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    I just wanted say thank you so much for making this! We have been making proxies for new sets and recording some videos on our YouTube Channel. Couldnt have done it without your little app here! THANKS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MnsGkasSJQ
  2. So we tried this out a couple times. I will say it was a lot of fun but does require more time, id say 30 minutes to build decks. We did some videos of deck building if you want to check it out.
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    Sacramento CA area

    Checkout Best there is Games, they have a league that regularly plays. https://www.facebook.com/Bestthereiscomicsandgames/
  4. Hey guys just to give you an update I have updated the rules to make it simpler and less complex. Can include 4 Upgrades/Supports/Events Max: 1 of same in deck. So this is simpler and still gives you potentially 12 cards to add to your deck with 4-8 being dice if you need them. We are playing this tomorrow and will be filming and let you guys know how it goes!
  5. Thanks for checking it out and providing some feedback! Yeah I agree the fewer rules the better. Might try just doing 4 each of any upgrades/supports/events (regardless of color - max 1 copy) that you can include to make it simpler. (thats max. 12 cards you can include) Depending on the store you could potentially do 9 packs for $25 to get people to play. I think thats pretty affordable for a tournament and getting 9 boosters. Thats the min. i think though you could do and still play a 30 card deck. As much as I dont really like lowering the deck size since a 3 character list can be quite a lot health, i may try doing 8 packs and 25 card deck (3 of any type can be included - max 1). There may be a sweetspot in there somewhere! Your format is really creative and sounds like it could be pretty fun! We will have to give that a try sometime. Seems like ti would be quite a different game though using supports as characters but thats kinda cool too. I love it when games are super close and in Destiny I have had more games that go that close than a lot of games. Well if you do end up giving this a try post back here and also if you think there are any tweaks to make while still keeping the core rules.
  6. Greetings all Destiny players! Been playing this game since the beginning and really trying to find a great way to play this game in a blind booster style format. I know that a lot of people have been trying different things and FFG has yet to release anything official. After some research on other formats and doing some testing, Ive come up with this document I wanted to share. This is a living document so I may be making updates based on your feedback: Star Wars Destiny: Limited Format Would love to know what other people think and even better if you guys are willing to give this a try and see if you like it. Im not a fan of formats that change the rules of Destiny either by allowing Villain/Hero characters/cards in the same deck or making the deck size smaller (favors mill). There is no way to make Destiny draft closely match a Magic draft in pricing and consistency. So this is modeled a little closer to something like a HeroClix 2 booster sealed/floor type event. I think the use of non-unique characters actually matches very well with the theme of this game! And its super fun to play cause even if there are some action cheats and such its not over the top, the games are slower and the decks are way more diverse and interesting. Especially with the new release of EAW coming out next week its an exciting time for this game and may be a fun format to use for the weeks at your local groups following the release.