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  1. Aside from the little "xwing world champion" on it, pretty much. Unless they are using that as a diversion to hide the real mat print...
  2. I can't help that I have a blast every time I play a game. I also can't help that my schedule has really messed with my time of late. I think the trick to love and enjoy x-wing is to "fly casual" and just not care that much about what's going on in the meta. In my two circles I play the only thing we follow from organized tournaments is the FAQ updates. Aside from that, it may be 100/6 xwing but it's not really tournament play. We often just play regardless of time limit until one player wins or one player concedes. Do whatever you enjoy, and you won't have a problem.
  3. My biggest complaint is not getting to play. My second biggest complaint is all the "we have to Nerf XYZ" threads. These are both unfun. Just got to go spend my Sunday afternoon playing game after game flying ships. It was awesome! No complaints about nerfing or rules, just some folks flying around having fun with their list ideas. If I had to pick a game mechanic as "unfun", I'd point to the growing trend of combinations of upgrade cards that can make the game feel like a card game first and minis second. However that complaint is less of an issue for me as my collection grows because I want to fly more and different little plastic spaceships. Not really pressured to buy "for the cards" when you've got plans for how you'll use the model. I mean, I'll be flying a G1A of all silly things in my list at Campaign Against Cancer. And it's not even 4LOM or Zuckess!
  4. Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution. I’m not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money.
  5. Check out what Shuttle Tyderium podcast is doing at GenCon then. It looks pretty cool.
  6. Pizza is great! And flying little ships is a lot of fun. The more you can fit on the table the better.
  7. If it allows the old stuff in, that's fine. My problem with 2.0 is when mechanics or design change in such a way that old material is simply impossible to bring into it. I'm not sure how a few moves on a dial requires a reboot or is a significant change, but call it what you want. As long as the old material is considered legal for use I'm ok with it. My fear of a 2.0 is basically that - a lack of compatibility with my current investment with the game.
  8. Star Trek has also had a much larger source material to draw from. 29 seasons of television plus 10 movies, not including the reboot of the TOS in the form of the new movies (another 3). I'm sure star wars will get there with Disney at the helm, but for the moment that is a consideration. Simple - re-releases with new dials and include 1-2 extra dials for the ships you bought the first time. New, balanced abilities where some of the older ships that "should have had" that move or ability and only didn't because the design didn't exist yet be added to iconic ships like the xwing, tie interceptor, bwing, firespray, etc. That way new players can just go to the new one and not back buy, and old players can easily use their old model with the new dial. Or optionally sell just the new dials in a kit by faction. Plenty of options without 2.0
  9. With how massive the last faq nerfing was, I'm pretty sure that ffg did testing and concluded mindlink was not the problem. Otherwise it would have been nerfed along with the others.
  10. I'd like to see more ways to play with the same ships we have. Of course new movies means new ships and that's cool too, but we need more than that for player retention. Especially if it's just "oh look put your old ships on the shelf because we really replaced them with these new ones that are better". I'm not one to normally complain, because I like a lot of the Legends EU as well as Rebels. However, I don't like the notion of buying ships knowing they are a disposable commodity when the next wave lands. I'd rather be able to keep playing them.
  11. What do the tipped over ships signify in the Canyon scenario?
  12. I'd be ok with the turret being nerfed on Ghost if it was a part of the title. Without the title, it's just an oversized tlt anyway so not a huge deal.
  13. Dave Filoni said they won't do that as the series finale. Not sure if he's just misdirecting us or if he's serious but that is the official statement.
  14. If you're getting shot at by 8 enemies, or even 4 enemies twice, you have made some bad tactical decisions.
  15. Carnor Jax isn't decent? I think he's hilariously obnoxious to lists dependent on dice mods, especially when you get him out of arc so he's either not shot at or AT kicks in.