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  1. Final Gencon standings

    2nd place beat Matt and my list by 42 points. Apparently Matt won the fighter battle, but messed up and didn't have Steele farming Superior Position tokens early enough. Oh well. My biggest takeaway from this tournament is that with Reekien gone, the list diversity has gone way up. Good showing everyone, let's keep this game going.
  2. Final Gencon standings

    It may be 399. I have been playing with both a 399 and a 400 pt version. The list components are correct either way.
  3. Final Gencon standings

    Matt's & my list is a total of 400 points. The objectives are as Megatronrex noted above: Advanced Gunnery Contested Outpost Superior Positions I am not going to give all the strategies of the list away because Matt is still playing later today. I will say though that two days before Gencon I sat down with him and pretty much told him how every round was going play out (obviously dice will still be random). I did this by asking him two simple questions: 1.) Who is going first? 2.) Does your opponent have around a 100+ points worth of fighters? He called me last night and said that it has played out the way I thought it would.
  4. Final Gencon standings

    I forgot that Wulff is also on Avenger. The fact that he allows the ISD-2 to regenerate 3 shields a round is so brutal.
  5. Final Gencon standings

    ISD-2 Sloane Boarding Troopers ECM Leading Shots Quad Battery Turrets Avenger Quasar-I Flight Commander Flight Controllers Expanded Hanger Boosted Comms Pursuant Gozanti-I Comms Net Strom Steele Jendon Howlrunner Fel Mauler Dengar
  6. Final Gencon standings

    Thanks for posting Jamie. After losing to you all in Atlanta two weeks ago, I retooled the list which is currently what Matt is flying in first place. Sad I couldn't be there myself to fly it, but I am happy that a good friend is showing what it is capable of.
  7. GenCon: Thursday Heat

    Matt Baker is currently in first with 33 points. He is from our group in South Carolina and was kind enough to take my list (mentioned above by Megatronrex). Even though I couldn't go to Gencon this year, the fact that my list is being piloted by a good friend and he is currently number 1 has made my day.
  8. Quasar!!

    This right here is why in my opinion this ship is not worth 51-70 points. No ECM and only two tokens means that this ship dies really fast. Ackbar+TRC is still a thing. Heaven forbid that you run into an opponent who is running XI7. Then the Quasar effectively only has one defense token. This is also another HUGE problem with Imperial Fighters. Honestly the Quasar could have a fighter command of 12 and you would still eventually have to shoot at zombie escorts meaning that you fighters are doing nothing while waiting to be attacked.
  9. Quasar!!

    Well said!
  10. Quasar!!

    Boarding Troopers and Sloane are amazing!
  11. Quasar!!

    I completely agree that Armada is bad game to play hypothetically. I am just saying that there is a reason why the past 2 world champ builds have included 2 flotillas and 4 activations. It is super cost effective.
  12. Quasar!!

    Because those ships are amazing compared to the Quasar. Each one of those ships has more defense tokens, the same or way more shields, and basically the same health.
  13. Quasar!!

    In this scenario you have listed 4 TIE Bomber AND TIE fighters all attacking one flotilla which only nets you...23 total points. Say you do it again the next round, now I am down only another 23 points. Meanwhile I take out your one Quasar over the course of two rounds, which again is easy since it only has 2 tokens, I have Sloane, and you don't have ECM. At the end of those two rounds I will be winning 70-46. I only need to score more six points to secure a 6-4 win.
  14. Quasar!!

    But Armada is won based on MOV. If you take a fully loaded Quasar at 60-70pts and I take two Gozanti at 46 points total; then I only have one ship to focus down in order to be winning. Meanwhile you have two targets to chase and even if you get them both I am still only out 46 points. Quick opponent list example: 1 loaded Quasar = 70 pts Full fighter kit = 134 pts Sloane = 24 pts You are already 200 pts deep on 1 activation. Say you balance your other 200 pts and get 2 good ships. 3 activations and full fighters for 400 pts My list: 2 bare Gozanti = 46 pts Full Fighter Kit = 134 Sloane = 24 pts I balance out and get two more ships. 4 activations and full fighters for 400 pts If I go first then you are getting hit both first AND last. You have more targets to chase, and our fighter advantage is a wash because I am going first. If I focus down the Quasar, which with only two defense tokens and no ECM is very easy, then you are down to no carriers and only two activations. You focus down both of my Gozanti, then I am still winning in points (46-70) and we are still tied on activation count. I am still ahead.
  15. Quasar!!

    Can someone please explain why I would want to play this ship? I can take 2 Gozanti and Col. Jendon for 66 points. That nets me: 2 activations 4 defense tokens 6 HP and the ability to activate 4 fighters from anywhere on the board. -or- I take one Quasar with no upgrades for 54 points. That nets me: 1 activation 2 defense tokens 6 HP I can 4 fighters at medium range. The math is so bad.