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  1. Gunboat is awesome, Gunboat is glorious. And the sad state of affairs is it won't even be broken compared to the current top contenders. It'll be good, very good. But not broken.
  2. This is both awesome and harsh at the same time.
  3. Gunboat in all it's wonderful glory... I might have to enlist in the Imperial Navy! I'm excited by that OS1 config for sure, though the stress control cannon unit is cool too.
  4. Hey, I get really good light-years per gallon of my Tibanna gas!
  5. The forums....
  6. I knew the Karrde, but had to go look at the others. The Vigo looks cooler but I have to admit the crusader with a crusader class only hard point that let's you burn energy to add evade results for close (r1-2?) friendlies trying to dodge a torpedo or missile attack? That'd be an awesome game mechanic as a support ship. Reading up on it's point defense weapon. Or if we get the Vigo, can we get a cool Xizor crew card that's better than Jabba was?
  7. I don't know, I'd be pretty happy with a big scum epic... Especially if the included campaign is as fun as the c-roc one was.
  8. I am betting kwing ships with original text. No way they'd risk the new wording getting out before they get the faq done.
  9. Patience!
  10. I usually build a list based on either something I want to try or based on something I know my opponent wants to try. I don't go in with knowledge of it, but I can guess sometimes.
  11. Yes, the downgrade crits to hits is only your initial roll, not a re roll. Reroll a blank to a crit? Stays a crit!
  12. Idk, you could be biased :-P The only part I'd say is I wish my wife was interested in playing - HotAC, standard, anything. For that list, it may worth experimenting with Mangler instead because of the harpoon missile/condition. I don't know if it truly becomes the best build but at least it has the potential to trigger the condition (unlike HLC, which is dependent on rolling a nat crit after spending a target lock to do so)
  13. Right here Ooo they added something a few weeks ago and I didn't know! Downloaded for my library :-D
  14. I want to see Ywing + Uwing Scarif pack with cards for a t65 as well. There's just been so many t65 models already... For imps, I don't think the decimator is in a bad place... The punisher should be in an imperial ace pack since it's been a laugh the entire time. Phantom is probably fine as is, though maybe there could be a mechanic added to them for flavor. If the Imps get a 2nd lambda, since they started "multiple factions in a box" they should at least include a rebel pilot or two and a "shuttle Tyderium" title :-P
  15. After you have hit dockingbay416 and gotten the core HotAC game elements all downloaded, cruise over to Facebook and find the heroes of the Aturi cluster custom page. There's a ton more missions to insert into the game, as well as more AI charts for other enemy ships... Battlestar Pallas - a whole new standalone campaign that mirrors HotAC with some minor changes Defenders of the Empire Imperial campaign (in progress) - fly HotAC style missions from the other side's perspective Basic missions and epic missions you can add to a regular campaign (or a BSP) These days, when I fly vanilla HotAC I at least add random Decimator enemies into my Imperial deck. I'd like to add more if anyone has Tie FO, Tie Punisher, TAP, etc elites. I found AI charts for them but no pilot cards.