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  1. Alright so it's just the multiple standby tokens that would allow you to attack more than once. Can the arsenal 2 keyword be used with standby? Can I make 2 separate attacks with different weapons by spending just one standby token?
  2. Again, I've been playing this wrong. I always assumed you could only do one attack per round per unit. Can you attack multiple times by spending standby tokens? Can you attack, get a standby token and attack again once a unit moves into range? My goto move when defending an objective has been aim + standby, but if attack + standby (+ second attack) is possible then it seems much more effective.
  3. famado


    Well s***... Thanks! Now it actually makes sense! How have I been playing this for months wrong? We mostly use small bases in our games so it's not so much of an issue, but I really gotta start paying more attention to the rulebook.
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    For me it is pretty clear. Anything that is beyond the line and doesn't touch it is considered beyond range 3. If it touches the line then it is at range 2. Also, for attack purposes you're supposed to measure from the centre of your unit leader's base , so I don't see how you'd ever be in a position to be both beyond and at range 3 simultaneously since you have to add those extra cm to the distance.
  5. We need Yoda and Samuel L. Jackson ASAP! (well... after CW is released for the common people) Also, slave Leia, Jabba, and carbon frozen Han Solo. Can you give us those 3 together in a scenario based expansion?
  6. 1- Which releases can we now expect until Christmas and which ones have already been pushed to next year? 2- Also, has an alternative Han Solo sculpt ever been considered? One with just his iconic vest and not the coat? 3- Speaking of sculps, how come Leia and Solo look so cartoonish and the rest don't? Is the sculpt decision based on the developer in charge or do you have joint meetings with all staff to choose the best direction?
  7. This. Though I must say that these release/not/release/not yet/soon... moments do make me feel that the guys at FFG are more passionate about their games than I expected. I can imagine them being so enthusiastic about the releases that they want to get them out as soon as possible so everyone can enjoy them too. Of course enthusiasm does get in the way some times. I've been there myself. Though it is no excuse for the lack of communication. Especially when issues arise.
  8. I think you need to get your priorities in order. This is a once in a lifetime situation! You cannot simply miss the delivery just because a kid is being born.
  9. +1 But give him a 'Decoy' or 'wtf' keyword that would make him super hard to be shoot at but also super hard for him to hit something. You'd just have to rely entirely on luck!
  10. Yeah I know. But what I was wondering is if they knew it already back when bossk came out and just didn't say anything since the distributor had already marked it for Q4 then. Perhaps not having them at gencon would've been a bigger bummer than having to replace a limited number of bases later. Anyway I'm fine with waiting to get a proper product.
  11. That football on the right side looks weird
  12. Back when Bossk was released I ordered the Dewback and CW core set, the store manager checked with his distributor and CW core set was marked Q3 (we all know what happened there) but the Dewback was marked Q4, more specifically December. We both assumed the Dewback's date was a mistake but I'm not so sure anymore...
  13. I can't really criticise that part. Wife just spent the same amount on plane tickets to the wrong city... so there's worse ways to spend money than on swords!
  14. ... bad luck seems to follow you around! Remind me to never go into business with you!
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