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  1. Small scale games

    We’ve played a home brew 450 point game a few times on a 3x3. Looking to adopt the formats from the Escalation op when not doing 800.
  2. The white defense dice don't work.

    Your white dice are not broken. You just need to roll them more to understand. I’m an imperial player for Legion, but my speeder bikes have white dice too. They always throw either all natties or all blanks. Not much in between. I think that averages out.
  3. Gunboat Help

    I use the following: Rho squadron: deadeye, harpoon missiles, long range scanners (or guidance chips to taste and local meta). Take two of them plus Kylo Ren for a great time. The LRS/deadeye is a meta call for making absolutely sure no matter what they have a way to launch their harpoons. My dad flies the same list but with guidance chips - he’s vulnerable to HSCP but he’s got the guaranteed hit when he does it that way. We banter about which is better for a tournament, and it really comes down to match up. I’d say his is more reliable damage output, mine is more reliable at getting them to fire exactly when I want them to.
  4. What kind of base should Veers get?

    Wait how did you get Veers already?
  5. Snowtroopers, help me!!

    I’m just going to base them the same with Vallejo thick mud and flock like I’ve been doing for all my units. They may get an out of canon paint job. I did a generic forest board.
  6. Dropping the Ball (Opinion)

    Yes - advanced slam with corrected text appeared in the latest reprint of the kwing.
  7. Dropping the Ball (Opinion)

    Reprints of advanced slam from xwing post faq has the correct text. That’s the most recent example.
  8. Dropping the Ball (Opinion)

    It usually takes a while for a reprint, but the reprinted cards do tend to have the corrected text.
  9. Dropping the Ball (Opinion)

    The ball dropping is nothing that hasn’t been standard ffg doing what they can. I’ve seen this behavior in xwing non stop since I joined in around wave 9 release. I just play with my minis and have fun - can’t get too hung up on the other stuff. Been there done that. I still haven’t gotten a full 800 point game in even if I have the stuff for it.
  10. The Natives Are Getting Restless

    And it’ll probably be a rehash of the news we already have, plus maybe spoiling that they have indeed worked in Solo movie tie ins. But no new info about the expansions we know are coming.
  11. poll: how long have you been playing?

    Been playing 1.5 years-ish. I got into it right as wave 9 was dropping. I, not knowing any better about power creep, actually went through and bought everything that was released before my time in xwing. Right now, I’m missing the resistance bomber but otherwise have at least 1 of every expansion (couple of ships I have 2). I am actually pretty happy with the game state for the most part. There are some high end un-fun lists to play against, but they can be beaten if you play better than your opponent does. I may not like how some of the collection is obselete, but I can get them back on the mat through HotAC and even epic play at times (my last epic I had not one but two bwings our on the mat).
  12. Actual Question About X-Wing

    Guess that means I need to do more meta analysis on the lists I like and see which category they fall more into.
  13. Actual Question About X-Wing

    Two jumpmasters pre-FAQ. Honestly, I just kind of bring what I think I can do well with, regardless of if it counters Ghost-Fenn or counters the counters.
  14. Xwing is alive and well despite what the clickbaiters say

    Seems clear to me that despite the things folks complain about, most of us still play in tournaments and still have fun with it. I like all the formats really - probably the one I do the least is PvP missions. It’s just been more fun (and a lot easier actually) to either co-op with HotAC which has a closer to cinema feel than PvP missions or just play a fun 100/6 or 300/12. The trench run was pretty fun when it was run a couple of times, but started to run long especially when we thought more ships must be better! I would say most of my xwing at FLGS is 100/6 and occasional (3-4 times a year) epic. My games with friends and family are about a 50/50 split between 100/6 and HotAC.
  15. Potential Release Date of New Wave

    Amazon dates are very rarely correct. The most reliable predictor has been the Spanish ffg website. They get intel before we do.