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  1. Hey, I learned my lesson the "first" time. Well, first for me anyway. I got into the game a week before wave 9 dropped, and was crazy excited for wave 10 .... That didn't come on time. So I applied the basic timeline from my wave 10 experience and won't fall for the false date estimate hopes again.
  2. Hurray, only 10-12 more weeks! We will get them in September.
  3. That looks amazing! Nice work there.
  4. 3 vipers? The fix pack comes with stuff for two vipers plus one model so if you had the old one you're set for two right there. And I don't care - extra ships are always fun. Especially if they're ones I like.
  5. I fail to see what is wrong with this combo. It's pretty limiting when he cannot attack or use feedback array (or other similar effect in place of an attack).
  6. First thing to do is understand Dash needs to be off the asteroids before he shoots. Second is to get in that range 1 bubble if he is doing the traditional HLC build. Omega Leader w/ juke and comm relay will be hilarious against Dash. Vessery is a good choice anytime you have someone who takes lots of locks. The main strategy is to either block Dash or to stay in tight where he cant hit you. Carnor would be hilarious if you got imperial aces, but isn't mandatory.
  7. I feel like this explanation was recently on the mynock podcast guest starring the Shuttle Tyderium crew. I do like the concept though.
  8. The votes keep coming in for TCX. Seriously, look into them.
  9. Formats we've played.... HotAC, both vanilla and allowing more ship options to upgrade into. Free for all - multiple players at 37-40 points a piece. Missions - either mission control or the xwing official missions Epic games I'm looking forward to doing a lot more of all of them... I like 100/6 but I also like everything else too.
  10. They have the best epic toys right now. Also, Soontir Fel says hello. He was how good for how long again?
  11. There's ebb and flow to the game. Designers try to accommodate it but with the long lead time in design, tests, and production the meta can wildly shift. Even if scum are strong now, it should be a GOOD thing we are getting something for scum that does NOT fit the current archetype of lists. More variety, regardless of faction, is always a good thing. I also see rebel Nym being a strong contender in rebel lists. Double win.
  12. **** You Disney! Rewriting known facts just because.
  13. Don't buy the c-roc unless you're going to fly the c-roc. Guns for hire will come with pulse ray shield and the scyks while interesting are not vital that you must buy the big pack for them.
  14. Haven't tested them out yet, but I plan to find ways to fit Genesis and Sunny into lists. Maybe Inaldra. And I'm really excited to try out the c-roc campaign, because cinematic play is awesome.
  15. This was my favorite of the series.