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  1. This. And in the source game, the gunboat has the same laser count as a tie fighter. It's firepower came from ordnance and cannons.
  2. And you had squad mates then. Or that tug boat that you could dock with to reload your torps.
  3. Super happy for the gunboat. I am stoked for my 90s nostalgia to hit the mat. Also really like how both generics are from the actual squadrons in the game Tie Fighter. Shame we don't get another Maarek Stele pilot since he also flew the gunboat ... Oh well he's moved into the defender I suppose.
  4. Nah then we also need the large base stormtrooper transport from those games too...
  5. Tie avenger and defender both had shields :-P The gunboat had lots of ordnance though... 16 missiles or 12 torpedos (I had to look that up again, but I remembered it was very high). I killed cr90s solo with that thing!
  6. Ok, they got my gunboat so... Tie avenger. Tie avenger. Tie avenger. Think ffg will hear our cry for the final playable ship from the flight simulator Tie Fighter? It's the only one not in our minis game... Wait, I should be thinking of scum or rebel ships... Uh...
  7. Miranda cares. My new toys don't. I think I finally saw my reason to go imperial... I can now fly my entire childhood under the imperial banner (well aside from the avenger, maybe someday...) Spent way too many hours flying gunboat.
  8. Nah, they didn't need to introduce xwing the way the others do. Legion sounds awesome, but I can't afford a double plastic crack habit.
  9. I'm with you ... I started playing right about a year ago. I love flying all the ships and playing all the forms of xwing. I play 100/6 with some people, I play epics and missions and have a recurring weekend HotAC campaign. It's all good. Are there things that annoy me? Sure. But I'm mostly over here just having fun.
  10. You mean those handful of pilots that nobody flies in metawing? Found in every pack...
  11. Epic play. Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. Missions/campaigns (ffg or mission control). There's tons of fun to be had when you change the parameters away from the overly analyzed and highly tested 100/6 meta. I'm glad all the focus is on 100/6 though -- if there was more official support for alternate formats we would inevitably have the same people who mathwing 100/6 do the same to all our other games. Edit: reading the community edition stuff brings me more hope yet. I have invested a considerable amount into this game and I love to fly when it's fun. Keeping the game alive beyond what ffg is willing to do is awesome news.
  12. At the Campaign Against Cancer event this last spring, I flew a G1A (non titled mist Hunter) among my squad. Paired with fire control, it has the attack dice to do some damage, especially if there's other scarier things in the list that help draw fire away from the G1A. TLTs will melt it, so if your area is tlt heavy I'd try to plan around that. Other alpha strikes could kill it but again, put it in a list with other scarier things and the alpha strikes may ignore the lone Gand in the corner. My list was: Asajj + mindlink + Latts, Fenn +mindlink + title + autothrusters , and Gand Findsmen + mindlink + fire control
  13. If you really like xwings, another option some of the time is to get a Heroes of the Aturi Cluster campaign going with some friends.
  14. My point with that was that some of the folks playing scum or imperial in standard xwing would be doing so even in a perfectly balanced game, because they like that particular fluff. I realize the effort is easier to just add them as villains, but I'm specifically looking to fly from their perspective with their ships.
  15. I'm familiar with that HotAC page. I'm over there as well, and I'm always saving off missions or AI options that I can for expanding our games. Currently I'm in the middle of a "any small base ship but a limited ban list" (like Scurrg or Kwing) and rebel pilot abilities only playing the rebel missions from standard HotAC. We are playing "hard" where we treat the AI as if there's an extra one of us, and I added some random decimator pilot cards so those random draws can be a little higher risk! I'm hoping to have this "PotAC" with missions fleshed out enough that when this current campaign winds down I can start up the beta test of scum faction flying.