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    Toph reacted to baranidlo in taking down aces   
    Some ships will always be the strongest, and people will play them because most people like to fly good ships and win. That's life.
    But it's pretty pitiful that some of you feel entitled to **** on these players just because you brought some junk and they brought good stuff.
    I'm not sure if you realize how poorly it reflects on you..
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    Toph reacted to Maui. in RZ-2 A-wing: Vectored Thrusters?   
    1) Refined Gyrostabilizers: You can rotate your [turret] indicator only to [forward arc] and {presumably the [rear arc]}. After you perform an action, you may perform a red [boost] or red {presumably [rotate arc]}
    2) Otherwise unspoiled pilot: Zari Bandel - I3 - you do not skip your Perform Action step after you partially execute a maneuver.
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    Toph got a reaction from SabineKey in T-70 article.   
    While triple T-65 lists can take all high initiative pilots with torpedoes, I would be willing to bet that triple T-70's will only allow for three generics with some toys, or an ace with a pair of bare-bones generics backing him up. 
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    Toph got a reaction from Hoarder of Garlic Bread in T-70 article.   
    While triple T-65 lists can take all high initiative pilots with torpedoes, I would be willing to bet that triple T-70's will only allow for three generics with some toys, or an ace with a pair of bare-bones generics backing him up. 
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    Toph reacted to Bad Idea Comics in Talent for Soontir   
    Or, you can go the opposite route. If everyone is bidding then fly into them and shoot first. This is what I've been doing with my Soontir list.  I'm content to clean one target's clock then move onto the next one. You can even add more upgrades. Give Fel a Stealth Device with a 3pt bid, or use those 3pts elsewhere. I find it odd that upgrades on Fel are deemed too expensive and then massive bids are made just to move last. Wouldn't you rather beef up your ships to work in any circumstance?
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    Toph reacted to Endureil in Identifying the Problem   
    Some times the best way to show this to people is to switch lists. I am new to X wing. I just joined with 2.0 and have 3 whole games to my name. Having said that I have been playing miniature based war games for decades. I have dealt with your just playing an Over Powered list I cant beat your because your army is too to powerful before in other games. One of the ways I was taught to deal with this is offer to play a rematch, preferably on the same day with the same table/terrain and play your opponents list while they get to play yours. In alot of cases if your dealing with a lower skill/experience player you will still win and they get to see the game from your side, and hopefully realize that your not just playing an over powered list that they never had any chance to beat. its not always effective but if one of the primary complaints is your stuff is OP they will jump to play the OP list and then after you beat them they often start to realize its about choices made on the table and threat identification. I will also say that some times you have to realize not everyone is a Patton or a Rommel and they for various reasons will just never get it and your always going to be playing on a different level.
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    Toph reacted to Marinealver in Kill Han   
    2014 called, they want their thread back.
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    Toph got a reaction from ricoratso in CIS Examples and feedback   
    I want the elite pilots for the Vulture droid/Tri-fighter to not be completely unique, but instead take advantage of the new description of limited cards, (copied from the second edition wiki) "Limited cards are identified by a number of bullets (•) to the left of their names. During squad building, a player cannot field more copies of cards that share that name than the number of bullets in front of the name. "
    Maybe we could be able to take two copies of the strongest version of the ship.
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    Toph reacted to MalusCalibur in The A-wing is where they dropped the ball   
    Two tournaments, one of which was something of a gimmick tournament with mandatory upgrades, is not in any way a valid sample size.
    Certain about that, are you? From your original post:
    "And since it's not a points or slots issue, the ship is just dead for the whole edition I guess"
    The very first thing you talk about is how the suggestion to give A-Wings back their two Talent slots is "totally correct". So you may not have originally called for it, but you definitely seem to support it.
    Not every ship needs an I5 pilot (and it certainly shouldn't get a 6), but even so there's every possiblity the A-Wing will still get one at I5 in its expansion pack. So what exactly are you hoping for? Do you want or expect FFG to release one in the interrim for no appreciable reason? Are you so impatient that you arn't able to wait? There could be any number of reasons that FFG have chosen to leave any such pilot until then if one is to exist, and I'd rather they took the time to get it right rather than rush it out with the conversion kit to satisfy some arbitrary need for every ship to get the same Initiative range.
    I doubt it. I imagine the more rational folk would assume that someone like Soontir (or a different named equivalent, if EU characters were to be entirely purged - but given the fact that many of them have survived I'd doubt that there is any such mandate) who has become so well known within the game would come to the ship later, and not throw a hissy fit over it - citing instead the same reason I already have that the A-Wing doesn't have Tycho (or any high-Initiative pilot) at the moment.
    The A-Wing is just not that incredible a chassis in the first place, and the cost reflects that. It isn't neccesarily the Rebel equivalent of a TIE Interceptor because the factions are more than just vague copy-pastes of each other. The notion that the A-Wing should behave the exact same way as the Interceptor is a holdover from 1E where it could easy hit PS9+. That isn't what it is right now, and the entire crux of your argument seems to be lamentation of that.

    Maybe the A-Wing will get I5, maybe it won't. Either way, there is still nowhere near enough actual evidence to support any claims that the ship isn't any good without it, that no one is playing it, or that it will remain as such 'for the whole edition'. Anecdotally I have seen someone flying them regularly (including a list of six of them) to a lot of success, and it is just as valid (that is to say, not every) as anything you have put forward so far as evidence. Your posts are overreactions and the tone of them is hostile and confrontational, lending them little credence.
    So you'll forgive me for not agreeing with your sentiments that FFG have 'dropped the ball' with the A-Wing,
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    Toph reacted to Do I need a Username in The A-wing is where they dropped the ball   
    Don't forget rebel Zs, which can also take them.
    With regard to A-wings being "Straight worse" Than a Fang / Interceptor, I present this handy comparison:
    HP: A-wing (With 2 hull, 2 shield) > Fang (4 Hull) > Interceptor (3 hull)
    Actions: A-Wing (Boost, Barrel Roll, Lock, Focus, Evade) > Interceptor (Boost, Barrel Roll, Focus, Evade) / Fang (Boost, Barrel Roll, Lock, Focus) [Note: the value of the Lock action vs. The evade action may be debated, and depending on the result, the interceptor and the Fang may be swapped / ranked.  For now I am treating them equally]
    Dial: A-wing (green 5 straight over Interceptor, 4K becomes a 5) > Interceptor (5K becomes 4) > Fang (No green 4 or 5, 3 Sloops become 2 talons) [ Again, the value of a talon vs. sloop is debatable.  In this case, I'd like to suggest the difference is minor enough that the fast greens are more relevant.]
    Linked actions: Interceptor ( anything into boost or roll) > A-wing (Anything into boost) > Fang (Boost or roll into focus) [ The Fang is the only one that can attempt to reposition fail, and thus fail to link with a token as both the A-wing and the Interceptor can token up first]
    Ship Ability: Fang > A-wing / Interceptor [note: I'm counting both the A-wings and Interceptors ship abilities as linked actions instead]
    Focused shots to kill: Fang (4.695 at 3, 3.699 at 2, 4.233 at 1) > A-wing (4.695 at 3, 3.699 at 2, 2.520 at 1) > Interceptor (3.627 at 3, 2.862 at 2, 1.956 at 1) [Note: this is presuming no defensive tokens, so potentially the A-wing and Interceptor can move up because the ability to evade and defend better at range 2-3, and this is also presuming no crits, so if you want to move the A-wing up because of shields.]
    Expected Hits: Fang (1.5 No Tokens, 2.250 Focus / Lock, 2.813 Focus + Lock | Range 1: 2 No Tokens, 3 Focus / Lock, 3.75 Focus + Lock) > Interceptor (Interceptor: 1.5 No tokens, 2.250 Focus | Range 1: 2 No Tokens, 3 Focus) > A-wing (1 No tokens, 1.5 Focus / Lock, 1.875 Focus + Lock | Range 1:1.5 No Tokens, 2.250 Focus / Lock, 2.813 Focus + Lock)
    Price: A-wing (30, 6 max 20 flex points) > Interceptor (34, 5 max 30 flex points) > Fang (44, 4 max 24 flex points) [Pretty Obvious straight comparison here, but it is important to note the number of each one that can be put in a list]
    Slots available: Interceptor (2x Modification) > A-wing (Missile) / Fang (Torpedo) [I'm ranking this based on the number of slots available, although I'd also argue that the missile is the most valuable for the generics, as it has the most versatile options)
    Conclusion: The ships are a lot more balanced that this thread may make it appear.  What the A-wing loses in offense is makes up in durability and value.  Ultimately, you have to remember what you pay for that extra bonus from the interceptor or fang, and ask if a fang is 1.5 A-wings.  
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    Toph reacted to millertime059 in The A-wing is where they dropped the ball   
    @Hiemfire is right, let’s look at all the possibilities. So to give the A wing a third, conditional, attack die you propose a missile upgrade.
    So what is the cheapest non unique 3 die attack in the game? The Striker and Interceptor at 34 points.
    So the designers are basically setting a max of 5x 3 dice attacks. So what happens if you make a missile slot upgrade? Well the Z-95 gets it, as does the x1. Those are the two I want to focus on, for different reasons.
    The x1 is a two die attack, with a third of you are locked. And a free hit to a crit. This would give it a conditional 4 die attack with lock and bullseye. 5 at range 1. Now imagine Vader with that? For a ship that never uses its missile slot, suddenly this seems almost mandatory, or useless if the points are wrong.
    So how many points would you pay for this for Vader? For a Generic? Safe to say this should cost more for Vader period, no? And even for a generic, I don’t think you can price it less than 7 points, otherwise you get 4 of them with FCS. 4x 4 potential dice, with a free refill and hit to crit. That seems… almost broken.
    And for our Z squad I think the points would have to be more even. 23 points for a Z. Max of 8 ships. At <=5 points, you can have 7. At 6-10 points you get 6. At 11-17 points you get 5.
    Proton Rockets cost 7 for a 1 shot 5 dice attack in bullseye at 1-2. This is at least as good, probably better. Do you allow 6 with no other upgrades? Would 5 be better, meaning 11 points? Let’s see how it rolls. At 11 points you have a 2/2/2/2 ship, with a potential 3rd dice. target lock, focus, red roll. For the same 34 points you have either a 3/3/3/0 ship with focus, Evade, boost, roll, or a 3/2/4/0 ship with focus, evade, roll. +2 shields, -1 hull, -1 agility. Target lock helps offense, overall the Interceptor is more agile but has compromised offense. With the potential for lock focus 3 and 4 dice attacks, it closes in on the always 3 die Interceptor. This is probably a matter of preference, a Z swarm could be proper deadly here.
    Vs the striker we have the same agility, swap 2 hull for shields, and add the TL losing evade. Given how the focus is the preferred action, it doesn’t factor much. Again I think this comes to aesthetic preference. Strikers are the harder to use ship, due to ailerons, which can be a plus and a minus when it comes to blocking. But, in my head at least, the Z-95 with this hypothetical feels relatively balanced versus these two ships. At 10 points, allowing 6 rebel Z’s I think it tips towards toonpowerful. And it hoses Scum. At 9 points you get 6 scum and Rebel. An the scum seem strictly inferior since the benefit they have, the Illicit, is unusable on 4 ships minimum.
    At 9 points you can get 4 x1’s without FCS. No free reroll, but it’s there. Four conditional 4 dice attacks.
    So I really think this has to be 11 points. Gut feeling, admittedly, but there it is. Which pushes the A-wing to 41 points. At which point use an X-wing.
    When you consider the costs of an extra die, this feels right. Think what Finn cost, what Punishing One cost, Outrider,  Moldy Crow. 11 points is a lot, but doesn’t seem outrageous, especially considering what 10 allows (6 Z’s) or 7 does (4x FCS x1’s). I think those are your break points where you need to carefully consider what it could impact.
    But I like what your goal is, just not sure that’s how I’d go about it @Captain Lackwit
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    Toph reacted to JJ48 in Thane Kyrell, I have never been more tempted to quit X-Wing.   
    Sorry if that's what it sounded like.  It's just that you started by saying he's very effective against some lists and useless against others, and then said, "don't feed him fat ships," and didn't really talk about flight strategies, so I'm sure you can understand my inference.
    Thanks for the clarification and strategy tips.  Those should be rather helpful.
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    Toph got a reaction from "Quickdraw" in 2.0 Interceptor Pilot Ability Dreams   
    this sounds awesome
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    Toph reacted to theBitterFig in The S/F TIE in 2.0   
    I loved TIE/sf in 1e, even generic ones, and I'm generally hopeful for 2e.
    I like how they've set up the arc mechanic.  Having linked white reloads (there's a leaked image out there... I can never find it if I look for it) on each of their actions means you can swing the arc either front or back as needed, but you've got to make a choice at your own ship's initiative.  It feels right that they changed like this, in the same way out-of-arc attacking turrets were all replaced by mobile arcs.  Missile rather than Gunner based TIE/sf seem like a nifty concept, if the price is right.
    Backdraft has been semi-leaked, and it looks like they can get an extra die in the rear arc, rather than just adding a crit.  That's fair.  This is 2e, and getting a random die instead of a specific result added doesn't seem wrong.  If there's a Quickdraw, I don't think it'll be too broken, because overall action efficiency is down.  There's no Expertise + FCS anymore, and FCS is weaker here.  Without Lightweight Frame, it'll be a lot easier to lose multiple shields in a turn.  But because those synergies are gone, I honestly wouldn't mind if QD didn't come back.  If there was some new ace with some new ability, that'd be fun too.
    I like how the new Special Forces gunner works.  3-dice full forward.  2 dice front/back double taps.  But you've got to commit. To me, this is the epitome of what we asked for in 2e: that skill is brought back to replace "it just works" abilities.  Meanwhile, it's about choice, not about inefficiency.
    Contrast the kind of awkward TIE Advanced x1.  They've got great green dice, so would love to focus, and can even use a linked barrel roll off the focus.  But they need to take TLs to gain the attack dice they'd need to justify their price.  They'd be great flankers, if they had a Boost action, but they don't.  They cost the same as an X-Wing and more than a Kihraxz, but don't have the same flexibility in action choices.  If compared to a Starviper or a M3-A Scyk, I guess they're not too oddly priced.  Starviper doesn't need the TL for their 3 dice, and cost about 5 points more.  Scyk with an extra hit point costs about 5 points less.  About 5 points for a "cannon" which only fires at ships you have a Target Lock on, and that allows you to turn a hit to a crit seems fair-ish.  But the Advanced feels like it struggles to do what it wants to do.
    The TIE/sf seems like it'll just work.  You've got to think ahead, but it doesn't cost you anything.  You're not forced into inefficient actions or stress.
    But a lot will come down to price.  With the SF Gunner, it'll be 3 red dice, 2 agility, 6 HP, like an X-Wing or a Kihraxz.  Those are priced in the low 40s, as well as the B-Wing (and 1 agility, 8 HP has typically been priced similar to 2 agility, 6 HP).  Rear arc shots are a neat trick, but how much is that worth?  While the rotates are linked, they don't have other linked actions like a B-Wing.  They don't have the cool S-Foils tricks.  They've got a great hull/shield ratio, but fundamentally they don't look like they ought to be priced radically different.  41 would be surprising to me, 42 is my hope, 43 is probably fine, 44 is the limit, and 45 is going too far.  If these wind up being priced more like ARCs than X-Wings, that'll seem wrong to me.
    Without a gunner... it seems a lot like a Y-Wing or a TIE Bomber.  2/2/3/3 is fairly close to 2/2/6/0 or 2/1/5/3.  The 1e TIE/sf dial hasn't been that different, with a high degree of red moves.  Compared to a Bomber, this will have fewer ordnance options and no reload, but better hull/shields, and the rear arc.  If each hull-converted-to-a-shield is worth an extra 1 point, that'd be 31, and a half-a-Dorsal-turret seems worth maybe 2 points, 33.  A Y-Wing with half a Dorsal added is 34.
    So if it's 34 for the ship, 8 for the gunner, that seems about right to me.  I want every ship I love to be cheaper, but still.
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    Toph reacted to Greebwahn in ABBA Squad   
    ME TOO
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    Toph got a reaction from Greebwahn in ABBA Squad   
    aaaaand now I have Take a Chance on Me stuck in my head.
    why would you do this to me lol
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    Toph reacted to Archangelspiv in Upsilon DOA for second edition? Umm....   
    I love DOA posts on ships we still don't have the whole information on. Jumpmasters were DOA before they were released in 1.0 too.
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    Toph reacted to Animewarsdude in First Order preview article   
    The question is does it, or is this FFG Article-itus? 
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    Toph reacted to Maui. in Afterburners should be Small or Medium base   
    communism was just a red herring
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    Toph reacted to gennataos in Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview   
    There will be great suffering in Guilder if I can't figure out how to make Rey/Poe competitive.
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    Toph reacted to RStan in wasn't token-stacking a thing of the past?   
    As to not run off topic for the OP, I'll PM you to continue the conversation. 
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    Toph reacted to Q10fanatic in wasn't token-stacking a thing of the past?   
    So we're talking about a 120 -130ish point investment, in 2 ships, to buff a single ship, that requires range control with the two ships, with the enemy, with rocks, without bumping, while keeping enemies in arc, requires the enemy to allow you to have the calculate, and likely comes with a 5-15 point bid? 
    If you end up in a situation where your only option is to shoot at the Reinforced, Evaded, Focused, Rerolling Boba then you screwed up somehow.
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    Toph got a reaction from Cubanboy in Happy Friday - Q4 is just about here ......Wave 2 is coming   
    I want Carnor Jax at int 5 and Kir Kanos at like int 4. Kir might actually be good now
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    Toph reacted to Roller of blanks in Send IG-58 an X-Wing.   
    I'm just browsing the oldest posts, don't know why
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    Toph got a reaction from Bad Idea Comics in Happy Friday - Q4 is just about here ......Wave 2 is coming   
    I want Carnor Jax at int 5 and Kir Kanos at like int 4. Kir might actually be good now
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