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  1. The designer was later hired by another game company and couldn’t afford to spend time on it as a hobby. At least so I heard. There is a Facebook group for folks actively converting it for 2.0 stats.
  2. Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - it was created back in 1.0 as a cooperative player format. Players took Rebel ships and went up against an Imperial AI player. Picture a mixture of xwing and an RPG - you level up by gaining experience points for taking actions mid-flight, and then you spend the XP on EPTs, upgrades, etc. between missions. Was really fun. I missed that. That’s too bad. I’m guessing the deal involved more than he was willing to part with I suppose. I never expected ffg to just actually make HotAC - I’d expect more likely they make their own AI model and do something similar but different. I like the idea still, and I can’t wait to see their version of it come to life.
  3. Depends on my list. I have some lists with 1-2 upgrades total across a list of 6 ships. I also have ace builds with 3 ships fully kitted.
  4. Honestly, I feel like CIS are getting most of the love meant for the Scum faction. Sure CIS is swarmier but they are getting all the new dirty tricks. I’m hoping the mandalorian brings some new Scum goodies.
  5. I haven’t bought into CIS because I have too many factions as it is. I won’t be buying into them because of a single ace pilot.
  6. QD, Scorch, and add 2x generic SFs for 4 3 dice attacks.
  7. X-wing is largely at the best it’s ever been. I do understand the frustration of not having any new things since the wave 1 or wave 2 launch. I’ve left plenty of salt in these forums over that world. Thankfully, the Resistance and FO are finally getting something in wave 6. Early 2020 will be the card packs, and you’ll have more pilots for the old ships then AND access to generic upgrades you didn’t get if you didn’t buy prequel stuff. Aside from the “where’s my ships” for the long time players, I don’t see a lot of problems. The game is fun - you just can’t win the game in the list building phase. Personally, I’ll take the tough choices in building over the easy button “I want Poe, so Poe will have exactly XYZ stapled.”
  8. This is what I was wanting to hear more about, and sounds like an upcoming stream will do that. Perhaps I overreacted a tad... the game showed amounted to “hey look, official way to do what we’ve all been doing already” in a format that honestly isn’t all that appealing to me. I get it now and then, but I’ve never seen fur balls go any other way but “we gang up on him, then we fight amongst ourselves once he’s down”. Combined with the precedent that there’s always been *something* hidden in the stream, the let down was real. They said multiplayer, and I expected the multiplayer mission they posted in the announcement article with objectives, etc. Now that would have been mega-hype. I guess not everyone has a community who has given the fur ball a try though?
  9. Feedback to improve? They’ve had other good streams before.... just this one was a resounding miss. If they can’t do streams because they made a mistake once and got called on it, then that is their problem, not mine. I won’t be a “yes man”, but I will be fair. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want something new that drives hype for a product in the preview live stream. I do plan on catching the next keyforge one that has new set decks in it. This one just doesn’t do it.
  10. Agreed - there’s nothing to see here. It’s fine that it was a scenario in the box to give some players an official way to do what’s already been done by many. But it was a pretty lame idea to showcase it the way they did - I turned it off already. No new content, no cool missions, nothing of note. I’m out. Hoping for the other ten missions in the box to be good.
  11. I’m highly disappointed in this. I wanted to see a thematic mission or something with new epic content. This is just the formalized version of a game we’ve all been playing homebrew of for a while. And they didn’t even bother to use it as an opportunity to show us any new content.
  12. Can’t wait ... really hope we get to see a few huge ships in the mix.
  13. I have not heard anything formal at all, merely the slides at the in flight report saying $34.95 and the inconsistent ffg website information. Until we see more, I would assume the higher price.
  14. They won’t be next. Not until they have a plan for both sides of the conflict, and resistance has basically nothing. I really don’t feel like this era is even slightly ready for Legion unless episode 9 provides their entire line up in some mega battle.
  15. Point of order, it’s worth calling out Midnight’s ability has changed from OL in 1.0, in that no one can modify the defense dice. That means you can’t juke it the way you did in 1.0. If I was taking midnight, I would rather have fanatical OR if I’m spending as much as a juke card on her, I’m taking fanatical + optics to boost my offense output over time. Once someone is locked try and stay on them getting my double missed shot (without spending the lock).
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