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  1. You choose the order between dropping the bombs and using sense, as they trigger at the same time. Strikers drop bombs first, then sense triggers. Then at I3, you use adaptive ailerons, reveal your dial, and move.
  2. Toph

    Snap Shot is BACK!

    I don't know if anyone else has pointed this out already but if you look at this first card of the new y wing pack it is definitely the second edition variant of Snap shot. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/13/the-fate-of-the-galaxy/
  3. According to the price difference between a Baron of the Empire (33) and a generic Inquisitor (38) one force equals five points. It used to be six before the update.
  4. Somebody stop this surprisingly strenuous style of succinctly spreading your stance on stuff before it gets out of hand
  5. May I recommend printing (or proxying as we call it) upgrade cards for your casual play? It will allow you to play with the title card for the tie advanced and get more variety with your builds. Other than that you have enough ships to get about a hundred points on each side, probably swapping one ship out for another in every squad. Eventually you will probably want a bit more ship variety, but for now you have enough to get some fun games in. I would highly recommend your next purchase being another core set, the new hope one for variety. They are the best ship per dollar purchase you can make, and you will get another set of maneuver templates, and another set of dice. That might not sound really important but trust me you will want them. In reference to your other question about balance, I wouldn't worry too much for casual play. The points system is enough to keep casual play balanced. Just build what looks cool and have fun with it.
  6. I won't argue with you that Quadjumpers and Palob are both under-costed for the control they provide. And Boba with Han gunner is a bit strong/tough for his cost as well. But if the faction was costed properly I wouldn't hate it.
  7. Something I haven't seen mentioned yet is that swarm factions tend to be more expensive to get into compared to the others, so I would recommend choosing one faction that you can swarm in. You don't need to be able to fly a Howl/Sloan tie swarm (imp), and a drea swarm (scum), and a Vulture droid swarm(sep). It will help manage the damage a little. Also, if you decide to play two factions, I recommend going for two that have different play styles. Rebels tend to focus on helping each other and spreading damage between them. Generally you are looking at 3-4 pilots with a few upgrades on each, or one giant turret with a couple cheap wingmen. By the end of the game you should have three very damaged, but very much alive ships desperately trying to kill the remaining enemies before they drop. Imperials are either a giant block of tie fighters, or a handful of highly maneuverable and high initiative aces that are unbeatable, until you make the slightest mistake (or roll three blank green dice), then you are left with three smoking piles of rubble. Scum plays by the code that you can beat anyone so long as you don't let them fight back properly. Token stealing, tractor tokens, the most consistent ion dealers AND stress control. They finish it all off by jamming their ships right next to the enemy and blowing them sky high. We don't know much about the remaining factions but we can make the guess that resistance will have their ships be more independent than rebels. first order will be tougher but more expensive versions of their imperial counterparts. Separatists will fly a mini swarm of droids with an ace equipped with one of the new tactical relays. Republic ships will fly with a "leader" in the center providing buffs to the wing mates, while some Jedi whiz around being generally annoying
  8. I mean to be fair none of our input makes a lick of difference, FFG will act as they feel is best to boost their sales. While that most likely means balancing the game to some extent, I highly doubt that they are going to consult the forums for specific price changes. At the absolute best they are going to check and see what the vast majority of people are complaining about. And if all we are doing is chatting about what we wish was, we may as well suggest the truly impossible. It makes for better reading.
  9. I'm not saying that Supernatural Reflexes isn't a very powerful upgrade card. The ability to trade 1 force for two actions is very strong. What I am saying is that now you are paying a twelve point tax to have access to the basic force ability*, an eight point tax for having the two force using pilot abilities**, and paying another twelve points for an additional force using ability. That seems to me to be a lot of points that you cannot use every round. While your build is very strong at jumping into range one and sticking there like glue, as others have stated before, Whisper with Vader and juke has a similar cost and similar flight style, and punches much harder. Flying naked, I have found the Grand Inquisitor is very capable of getting range one attacks (often but not always using his ability shooting at range two) while sitting pretty out of arc. I use the (frankly amazing) linked actions to stay out of range three band when going for blood, then use those same actions to bug out when things start to get hairy. And while it is true that you cannot focus/evade on defense, or get lock/focus for attacking, you can use the force tokens themselves for much the same effect because you are not shoehorned into spending them to proc Supernatural reflexes. Granted, there are several points in a game where I have to disengage in order to not get blocked/die a quick and painful death, and if I had supernatural reflexes I could stay in the fight; but it is my opinion that the point cost of the card, combined with the opportunity cost of spending the force, is too high for the Inquisitor to be worth it. In the future, following a cost increase for Whisper and/or a price cut on the tie v/1, I may have reason to revise my current beliefs. However, as of now, your bold statement that " don't play him correctly" because I disagree that Supernatural Reflexes should be "stapled to him" stands in direct contrast to your statement that he currently "needs some points adjusted" to make up for the fact that in your build he is not cost effective.*** *based on the cost increase from a Baron to a generic Inquisitor **this was harder to estimate, but I would assume the jump from initiative four (Seventh Sister) to five (Inqy himself) costs about 2-3 points based on the price difference between the initiative four Gideon Hask and the initiative five Scourge (two tie fighter pilots with similar abilities to one another) and the fact that high initiative is stronger on more maneuverable ships. Once you factor out the cost of the Seventh's ability, about eight points are left ***I do agree that pretty much all force pilot abilities are a bit overpriced for what you get (Luke Skywalker excepted) because you are paying a point tax for two mutually exclusive abilities, but honestly if they made the Inquisitor cheaper, I would probably keep flying him as I currently am I would like to be clear that I respect your opinion completely and understand that this is a silly game about pushing plastic spaceships around a table making pewpewpew noises, however I am not spending a couple thousand dollars every six months to take classes on how to properly argue through text, to say "Well I think your wrong so ha ha ha" when my opinion is challenged. Besides I needed to think about something else for a bit so thanks for that. Sorry for the wall of text Tl:dr- Well I think your wrong so ha ha ha
  10. Honestly I like flying Inqy naked, or with homing missiles. I find supernatural reflexes is too expensive for what it adds, as it burns your force and leaves you without the ability to add/cancel the range one benefit.
  11. Honest question, but do you think A-wings would be worth the price then? Now you are looking at 40-50 points for a very durable ship with the bite of a gnat. A-wings already seem to be struggling compared to z-95s because they pay for that extra evade die.
  12. Because a token stacking defender is easily half your list for a single gun that moves fairly predictably
  13. Toph

    Need some advice!

    What do you mean I only get three x wings?! That isn't a list, that's what you add to a list because you have points leftover
  14. Sorry, I should have been more clear. The build was less, but we do have it you silly person, and more, this is the closest thing we have.
  15. Inquisitor (40) Instinctive Aim (2) Homing Missiles (3) Total: 45 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  16. Toph

    T-70 article.

    While triple T-65 lists can take all high initiative pilots with torpedoes, I would be willing to bet that triple T-70's will only allow for three generics with some toys, or an ace with a pair of bare-bones generics backing him up.
  17. I want the elite pilots for the Vulture droid/Tri-fighter to not be completely unique, but instead take advantage of the new description of limited cards, (copied from the second edition wiki) "Limited cards are identified by a number of bullets (•) to the left of their names. During squad building, a player cannot field more copies of cards that share that name than the number of bullets in front of the name. " Maybe we could be able to take two copies of the strongest version of the ship.
  18. My gut reaction is to try and take Wedge down first, as he is the squishiest ship but still hits really hard. Then... the y-wings? Luke? I DON"T KNOW!!!!
  19. aaaaand now I have Take a Chance on Me stuck in my head. why would you do this to me lol
  20. I always thought Kir's ability was awesome, as adding one hit to a natural was going to (on average) deal more damage than focusing. 2.5 hits average vs 2.25 hits iirc. The problem was that Kir was sitting in a first edition interceptor without being able to take PTL.
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