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  1. Makes me feel a lot better then!
  2. Based on? Last we heard was May but we all know it won't happen.
  3. The nerfs were fine. I used to be angry about the ones I used, but I got over it. I see how things are currently bleak for the imperials as a "top tier" competition. I really get it. I hope ffg figures out the right formula. I don't want any faction underrepresented but it's impossible to keep a perfect balance at all times. I remember when I first joined xwing and the joke was you either flew Jumpmaster, you flew imperial, or you lost. Times are a changing.
  4. Well the longer it takes to arrive, the longer I have to decide if I need it or if I can wait until wave 11.
  5. Honestly I'd rather just see mindlink thrown out as the first "banned from OP events" than a "small ship only" restriction at that point.
  6. Like many have said before me, just fly what you want to fly. If it's legal in the faq, then it's fair to fly. There's so many "non iconic" ships in this game. That's ok, because there is a lot of rich EU content and it's fun to see that EU somewhere. Especially now that Disney has ejected most of it out the airlock, and how I liked most of it...
  7. Considering the only reason we have it in the fluff pilots a Jumpmaster, this would be extremely unfortunate. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.
  8. It's not just the range 3 deal that makes it better than a primary. This thing can't be modified by your opponent either. Situationally that can be good. I admit, it's situational and not a reason to make it top tier. It's not.
  9. I play all three factions and collect them all. That said, I think I spend 40% of the time scum, 40% of the time rebel, and 20% imperial. Give or take.
  10. I think you are being a little too cynical. They're not going to plan to Nerf something and sell a bunch right before it. I like both unique pilots. I like the generic possibility. I want to play with it using both turrets, tlt and synced. I like the prospect of unguided rockets. And I like intensity. And I'll go on the record and say that despite the fact that imperials are my least played faction, I plan to buy two of them. And depending on what comes in the Scurrg two of them. The wookie fighter is probably going to be just one for now.
  11. See it this fall.
  12. Sorry, with all the JM5K hate I see on the forums it seems like anything is plausible as being an honest idea. No worries.
  13. I like the idea of unique and non-unique titles equipping at same time to provide older ships like Slave 1 the fix it needs. I'm not liking the Ywing or JM5K ideas here.
  14. And now that they have, can we please leave the whole Parker thing alone and move on? I mean, I was as mad about it as the next guy, but we don't need any more threads on him and those people calling his friends, family, and workplace are WAY over the line. If you feel FFG needs to have floor rules, message them privately through proper channels. If you don't, let them know that too. Just don't keep the complaining in the forums going because it's not helping.
  15. This is awesome. I am envious. I'm limited to a 4x4 table I have for standard size games.