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  1. Imperial Galactic Marines

    Pretty sure there will be less snowtroopers painted like snowtroopers than other things. Regarding basing, I’m thinking of doing something like Vallejo thick mud and some flock. I’m building a forest world, maybe throw some swamp into it. However, I haven’t done basing before so I don’t know if that works or if that will look off.
  2. Speeder Bike article

    This angle helps. Thanks!
  3. Speeder Bike article

    They say this one comes with a different sculpt. However the preview photo it really looks like they are the same sculpt of each other.
  4. Convert Stormtroopers to Clone Warriors?

    Honestly at the scale they are, you could probably just paint it up like the phase two and it would look very close.
  5. Raclo + friend vs. Ghost Fenn?

    RAC/Inquisitor won the Fargo Regionals recently. And did rather well at Minneapolis as well even if it didn’t win.
  6. Height of terrain?

    Well it is an aircraft really. They seem to travel fairly high in scale during the Hoth battle.
  7. How do YOU Fluff your Crunch?

    I don’t need an explanation for pilot abilities. I just have fun pushing around plastic spaceships from Star Wars and trying to do well at it.
  8. I'm in X-Wing!!

    ScummyRebel, ps 6 YT2400 / jm5k After you execute a 3 or 4 speed maneuver, you may perform a free boost action.
  9. At-rt-icle

    But is also significantly larger so that’s not entirely inappropriate.
  10. Rules this week potentially

    Pretty disappointed with no rules up yet today
  11. Upgrades in Expansions

    I feel like this gets asked multiple times a week. Same day this time even. Yes, expansions have different cards. Up to you if they matter to you or not.
  12. Different upgrades is the only reason for the wave 1 expansions. Eventually new unit types will be added to the game. I am currently leaning towards two cores over core and expansions for cost savings and I really don’t care about the upgrades so far in the other packs.
  13. So you've watched a few demo games and ....

    That absurd slowness has me worried if snowtroopers with that same range 1 movement will be any decent or not. I like steady built in, but boy they’ll take a long time to get somewhere. thinking of passing them up in favor of a gradual build up of units to get my army. See what SF and other corps units appear and work my way to 800 points rather than start out with 800 points of wave 1 stuff and change my mind along the way.
  14. TX 130 Fighter Tank

    Pretty sure the tx130 is canon via clone wars cartoons. Not as prominent as other craft but it was there.
  15. Well hello there...

    He speaks the truth! I love my xwing but man that place can be a little rough. Now, let me get you something...