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  1. ScummyRebel

    Backup Army - Is this good?

    Thanks! I am looking at having an easy to understand list that performs well enough for learning. I can make empire ones easy because I have a lot to choose from. Wasn’t sure how “good” or new player mistake friendly this is from a Rebel perspective. I envision it going down something like “here’s two lists - You newcomer can play one and I’ll play the other”.
  2. ScummyRebel

    Backup Army - Is this good?

    I’m picking up a collection of rebel units a guy who’s getting out is selling (and unpainted too - score!) so since the value was there I couldn’t say no. I am putting forth two lists - one from just the lot and one combining my core set survivor (an atrt, my corps units are long ago sold off when I said imperials only) and a pair of purchases I could make. Looking to see if these are good enough for introducing people to the game or having fun casual games at home. Not competing with these (I’ll still do that only with my empire units where the collection is more fleshed out). Using the lot alone, I’m capable of building a minimalist list: Gen1 Rebels (797/800) Leia Organa (90) - Improvised Orders (10) = 100 total points Luke Skywalker (160) - Jedi Mind Trick (5) = 165 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Rebel Trooper (10) = 50 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Z-6 Trooper (22) = 62 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Rebel Trooper (10) = 50 total points AT-RT (55) - AT-RT Rotary Blaster (30) = 85 total points AT-RT (55) - AT-RT Rotary Blaster (30) = 85 total points T-47 Airspeeder (175) - AX108 Ground Buzzer (20) - Wedge Antilles (5) = 200 total points If I toss a fleet trooper and commando purchase in, I could make the following - is it good enough for getting people to learn or play the game? Gen2 Rebel (800/800) Luke Skywalker (160) - Force Push (10) = 170 total points Leia Organa (90) Fleet Troopers (44) - Scatter Gun Trooper (23) = 67 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Rebel Trooper (10) = 50 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Rebel Trooper (10) = 50 total points Rebel Troopers (40) - Rebel Trooper (10) = 50 total points Rebel Commandos (60) - Duck and Cover (8) = 68 total points AT-RT (55) - AT-RT Rotary Blaster (30) = 85 total points AT-RT (55) - AT-RT Rotary Blaster (30) = 85 total points AT-RT (55) - AT-RT Rotary Blaster (30) = 85 total points
  3. ScummyRebel

    Simple fixes for the T47

    I think it’s a good idea for a future unit. could probably be multi purpose comms allowing for heavies to get a bonus shooting at the tagged unit, or allowing an indirect fire keyword weapon to target them regardless of LoS (only range restriction)
  4. ScummyRebel

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Cover is applied before impact though, so it would only matter against natural/surge crits. Impact hit-> crit can be yanked by cover before they bump up to crits.
  5. ScummyRebel

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    I feel like the AT-ST is pretty solid where it is. It may be a hair overpriced but much better and it would be too dominant. And I say this as a primarily Empire player. The t47 needs some more help for sure. How exactly to go about that is the question.
  6. ScummyRebel

    Simple fixes for the T47

    Do you want AT-STs ruling the world? This is how you get AT-ST ruling the board. Pierce 3 with that many dice (or 4 if the side gun is added to the dice pool) would be way too terrifying for most units. I’d be ok with speeder 2 requiring two compulsory moves. Seems like it would be hard to fly well, but very rewarding if you do, and free up actions for aiming to shoot or pivot to gain arc.
  7. ScummyRebel

    Simple fixes for the T47

    I think it’s too soon to tell what the fix is. I don’t think it needs quite as much as the average forum goer thinks. This is not xwing 2.0 where we can just nuke the points in an app and be done. There has to be some clear way to solve it on cards or in rules reference. I am interested in seeing more of them on the table.
  8. ScummyRebel

    Whither the Rebel snowmen?

    I’m guessing they will be the third corps unit for Rebels, with the Imps getting their navy troops to mimic the fleets? Or maybe Imps will get shoretroopers.
  9. ScummyRebel

    Equipment upgrade packs?

    Agreed - I like the idea of new minis with new weapons or abilities being added to existing units. I wouldn’t want to see rereleases of existing units (at least not as a general release - an alternate sculpt of a commander or operative could make a cool OP swag item or something like that).
  10. ScummyRebel

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    And I’m sure there will be more things to complain about in the future too. Everyone feels like somebody owes them something. Only thing I think folks are owed is what they contractually (whether formal or informal “gentleman’s agreement”) take part in. So if ffg says “we will do X”, they better do it. If ffg doesn’t say anything and just releases a new cool exclusive? Well they never said there wouldn’t be swag (in fact swag is one of the cool things about system open series in hat it’s available to more than just top performers). Now, if ffg started throwing in really powerful stuff in one faction that could be used by all? Different story, but only because of what they promised at the onset of 2.0 (the gentleman’s agreement of “stay on and see no generic upgrades behind a faction paywall, you can all have them”)
  11. ScummyRebel

    Equipment upgrade packs?

    Card packs? No. Please no. Boxes like the specialists with new minis? Possibly - I could see having a “heavy weapons” pack where the mini replaces the heavy slot of a trooper unit instead of the personnel slot like the existing specialists.
  12. ScummyRebel

    Pathfinders spoiled early, it seems

    Image isn’t working. Now it is
  13. ScummyRebel

    "limited edition" ships?

    While that may be the case for some of the people, I am not really taking into consideration what the ship is. In my thought process, it could be Poe’s t70 next, or a specific delta 7 paint scheme, or whatever. Still wouldn’t bother me. Admittedly, if it was something I really liked, and I couldn’t go, I may try and ask a friend who’s going about snagging an extra one. But I’m not going to be complaining loudly on the forums that I can’t get one, or it’s not fair that it’s only provided at a specific event. In fact, I kinda hope this expands over to Legion - some of the early sculpts are rough and I would love to see brand new alternate sculpts with the same unit card/info so they can take advantage of how much better their sculpting team is today on old iconic characters.
  14. ScummyRebel

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    I don’t know about the threat cards being errata’d. But there are PDFs online from ffg to cover all the extended ships in that quickbuild format.
  15. ScummyRebel

    "limited edition" ships?

    And this right here is what the upset saltiness on the forum over this amounts to. It’s jealousy, envy, or whatever else but it amounts to comparing your game/opportunity to another. And doing that comparison anywhere, from plastic spaceships to careers to anything, will make you miserable. I don’t compare to anyone other than myself. I do the best I can. In the case of xwing, I just play to have fun. What other people do or how often they get to play? Not my concern. Sometimes I get too salty myself (I did with the new releases for example), and I have to step back and remember this.