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    Happy Friday

    The legion dice model is kind of neat, as you have the ability to make a large pool with inaccurate dice for large variance swings, or smaller pools with better odds for higher accuracy or consistency. But, I’ll be honest for xwing I prefer what we have because that would be a radical departure. Then again the entire post is theorycrafting a 3.0 and what could be different.
  2. I have to ask, what prompted the offload?
  3. They had said the plan was to have smaller waves more frequently. Then covid happened before they could.
  4. Some people just have to have novelty, not just have a game. Honestly? If the game never saw new pieces, I’d still be playing. I think it’s fun. I’d hope that ffg and/or a community would try and keep the point balance going and fine tuning, but even if not I’d find a way to stick with it. Now, that said.... I absolutely enjoy adding new elements to the game so I’m actively buying new pieces when available.
  5. I guess for me it’s a matter of prioritization — in the case of “I like this, AND the experts decide it’s good”, you basically have to get it immediately on release or else you won’t have one at all (source: the units I mentioned before out of stock in perpetuity). If it’s something I don’t want to paint then I flat out won’t buy it, and if it goes out of stock I don’t care. OTOH, if “the experts” say “oh that unit is garbage” then I can pick it up either on sale, or when I have bandwidth in my painting queue to go directly to putting it on the paint table. If the experts don’t get points until release, my decision is based more on my own queue ability right now plus desire, as opposed to the “get now or forever give up the rights to it” because few would rush to buy max quantities of an untested or unknown thing.
  6. @RyantheFett I know I really enjoy TTS for xwing. I haven’t done legion on it (don’t even know what module is needed). My only beef with tts is when folks know what’s coming they “solve” the new units as good or bad and what not before any of us get to play with them. At least in xwing they don’t drop costs until physical product is here and then we get to find out. Maybe if they just hid costs on previews for Legion it would be better? As far as the fact that this game is made by the same publishers as xwing, I think the comparison is fair. There are even designers who have worked on both. Legion is making some of the same mistakes as xwing: some units are both for an upgrade card (less so now that card pack is out) and some units are just flat out better than the older ones
  7. So much this. And good luck gang, you don’t get phase 2s because the handful that did make it out belong to the same 2-3 people who all bought that many because TTS showed it was super meta good.
  8. Hoping this means narrative or campaign style play with quick builds.
  9. That would suck me in big time. The standard battle cards system is pretty cool, but I like the alternate requirements mode that disrupt whatever the most efficient meta archetypes are. Honestly, I would play way more if I had access to those kinds of formats. I think right now, my biggest concern going forward is availability of releases. I feel like if I want to ever see a particular miniature unit, I need to preorder it ASAP because I likely will never see it again. Look at B2s and P2s. Then there are things like Death Troopers. And that FOMO is starting to be a buzz kill to me. I go back and forth between “do I downsize factions from 3 to 1?” to “stick with it and don’t panic” to “move along because I don’t see this problem from other manufacturers.” And yes, this issue predates covid. Don’t blame that as the only issue.
  10. I feel like this could work, but I’d be concerned about turns where the ship is clearly not being shot at. Doing the blue maneuver may be just fine the following turn to have no consequences. Then again, that’s the benefit of positioning well. I am not overly enthusiastic about the /D platform, but a fair cost makes it an option.
  11. Is it though? They’re fun for ship diversity but not really a must have.
  12. I don’t need a third defender... I don’t need a third defender... Well, I suppose if this were to be a part of a squad pack, I’d be happy with it. I do sort of wish the “two of” in the pack would be bombers but I’m not thinking so. Likely LNs and/or Interceptors.
  13. The CIS have far more choices than FO. Trench, Nute Gunray, Wat, Jango (operative), Asajj, Kraken, generic tag droid commander, Vizla (operative and era dependent, but seeing Maul is an operative we can infer they could go there), and already I’ve named more candidates than the FO really have. And I know there are more.
  14. Golds are amazing pilots. It’s the named guys that all stink. Sinker Swarm (Sinker + torrents + friend based on points left) is pretty decent even if it has fallen out of favor and stars Torrents prominently. My World’s 2019 list, while not strictly legal in terms of upgrades taken since point update, was Kenobi, Ric, and 3x Golds. You can easily keep the same pilots with different upgrades, or you can trade out Ric for another pilot. To be honest, most Republic lists for me are 3-4 torrents + some higher init friends.
  15. No, there have been no announcements. The entire thread is wishlist and/or speculation. I also find scum more likely than sequel trilogy factions, however I don’t think we are remotely ready for the scum faction. The GAR has only one corps choice (P2s don’t count when they’re rare as hen’s teeth and their release was an entire disaster), the droids aren’t much better off. The first SF option for prequels is not yet out, etc. Let the CW factions breathe for a second before cutting them off with another faction. CW factions should have 2x SF, 2x corps in circulation, 2-3x support, plus the specialists pack and another hero or two before we talk more factions.
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