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  1. It appears FFG is not streaming either today or tomorrow. Any other options to hold us over until Saturday? Thanks!
  2. Agreed. It is very dangerous and many things can go wrong. However, you asked about a specific scenario in which lion successfully gained 12 honor. If the lion was successful, as you propose, then I stand by my assertion that it is absolutely worth it. Personally, I would not chance it, but I could see a dedicated honor player taking the risk.
  3. Yes. Absolutely. All it takes is one venerable historian or honored general and its game over. You don't have to win a conflict and the opponent can take, at most, two provinces on turn one. With the scenario you have proposed, lion can rely solely on their dynasty deck and does not suffer from the conflict deck disadvantage.
  4. Thanks, missed that part. I'm trying to look for any incremental increase in power/value that might justify her inclusion over similarly costed characters in the upcoming cycle.
  5. I understand that the current ruling with Hotaru is that her ability does not work on the defense, simply allowing your opponent to resolve the ring. Assuming I splash Phoenix, what happens with Display of Power? This allows me to resolve a ring as if I were the attacker and then claim the ring. Could I then use Hotaru's reaction to resolve the ringa second time since I resolved and claimed the ring as if I was the attacking player? Thanks.
  6. Similar question, but with art of war. When the province breaks, does the defending player get 3 cards as a reaction to the province breaking, or does cautious scout prevent this as well?
  7. Exactly why I said I'm upset with the lack of uniformity among stores rather than the prizes themself.
  8. I'm more peeved about the lack of uniformity among stores. On the one hand, some stores gave the prizes for all three events, pins, all 21 promos, the whole kit. On the other hand, I drove 2 hours for an event, paid an entry fee for casual play and a chance at one of only 7 promos. The store then allowed local players who had agreed to be available for teaching new players to select a promo of their choice and only the remaining few promos were randomly distributed to everyone else. Not to mention that the local players showed up with 3 core decks rather than the specified 30 card one core deck I brought with me. Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Rant over. Highly disappointed with the launch.
  9. Another attachment question. The RR says that an attachment bows and readies independent of the card it is attached to. Conflict resolution states that all characters are bowed but does not stipulate attachments. I'm considering splashing unicorn. If I use favored mount, could I use my character in a conflict, return home bowed, and then bow the attachment to enter a second conflict that same turn?
  10. I've got an attachment question. The RR says that ownership/ control of attachments is independent of ownership/ control of characters. If an opponent takes control of a character, blackmail, for instance, it is my understanding that they take just the character. What happens to the attachments that remain under my control? Do they stay in play but don't contribute force? Do they get discarded because they are not legally attached to a character? Also, how do you counter or prepare for cards such as blackmail? Thanks.
  11. At this time I also see honor as a resource rather than a primary win condition. In my opinion, this is a flaw. It should be possible to pursue an honor win as your primary strategy rather than including it as a restrictive measure. I agree that a clan capable of threatening both an honor victory and breaking provinces would have an unfair advantage, and I respect that. I would be content to use a holding or stronghold that better enabled an honor victory while simultaneously making it more difficult for me to break provinces. Conceptually, would that be more appealing to you?
  12. Something like this would be perfect. I love what I've seen so far, and the only qualm I have is the lack of support for an honor victory. This approach doesn't directly gain honor but would reward those who sacrifice card draw to make a concerted effort at an honor victory.
  13. The fact that 11 starting honor is the average value for the clans is mildly disappointing. I was hoping for a little more of an advantage for crane and lion. Lion in particular might need a larger gap to use various abilities.
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