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  1. Point of order, it’s worth calling out Midnight’s ability has changed from OL in 1.0, in that no one can modify the defense dice. That means you can’t juke it the way you did in 1.0. If I was taking midnight, I would rather have fanatical OR if I’m spending as much as a juke card on her, I’m taking fanatical + optics to boost my offense output over time. Once someone is locked try and stay on them getting my double missed shot (without spending the lock).
  2. I don’t think we need official Imperial minis for protocol droids. We have an astromech option and you can always casual proxy a different model in to fit whatever R series you like with the same rules. Homebrew scenarios like the community Tusken? Go for it!
  3. Check out the Republic Ywing spread. While not confirmed, it looks like we are getting both in that pack.
  4. Yes still requires line of sight. And yes, it is odd - I advocated before this unit was announced to have a mortar team that came with a comms upgrade that said you can draw line of sight for a mortar attack from that miniature unit instead of the mortar. So direct LoS or LoS via a comms upgraded unit would suffice.
  5. I wrote mostly good - it brought into line the most egregious bonkers things out there, and made Leia a good option not a mandatory requirement. At the same time, scum are still languishing at the bottom. And I like them. Barely used them over it. I may try some of their new list types that have cropped up?
  6. Well if you still are wondering, it’s a red token I think they did color based tokens to save space: they don’t need to say “focus, evade, or reinforce tokens” anymore. Just green tokens. It also helps players remember which tokens are removed when on timing chart.
  7. Welcome to the 2.0 side! I knew you could do it, and you’d have fun once you did. Now make sure to pick up the huge ship conversion when it drops plus that epic box. Got to see the new scenarios in there (hopefully we get a preview article of the epic box scenarios soon)
  8. You do realize that at 4 months after release of Legion, each army only had 2 commanders, 2 corps, one support, and one heavy right? Han and commandos dropped close to the 4 month mark sure but that wasn’t for both sides yet. Sounds like CW is right on track to me.
  9. Missed opportunity for sure. Although, they’d have run into challenges film wise, as we would hope they’re not still struggling 30 years after the battle of Endor. That would have made an excellent series though. Maybe it still can.... just need to recast some of the OT heroes who would logically be there. That was Disney’s mistake. You cannot make your large screen production dependent on other media to make it work. The big screen is the part most of your base will see. I still maintain the biggest flaw in TFA was how the Republic is magically erased because one solar system is destroyed. What *would* have made a good story, with minimal changes to the plot line? The loss of the Hosnian System wakes the rest of the Republic up with an “oh crap” moment. Then we have the republic fleet mobilize and have 2-3 stories in play: the republic fleet engaging the FO in large scale conventional warfare like the big battle from RotS, the resistance behind enemy lines trying to do what good they can to undermine the FO war effort, Rey training to become a Jedi under Luke (actually, not find an old cynic who acts nothing like Luke and gets no real insight). Man.... this sounds way better than what we got.
  10. I hope so as well. I really do, because I want more Star Wars content. I’m not one of the guys on the Internet cheering for the demise of Disney Star Wars out of spite. I’m also hoping that we get some more interesting content for the later era because I feel it’s something that can be explored further.
  11. Honestly, I feel like Disney has no one but themselves to blame. All they had to do was pick and choose the best of the EU and keep it and reject the rest (looking at you Vong). Instead, they had the new films. And this show, which while the films have their fans, I have yet to hear any real excitement for. They rode on nostalgia for the old to sell the new. But the new isn't the old. And without that nostalgia fuel, there isn’t much left.... That said, I’m all on board with new republic and remnant content making its way in to power either the old factions or even the resistance / First Order.
  12. Eventually, why not? I do want to see Ewoks first. And a whole bunch of Jedi characters. and Tusken Raider expansion similar to the community driven one.
  13. I would add charge to the Tusken Raiders unit. Make them a bit more melee friendly
  14. I absolutely will buy multiple FO bombers if they look like that. Honestly, I’m not all that surprised that it’s being shut down. It’s unfortunate for us when we need variety for our minis gaming habits, but it’s not surprising.
  15. Do it! 2.0 honestly is a much better game, for everyone. Casual included. I cannot wait for the epic box to arrive so we have scenarios from ffg for 2.0. The spread looks like there’s going to be some awesome stuff like a space station raid (turret “pilot” cards spotted in the spread, etc).
  16. We played that way in my group. Otherwise random terrain placement meant the tank had a heck of a time navigating under certain circumstances or deployments. I think it makes more sense to be fair, and I was playing Rebels at the time so it was most certainly giving me a disadvantage to rule that way (though I did for the most equitable and fun event possible, and because it just makes sense logically).
  17. Well, until the xwing dice study that happened I was going to say it’s all a psychological thing where we only remember the bad. Now? Maybe your dice ARE trying to kill you! Just test and sort them all. Or accept random fate and pick dice from the bigger pool at random. The only dice I own that seem to hate me disproportionately from the odds I expect are my blacks. Poor Boba can roll 4 blanks spend an aim and get.... blanks. A lot. Ditto snipers.
  18. There’s a guy in my LGS regulars/ gaming group who regularly flies Magva as part of his take on beef. Before point updates it was with three Vtg ion Ys. After points change, he’s flown Magva with a blue squad B, Ten Numb and Braylen.
  19. Nothing yet. Patience! The republic isn’t even out yet for general consumers. It’ll have tons of options in no time
  20. I’d take comms spec + uplink on the vets to ensure the dodge token and coordinates for sure. I plan on doing that with my regular army and the unit of Vets I’ll be picking up
  21. This is what I came up with for double core set only. Honestly, I won’t have time to play it until the clone upgrade pack slated for q4 arrives since I still am waiting for general release of the core set. I can add a 5th unit of phase 1 borrowing the extra trooper from each core set unit plus the personnel upgrade with leader keyword. That’ll get me somewhere between 768-785 by my guesstimates. Once I know how it fits I can add a heavy weapon to that unit too, or I can just invest in upgrade cards. I do plan on buying Rex ASAP, and the tank eventually. Otherwise nothing announced yet (but I will be looking for SF news). 713/800 Obi-Wan Kenobi 175 Force Reflexes, Hope, Aggressive Tactics, Phase I Clone Troopers 52 Z-6 Phase I Trooper, Phase I Clone Troopers 52 Z-6 Phase I Trooper, Phase I Clone Troopers 52 DC-15 Phase I Trooper, Phase I Clone Troopers 52 DC-15 Phase I Trooper, BARC Speeder 75 BARC RPS-6 Gunner, BARC Speeder 75 BARC Twin Laser Gunner
  22. Tauntauns should have endurance because they gain no benefit from suppression but suffer the harm of them. Maybe tenacity instead if you think they’ll be doing more ramming than blaster shooting. Vets can easily burn up points on extra minis or the heavy weapon. I would really consider some more corps, even though you said you don’t want to spend more money and don’t really want the Hoth painted rebel troopers. The two medium blasters are easy to pop. You’ll need more objective grabbers for sure.
  23. How is the BARC put together? Specifically, is it ready out of the box or be easy to mod to allow for toggling the side car off/on as desired? I’m more willing to go with rule of cool and use cards for the weapons when it’s between the various side cars, but the off/on i almost would rather see that it’s clearly no car versus yes car.
  24. Yup. I laughed immediately at that sequence because it was a great nod to another 70s vintage sci-fi franchise involving robotic enemies. The reference must continue. I see it as a solid 2 or 3 pip title. Not the highest priority, but something with a fun effect.
  25. 1. They said on stream they’d be in the new plastic, so I would assume sprues are a part of that package deal. 2. I don’t think you’re going to get that point adjustment until a second edition because points are printed on the card. They may retro patch stuff with fix cards like xwing 1.0, but don’t expect a true pricing change/errata.
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