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  1. So, doing some theory crafting. How does this list seem with adding our Inferno friends? (disclaimer: list built with my collection, just pretending I have one inferno squad box) Iden Versio (100 + 34 = 134)--Offensive Push (4), Idens TL-50 Repeater (15), Idens ID10 Seeker Droid (15)General Veers (80 + 10 = 90)--Aggressive Tactics (10)Stormtroopers (44 + 24 = 68)--DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24)Stormtroopers (44 + 24 = 68)--DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24)Snowtroopers (48 + 40 = 88)--Flametrooper (20), Imperial Officer Upgrade (20)Snowtroopers (48 + 20 = 68)--Flametrooper (20)Imperial Special Forces (Inferno Squad) (34 + 90 = 124)--Del Meeko (38), Gideon Hask (38), Offensive Push (4), HQ Uplink (10)74-Z Speeder Bikes (75 + 5 = 80)--Long-Range Comlink (5)74-Z Speeder Bikes (75 + 5 = 80)--Long-Range Comlink (5) I think I could swap the officer for a medic droid, but not sure if I’d change much else. Probably take the 3x Veers command cards plus Iden’s cards. Not sure what I would drop for the droid’s card. The idea would be to not seriously use infiltrate except for a “here is a good spot to lock down that’s sorta near my deployment area” unless a super opportunity arose with the objectives and landmarks as they are that particular game. That way, Inferno can still be close by enough to coordinate a trooper unit most turns. I don’t own any shores to make the coordinate super worth it/mandatory to have aim at start. I could remove bikes to make a spot for a third stormtrooper and maybe something else like Bossk? But is Bossk going to be a better option in this list than 2x bikes? He’s not really the centerpiece in this list (infiltrators are).
  2. I think the original trilogy is still more iconic with the younger crowd, even if they are more inclined to also recognize clones and droids. I’m mid 30s though so what do I know about kids these days?
  3. That’s right guys. Inferno sucks and you shouldn’t bother buying any of them! (that way I can buy one later when I can afford it and get some of these other minis painted instead of fomo buying on the credit card)
  4. I am feeling pretty good about the Inferno squad itself with Iden. I don’t think they will be super exciting otherwise.
  5. Assault gunboat terrain piece to make the xwing players cry that they don’t have a 2.0 reprint yet.
  6. Considering you can flip it mid game, makes sense to have whichever one will be best for that turn.
  7. Cody, not 7th Fleet. 7th is the extra die for a friendly attack gunner.
  8. I know that my own home board terrain tends to have some good LoS blockers and really I’ve had some good layouts that worked for us. But, I also admit that’s only for 6x3 because some of the terrain pieces are just too massive for a 3x3 to be enjoyable. I try to provide balance in everything where possible, but I definitely think there’s something to be said for more los block terrain in general. I guess my point is, you can’t “build a list for every possible condition” and then take Wookies or similar knowing that they’ll have a hard time. A sniper stuck in close quarters is much less bad than a Wookie stuck in the open trying to get close. Now I kinda want to run off and make more terrain ...
  9. I’d love this. 100% so. Trandoshans are known imperial collaborators so that sorta works, or they could get Mandalorian jump troopers from Rebels.
  10. The problem with terrain dependent units is a competitive environment will have a mix of heavy terrain and little terrain. You’ll still lose out over just bringing the long range stuff which isn’t less good up close. Now, Skirmish game mode is another animal...
  11. Probe droids would be a great choice. Bothans are problematic because while canon, there is no canon image for them remaining as Disney purged the old image.
  12. @Ebak drat! Oh well, nice to see some fellow Casuals at the big events even across the ocean
  13. I don’t think I played you, but I saw some phantoms somewhere out there on a table so maybe hi! That was my last Adepticon... maybe 2021? Yup; I’m super content to be the good but not great guy who everyone has fun playing with and against. I look forward to seeing some of my old opponents at worlds 202* whenever it is. Shout out to Gislí and his phantoms. That was such a fun match! Now that epic is out, maybe I can get in on the epic side event at one of these. I skipped last worlds epic event because without huge ships it just wasn’t going to be the same.
  14. @Ebak sounds like we are of the same sort. I’m a good but not great player. I just love the game. I qualified for worlds last fall at the last chance. My main compliment while at worlds was being fun to play against and keeping spirits high. I got clobbered and went 2-3 day 1 of worlds and dropped from last round when it was getting super late and I had no shot of advancing. Played some side games the other days. Can’t wait for the next one whenever, even if I only play LCQ and side games.
  15. Yup, all this. A lot of our new players in my group bought a conversion kit and some used ships; or they found a few enough to make it worth an investment. Not a ton needed all the reprints, some of them they did pick. Since reprints don’t make money; ffg had to adapt. I can’t fault them for doing what they are doing. Personally, I’m super excited for the Ace packs like the Heralds of Hope, and looking forward to the OT ships getting them. I’m happy to buy plastic of the same old ships in fresh paint with new pilots and upgrades. Yes, it’s frustrating Rebels got exactly 4 pilots and a handful of upgrades in HS&A as their only content over 2 years, but I’m sure Phoenix will be worth it to most of us. Honestly, I’d take the aces style reprints over an esoteric ship from some comic once somewhere maybe that I don’t recognize as Star Wars. I have some of all factions because I’m a junkie (and I converted 4 factions entirely from 1.0 so buying the others wasn’t too hard with no new content to pick up).
  16. Is the barc *really* that bad? Or is it rather just that clone trooper spam is more efficient because of token sharing? I’m not convinced in a vacuum that the barc is bad, like the t47, fleets, or Wookies are.
  17. Epic is a reference to specific missions/battles. They didn’t make it epic only; they just removed it from organized play tournaments. It’s just like environment cards. Play it when you want to as a legal thing, or not. More options is better not worse. ^ This. It’s a fun toy for plastic spaceship battles, and it just so happens that ffg doesn’t feel it can be balanced in a tournament setting. That’s fine. Frankly, I hope we see more of that kind of content.
  18. Hot take: “the market” of xwing is one where folks want shorter (as far as mini games go) games. Nobody ever asks me to play epic or have a game with more points; I have to make inquiries ahead of time. While more epic content would still be consumed by me and many others like Darth Meanie, I don’t necessarily think it’s what the majority of the market wants and won’t necessarily save the game on its own. I really like the idea of card packs boosting up the old factions. I don’t necessarily need more rebel ships unless there’s actually a cool ship missing, new pilots and upgrades that reinvent old pilot? Yes please. I absolutely want to run starslash Arvel now to try that mechanic once the box is here. I think they are (mostly) in the right track, and the biggest issue has been lack of love for some of the OT factions. I’d really want a faction with no new models to be getting more card product than a single pack that everyone shared in.
  19. I definitely feel for single faction players, or even just original trilogy only players. It’s a tough spot for ffg to be in: on one hand, they promise no out of faction buying. On the other, reprint sales aren’t what they hoped for as not as many new players have joined 2.0 as they thought might. So a lot of of us old timers don’t want to rebuy a ship for a generic upgrade, but we also want our new toys still. At the same time, there’s a long list of catch up for the other factions before they approach the original 3 in model counts. I don’t see how ffg can win really. Too frequent a card pack creates sku difficulty, too little and it’s the “hey why am I buying out of faction?” For me, I can’t buy out of faction if I have some of all, however in this case I’m only buying one of three seppies releases (Jango). I don’t really fly them much, and I will get way more value on tabletop with 2x Nimbus and 2x eta2 than I will one of each including droids.
  20. So, worth adding to the Hondo discussion: RAW they need to alter the coordinate entry in the RRG if they want Hondo to coordinate an enemy. Coordinate action currently says “pick one friendly” and Hondo’s text doesn’t directly state you can ignore this rule. At least, my play group is discussing this.
  21. Can you explain this to me? I see it come up a lot but I don’t see it. Nien doesn’t have a way to do a red boost, which is a prerequisite of overdrive. He would need Poe to make it red, but that implies he has two stresses (one from the red move or else why Pattern) and one from a red action, and he can only shed away one of them in his activation with the pilot ability. White boosts remain at 1 speed.
  22. It was on their podcast recorded after inflight but before the stream. This makes me happy, as I’ve been wanting to lead wings of ships in a republic fleet for epic
  23. Gold Squadron Podcast’s sleuths believe that the eta2 comes with a new type of wing leader card.
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