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    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    I don’t know about the threat cards being errata’d. But there are PDFs online from ffg to cover all the extended ships in that quickbuild format.
  2. ScummyRebel

    "limited edition" ships?

    And this right here is what the upset saltiness on the forum over this amounts to. It’s jealousy, envy, or whatever else but it amounts to comparing your game/opportunity to another. And doing that comparison anywhere, from plastic spaceships to careers to anything, will make you miserable. I don’t compare to anyone other than myself. I do the best I can. In the case of xwing, I just play to have fun. What other people do or how often they get to play? Not my concern. Sometimes I get too salty myself (I did with the new releases for example), and I have to step back and remember this.
  3. ScummyRebel

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Yup. Sometimes I don’t play with the AT-ST, but more often than not I do. When I didn’t bring it, it’s because I had other fun stuff I wanted to use and just couldn’t figure out how to fit it all in. I eagerly await the Tx225 tank as well, because vehicles are fun.
  4. ScummyRebel

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    Welcome to 2.0! I consider myself a casual gamer, and I really like the improvements that came in second edition. The only complaint I have is we don’t have epic (yet), and we don’t have new stuff coming for established factions (however I’m getting over it, because I’m rediscovering just how many ships I have to fly already - I thought I did good using them all but I’ve got some work to do).
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    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    See, I don’t think we can conclusively say that it is bad in principle. The challenge is when they start adding actual content to the game without adding it for all. Ie, a pilot or upgrade card. Alternative paint like this is fundamentally no different than alt arts they’ve done before. Last year, I bought an exclusive to the system open mat. Is that somehow bad? This to me is identical.
  6. ScummyRebel

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    Wait, what? So if they gave them away, but only at Adepticon, you wouldn’t have a problem? Honestly - it doesn’t bother me if ffg makes any alternate style swag for an event. As long as it’s not a new mechanic hidden behind the paywall of being there (and this isn’t), then I don’t care at all.
  7. ScummyRebel

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    So, for those of us who aren’t into the world of pc gaming... are these new components just a “skin” or cosmetic benefit? Or are they actually better game components? I can see the argument if it’s actially a better piece (although in this case the metaphor wouldn’t apply because this is identical functionally). I think the difference between being salty and having an opinion is the level of severity - the posts I saw suggested a very strong reaction to what amounts a small thing. I guess I don’t see the issue when it’s not truly exclusive content. If there was some new pilot or upgrade card that was included I’d be right there with you. Bonus new content would not be ok with me either, but it amounts to a plastic version of an alt-art. I don’t see it as leaving us out (remember, I’m not going either). I just see it as part of the swag from an event — which virtually every con in existence has had some sort of exclusive swag. Nothing you **have** to have (unless you’re a completionist collector, of which I am not), just a fun souvenir.
  8. ScummyRebel

    Not 3 ships, Not 4, Not 5 ....

    Three is my bare minimum in 2.0.
  9. ScummyRebel

    《Spoiler alert》 the new ownership of Millennium Falcon

    Much as I don’t want this to happen, this sounds consistent with how Disney feels about the old characters. Out with the old (unless the nostalgia can sell!), and quick replace them with our new stuff.
  10. ScummyRebel

    Playmats at Adepticon

    1. There’s still an option to buy a mat, unless they changed how they will be destributing them. 2. What do you have against that droid fighter? I thought it was a decent idea. I can’t weigh in on the specific paint job because I haven’t seen it.
  11. ScummyRebel

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    Sounds like you’re way too salty over this.
  12. ScummyRebel

    Playmats at Adepticon

    Not going this year, but last year they emailed the registrants with the option to buy one.
  13. You’ll have a ton of fun. You probably won’t win. Do whatever you prefer. I’d still love to give it a try sometime. I’ve frequently played an AT-ST but never a Weiss kit.
  14. ScummyRebel

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    Or, since nobody has their hands on vulture droids yet, they can just buy one less of the standard one they were going to buy and pick this one up instead. If I was buying CIS, and if I was going to Adepticon, it’s what I’d do. But I’m not going, and for now I’m not buying another faction when I already have 4.
  15. ScummyRebel

    Aftermath Novels as Legion?

    Well to be fair, xwing is doing relatively well (granted, it’s now into 2.0). In any case, I think I **can** play this forever.... just not with new content. It’s not like the rules reference and all my product at home vaporizes or is recalled by the FFG mothership when they shut it down. My end game is to ultimately build up a loaner force so I can host a game with nothing more than what I have. Whether that loaner force is a mirror match of Imps vs Imps, or I start to dabble in Rebels (or a prequel unannounced) remains to be seen.
  16. ScummyRebel

    Aftermath Novels as Legion?

    This. Theres so many units and characters (especially characters) that could be leveraged for Legion. Maybe if they try to maintain this rapid a pace indefinitely they’d run out of stuff but I doubt they’d do that for the long haul. Was always under the impression this fast pace was to get it up and running with choices. I have no interest in the book characters, unless we are talking some of the old Legends work.
  17. ScummyRebel

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    I like the concept. It’s not a faction I’ve committed to, nor am I going to Adepticon. Maybe some day I’ll get to pick up something like it in a future year. I kind of hope it happens again, especially if they limit sales to participants of the event.
  18. ScummyRebel

    new rules out

    Yes, it was devastating. Especially for atrt and t47. Like no longer able to contribute devastating. I prefer this because it’s more balanced and less catastrophic, especially compared to the impact of the other options versus “weapon destroyed”. Weapon disrupted is more level in impact.
  19. ScummyRebel

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    Honestly, from playing some casual games with people that had airspeeders... One player we have always had a very close game. Last time I shared the win only from Boba’s bounty. His airspeeder got reasonable utility. The other player I’ve never even come close to losing an 800 point match with. This is with a comparable list on my end (either Vader or Veers/Boba, an ATST, and troops). The point I am trying to make is not that Imperials are better, but rather it’s all in how you use your units to max your advantage. Both of those players had very different approaches. Moving outside of that and to the game store, I’ve has reasonably good fortune with the AT-ST as well. I’ve really only had a problem against the ultra max activation spam 6x corps 6x sniper teams Veers, but that was also a league night mission where he was gaining VP every turn and I had to take Terrain from him to start earning it. Rough mission to be sure, rougher against that kind of sea of bodies. The airspeeder might need a little help, but too much help and it’s going to be too good. I think ffg missed the mark a little on that one, but not as big a margin as groupthink says.
  20. ScummyRebel

    the new tank

    Honestly, it was the only half decent use case I could conjure for the transport when you’re losing the activation of the onboard unit. I am more thinking about that nice move + free pivot + free aim + shoot.
  21. ScummyRebel

    AT-ST Down. FFG gives us another awesome preview.

    Lt. Kettch reporting for duty. Yub yub.
  22. ScummyRebel

    the new tank

    I’ve wanted the tank in the game since the game came out, so I was already stoked to see it. I’m not really thinking of using transport too much. I don’t like missing the activation, unless it’s for a really good cause like shuttling Palp safely. Yes, measure LOS from the tank commander popping his head out.
  23. ScummyRebel

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    Yes, this has always been the case. Every time there was a new blister or pack featuring a model, there was at least some unique pilots involved that could only be found in that particular pack.
  24. ScummyRebel

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    I’m in the caring boat. That’s what, 6 now? Plus I know I speak for others in my area not on the forums consistently. We had a summer league with around a dozen participants meeting up for their matches to play.
  25. Well, of the original trilogy era. Disney would prefer Rey but can’t get her into the game yet. That said, I don’t think Disney is **that** controlling on what releases come when. I’m guessing Sabine was chosen as the only real option that could be a direct Rebel counterpart to Boba, just like how Bossk looks very counter Chewie.