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  1. Additional question. Chewbacca's special says "turn an opponents dice to a side showing damage to deal that damage to a character. Does that work with modifier sides of the dice? Example, turn dice to a +2 Melee and do that damage to opponents character?
  2. If I re-roll after using do or do not and I roll a Melee damage side can I resolve modifier and other Melee damage dice with it? For example, I re-roll a dice and it rolls 1 Melee damage. Can I then add the +2 modifier dice to it and increase the original dice by one making it a total of 4 damage?
  3. When grievous kills off a character and takes the thermal detonator then rolls its special will the thermal detonator go into his discard pile or the original owners? Or is it removed from play entirely?
  4. I have a question on this. Would you deal one damage and then reroll the dice and keep it in your dice pool?
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