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  1. I would, but then I need to figure out how to get Nym into the list so he can prevent it from blowing up when everyone swerves to avoid it.
  2. Let us know how you make it work in a list. I want to love it but I haven’t bought one when I haven’t even come up with a way I would want to use it that seems any good.
  3. I am actually surprised to see some things being reprinted ongoing actually. There must be enough fresh blood still buying the t65 x-wing single blister somehow. You’d think at some point no one uses them so they drop off, but I guess not. I also think they prioritize based on how many they’ll sell. For example, I really need a raider but that’s going to take longer because they would rather get other high demand ships out the door first.
  4. 1. Everyone wants to mimic success 2. Probably not, since a lot of them feel like the same information with different flavors on them 3. I only listen to 2 maybe 3 of them. Don’t have the time and really they start to feel repetitive if you listen to them all, especially following a release article on ffg
  5. I’m going to go with Push the Limit. Always trying to squeeze more out of my day, and frequently stressed because of it.
  6. I am fine with the empty pipeline. Now I just need more time to play again. I fully intend to keep all my ships on the mat at some time, even if I have to figure out janky reasons to casually fly something never used anymore. HotAC, period correct games, epics etc. everything must see the light of day.
  7. The thing is weapons disabled, and tractor all explicitly in the rules say this token is removed at end of turn. Ion explicitly says “suffer this consequence and then remove all ion tokens”. They only mention removing a jam token when there is a focus, evade, or blue target lock token present. It also explicitly says remove the jam token then remove one of those other tokens. Ergo, those are the only way they get removed, and it’s probably only a 1-1 relationship.
  8. Got all of my stuff unboxed and even played with! Only one that still needs playtime is the Phantom 2, because I ran out of time. I need to get the bomber still as well, but limited funds. next time, next time....
  9. I’m good with the break. I have plenty of time to learn how to play my new toys, and then take the time to fly all the ships. I’d like to wind up getting to a point where everything sees use at least once in the year, whether it be epic play, a tournament, casual gaming, or HotAC. Maybe not every pilot, but every chassis at least.
  10. I’m ultimately looking for something that’s at minimum Hanger Bay worthy.
  11. (98) Nu Squadron Veteran (26) - Alpha-class Star Wing XG-1 Assault Configuration (1), Long-Range Scanners (0), Heavy Laser Cannon (7) •Kylo Ren (46) - TIE Silencer Push The Limit (3), Advanced Sensors (3), Primed Thrusters (1), •First Order Vanguard (2), Autothrusters (2) Nu Squadron Veteran (26) - Alpha-class Star Wing XG-1 Assault Configuration (1), Long-Range Scanners (0), Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Had a blast flying this squad today. The one thing was it was hard to get them turned around especially with not wanting to slam and get no shots. Debating.... 1. Drop both to mangler? Or just one? 2. Flechette cannon on one or both? Ion cannon? I know ion won’t work with the title but for control measures it may be worth it. Looking for ideas how to get better mileage out of this list.
  12. From how I read it, it seems like it would stack. I’m not sure how much of a thing it’ll be yet, but if they get used in any quantity it’s going to become something that needs an faq. In casual play, I’ll treat it as stackable. In tournament play I will probably not use it yet.
  13. I’ve been playing since just before wave 9 dropped. i think my favorite was probably this wave 12/13 that just dropped. The silencer and gunboat have me stoked! The phantom 2 looks fun. Kimogila could be interesting. But really the gunboat and silencer have me stoked the most. Other favorite wave would be wave 9.
  14. My flgs just got mine in today so I need to make my way over there after work.
  15. Thank you FFG for delivering the glorious gunboat as a ship that decidedly does not suck, and for putting out mostly balanced content this wave. Also thanks for getting it all in on time!