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  1. UPDATE v5.00.2019.08 (redownload it all, please): - Spanish language is now supported! Now FULLY in EN/DE/RU/ES. Many thanks to the Spanish D2Ed community, you made it happen! - 1 NEW Lieutenant Pack (Yaga). - Some balance changes. - Some text improvements. More to come! P.S. I felt like you, guys, would love to see the flag of Spain in Descent so I made this xD
  2. We, poor fan content creators, cannot even think to compete with some of the most OP and lazy designs of some FFG employees xD At first you are happy with the Soul Reaper hero class, and then THIS... I'm curious if the designer is the same person.
  3. UPDATE v4.00.2019.01 (redownload it all, please): - Now FULLY in EN/DE/RU. Thanks to Chaoticus we finally finished German translation and proofreading. - Even better templates. - Some balance changes. - Some text improvements. - Added .zip w/ individual cards for every language. More to come!
  4. http://descent-community.org/ is a nice option. Psymia already asked me if I want to host/publish TEP on http://descent-community.org/ . And I think it's a good idea.
  5. WOW! This looks really solid in my eyes. I have to find enough time to test it in 1Q 2019. Do you guys plan to incorporate this campaign into current/another community expansion? I can imagine some of my Terrinoth Expanded Project content (like OL Basic III, OL Summoner, tons of hero classes and monster groups) can be translated into some bigger campaign+stuff project. But I also get Elements of Demise is supposed to include only Core Box stuff (and that's great for the major proportion of people).
  6. 1. Hero & Monster Packs = more variety/tactical play/fun for both sides. You are basically buying more content. 2. Lieutenant Packs look like a cut content. So you basically pay twice for your overlord tools (Overlord deck + 10 Plot cards). I wish they put Belthir Lieutenant Pack into the Core box to promote the idea. Gameplaywise the mini is not that important. The 10 Plot cards is why you want to buy at least one Lieutenant Pack. As a newcomer you may want to buy Belthir Lieutenant Pack and/or Tristayne Olliven Lieutenant Pack. Also, there is an option to play Lieutenants as heroes.
  7. FeelsMennaranMan. Come when you get that **** passport. Btw I feel Mennaran too)) I, too, think that it's too early to get rid of D2Ed boxes. There is a pile of TEP content waiting for template upgrades and stuff. Werebears running the Capture the Rune PvP battle in which you can mix monsters and heroes are coming!
  8. If this is the community expansion you've PM'd me about, then it sounds like a really good news. I have to say that the Blinded's effect is too strong and easily abuseable with cards like Runic Sorcery (Runemaster), Maledict (Deadborn) and Subdue (Baron Zachareth). Monsters and heroes with low Awareness (1 or 2) have low to none chances of dealing with Blinded spam tactics. The idea is nice so I imagine you would want to change the first part to something like "...on the blue attack die, then discard this card or token." This way it is still a strong effect (for 1 SURGE deny an opponent's attack with the 50% chance, then, if failed, repeat), but in no way an abuseable feature.
  9. Sure. One thing I want to mention. It is important to use the official FFG keywords from the French print (publisher: Edge Entertainment, 2012).
  10. Only if you wish to, rugal. I only need a text document with the translation. I'll do the rest (PS and other work). Thank you in advance!
  11. It's OK, rugal. You don't have to like someone else's work. Simply don't bother yourself with digging the content you don't like and won't play.
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