4) Juke
    Points 50
    (42) "Duchess"
    Points 42
    Total points: 198
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    Toph got a reaction from Intergerm in The Grand Galactic Inquisitor   
    May I ask why you believe the inquisitor is better at range one than range three? Assuming you are using the force ability, at range three you shoot with the range one benefits, but defend with the range three benefits. At range one, you fire the same three dice, but defend at (in effect) range two. I'm not trying to be rude I'm just curious how you came up with the conclusion as I have not played 2.0 yet.
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    Toph reacted to Cartchan in The Grand Galactic Inquisitor   
    Well, actually you are right till september 28th. Then the new rules v1.0.2 with a change explicitly forbidding it will be effective.
  11. Thanks
    Toph reacted to SnooSnarry in The Grand Galactic Inquisitor   
    Attacking at range 3 makes you spend a force to up your dice, but the defender gets the range bonus too now. While if you attack at range 1, you are already throwing 3 dice, and you can spend your force to reduce their red dice, which is better than me adding a green dice to my pool. I'd rather not have to spend a force to throw my 3 dice, and instead get it natively and use my force to reduce their red dice. Combined with evade and focus/palp, the Inquisitor might be the hardest pilot to hit in the game at range 1. 
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    Toph reacted to ficklegreendice in So what are the new faction “identities?”   
    I've lost the beeps
    the sweeps
    and the creeps!
  13. Sad
    Toph reacted to Stoneface in FFG, We're Dying Here....   
    Have you no PATIENCE? Relax. Remember that anticipation is going to be better than the realisation.
    This fix May not be the one were looking for.
  14. Thanks
    Toph reacted to baranidlo in Ynot Squad Benchmark   
    Good news, everyone!
    Please check the updated version of Squad Benchmark here:
    Currently included are all the ship and pilot data up to Wave 13.
    However most of the cards and effects are not implemented yet, with the exception of Advanced Optics, StarViper Mk. II and Thweek's Shadowed condition.
    I will be adding more content continuously, depending on what time permits.
    If you find any bug or error in the existing functionality, please report here:
    Have fun!
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    Toph got a reaction from Velvetelvis in The best "run right at them" list,what is it?   
    4 omicron lambdas and a scimitar squadron bomber. 46 total Hull
  16. Haha
    Toph reacted to Forgottenlore in New preview: save the dream   
    Especially if they are used vs black squadron pilots. 
  17. Thanks
    Toph reacted to DampfGecko in New preview: save the dream   
    Pictured: The most fun casual list of Wave XIV. 
  18. Like
    Toph reacted to dadocollin in New preview: save the dream   
    The once and future king?

    I'm just excited it looks like they put 4 of one upgrade and 3 of the other for the T-65.
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    Toph reacted to ObiWonka in Optimised Prototype   
    So you're saying Sabine (Crew) was poorly designed.

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    Toph reacted to Maui. in Optimised Prototype   
    I'm going to go back to Pure Sabacc. He has terrific synergy with both known aspects of the condition. The extra shield means more to him than anyone, Baron included, and he has access to extra dice with no native rerolls. And he's lean on points to begin with.
  21. Thanks
    Toph reacted to Maui. in Optimised Prototype   
    After thinking about it a bit more, Pure Sabacc seems like one of the likelier candidates for Optimized Prototype to be pretty strong on. Another hit before you lose the ability, plus he has no target locks to spend.
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    Toph reacted to idiewell in Imperial Naval Academy (loyal Imperials only)   
    Clearly, Imperial communications relays are in need of severe debugging
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    Toph reacted to geek19 in Imperial Naval Academy (loyal Imperials only)   
    Ebel-Ray Ies-Spay:
    Ay-May Ave-Hay Infiltrated-ay Imp-Chay Ace-spay. Ill-way ost-pay ore-may en-whay I an-cay...
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    Toph reacted to geek19 in Imperial Naval Academy (loyal Imperials only)   
    Whoa, did you fellow Imps hear that weird burst of static from my end? NO IDEA what that was, must have been just random Comms Noise!
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    Toph got a reaction from GILLIES291 in Which Elite Pilot Talent Best Describes You?   
    Wired,I require stress to be even moderately useful
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